Kids Reaction to the Nintendo Game Boy – Is it still cool ?
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Kids Reaction to the Nintendo Game Boy – Is it still cool ?

October 21, 2019

I can’t open it you having trouble even opening it? Hi guys welcome back to the show Im Shivam and this is Krrish So I’m going to give you a toy from the 1980s and we’re going to see what you think
about it it’s something you’ve never seen before so let’s see how you get on
with it okay what do you think it is ? I think its like, um I think it’s like a um
game console, something like that can you buy it from toys R Us? have a look see
what you think this is ! A VIDEO GAME! .. Ye…. I LOVE Video games ! I haven’t seen this before…
I’ve seen like similar things like this Ive seen this pad , this button…. on game consoles what’s it called? Nintendo… Nintendo Game Boy.. TM. I t’s huge so that first came out in 1989! You got to be kidding ME, thats way past my days !! It looks like a huge big squared battery, the screen it looks quite small. and…its coloured greenish, yellowish. Do you think its going to be fun to play? YEAH! Well the screen um if I was like um
the person who made this I would like make it slightly bigger its quite small. I’m going to give you some games now okay
and I’m going to let you choose one What do you think of those?
they look really amesome. You’ve chosen robocop, do you want to take the
game out of the box… okay Nintendo World TM cup. You want to show everyone, its a football one. I love football thats one of the reasons, plus alot of people play football at school and I always play whoo
this looks interesting looks more like a tape really…yeah it is more like
tapes then a em Show everyone ! This is what it looks like guys I can’t open it open up you having trouble even opening
it? yeah…. You having problems? Yeah Oh…come on ! shall I do it for you? Yeah….ok. Is it supposed to go in here? how would it go?…. try it. OK, i’ll try it.
Put it in. This the wrong way? Yeah. Fits. Yeah. Is this how it goes in ? perfect. Done it. How would you switch it on?
By pressing the start button! Any other ideas? Um…..would you like um It says contrasting here.
Ahaaaaaa. Theres this thing at the top here, so… Wheres the on and off switch?
Here !! What about the graphics compared to a mobile phone to this? On the mobile phone its got more colour and more detail, on this its just like blank like my t-shirt..its got details on it. If it was just black its dull. How’d you play the game, do you know you? See if you can figure it out. Yeah, theres a start button Go for it, play the game. what’d you think It looks awesome, its FUN You have to kill the people. Quite hard Awesome…awesome Is it difficult to play? No, its not difficult to play Kick it ! Kick it !!! Kick it….Oh…not that way !!! Ahhhh…. I died !!! When it was really really low light, it was really difficult to see that console and to play it So they came out with some accessories Im going to give you a accessory See if you can figure out what it is! This is accessory No 1 Oh I think I know what this is.
I think you slipped it on to like magnify the screen to help you like play it more accurately
so you can see the screen better? yeah okay do you know how to put it on? Em…I think so NO…I dont know ! I think it was used to see better! In the screen.
So you would put it on like that. or some other way! but i think it helps to see This is the magnified screen
It looks awesome doesnt it guys. it magnifies it. It looks much bigger Yeah, is it better? Like a magnifying glass. So you can see the screen better? is that how you would play?
yeah Right, there’s another accessory that I had and I’m going to give it to you, see
if you know what this is? any ideas?
I think it might be for the screen? What would you think it does? so you slip it over the screen, so the screen would show through here and then after that it would be much more focused on the screen
maybe with the mirror and this? that’s got a power switch on it why dont
you try switching it on? oh yeah its to light it up ! Show everyone. Look its got lights in it guys. I think you put it on like that. Oh…..its to light it up ! I can see I turned it on !
Oh yeah !!! I turned it on. Right let me put it on for you, theres a special way to put it on. then you can have a look This would be better at night, look! so I put the light accessory on and the magnifier so why don’t you give the game another go I’ll
switch the lights off and you can have a go cause you could play this when you’re
in bed. YaaaaaaaY WOW You think it would be cool playing this at night in bed? Yeah, definately. Its AWESOME. yeah my goal keeper saved it ! That was your first taste of a 1980s
portable gaming system from Nintendo what do you think? I really liked it. Yeah, made me feel cool ! I could just walk into school with this ! So you’ve got two choices you can either have the Nintendo Game Boy and all of these games or you can
play on a mobile phone and the games on a mobile phone which one would you choose
you can have one or the other it’s quite a hard decision because they’ve both got strong points and weak point so I would say um I think probably the ones on the
mobile phone Why is that? because they’ve got more games then these ones
are..they good games… I like them but the ones on the mobile phone I’ve been
playing for long time and this is only my first time so I would probably
think the mobile phone games are better I would em say the mobile because. I like this as well as much as the mobile but what I am saying is you can just download the app and you don’t have to go trying to open these pesky
little boxes to get in there so yeah I think it’s the mobile that will prefer
to this! Hope you liked the video guys just remember to SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT below
because we’d love to hear your opinions about the show Byeeeeeeeee, see you in the next video

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