KIDS REACT TO NINTENDO LABO (Cardboard Video Games?!)
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KIDS REACT TO NINTENDO LABO (Cardboard Video Games?!)

September 13, 2019

– This is the best thing ever. – Road rage. (screaming) ♪ (playful intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you are going
to be reacting to this. – Huh? – Cardboard. (gasping) We’re making something! Let’s get started. – Is it the Nintendo thing? Mine’s coming today. – It’s the thing
that just came out Friday. It’s the Nintendo Labo. I have a Switch! I’ve been telling my dad in the car
how I want to do this. – (FBE) First, you’re
gonna need something else. – Nintendo Switch! Oh! Oh my god! – Yes, I’ve always
wanted to play this! – I’m skeptical because
cardboard and technology wouldn’t really mix that together. – (FBE) So this is
called the Nintendo Labo. – “Nintendo Labo”? – (FBE) The Labo kit allows you
to build and create a variety of different toys
out of cardboard that you completely customize
and then bring them to life using your Nintendo Switch.
– Oh, yeah! – (FBE) So the variety Labo kit
comes with five different toys, a piano, a motorcycle, a house,
a fishing rod, and a remote control car. – A house, a fishing rod.
Oh my god! – (FBE) So some take
only 10 minutes to make, while others take
over three hours to assemble. – What the heck? How long am I gonna be here for?! – (FBE) So because we
don’t have enough time to build all these today,
we’re gonna have you build one of the easiest toys,
the RC Car because it’s the simplest,
and then you’ll play with some of the ones
we’ve already pre-built. – Say what? – Yes, I want to do the RC Car! – I just watched a video
legitimately yesterday on this. Now I get to do this.
Hallelujah. – Was that supposed to happen? Woo-hoo, step one is completed. – It’s actually really fun
because you get to build your own thing. But it’s a lot of folding. – I really enjoy this. It’s teaching people
and kids how to build. – Fold it that way. – Those, I take out too. Okay, we’re doing something. – I like being quiet when
I’m doing crafts and stuff, so this is very cool. – I don’t see how
this is gonna be a car. There’s no wheels. – I have played
a lot of games before, so I was kind of excited about
the actual building part of it because that’s not something
that I’ve gotten to do before. – There we go.
Boom-shaka-laka. Boom-shaka-laka. I like it because you can decide–
like, I made this. You can feel proud. – It’s like origami without paper. It looks like a chicken nugget box. – Pretty cool. Vroom! – Aaah! It works! I’m an inventor. – I’m proud of myself,
that I did this by myself, but I thought there
would be a ton more steps. It’s missing wheels. – This looks kind of stupid. It doesn’t even look like a car. It looks like a piece of junk. – (FBE) All right, you ready
to play with your car? – Hopefully. (gasping) Oh! Does vibrations make it
move or something? – (FBE) So now go
ahead and give it a try. – Okay, so what do I do? (controller vibrates)
(gasping) What? (controller vibrates) – That’s pretty cool. Beep, beep. (remote vibrates)
Such a bad score, right? – This way. Onward! – Hold on. I don’t like that sound.
It makes me cringe. – That’s really loud. You can’t do this discreetly. – The blue part might have a camera. You could spy
on your friend or something. – I love– this
is the best thing ever. – I’d probably build more than play,
which sounds weird, but it’s probably true. – I’d rather play a real game. You bought the Switch for the game,
not a piece of cardboard. – It’s cool. Plus, it makes a lot of noise. So if you want to wake up
a sibling, just… (controller vibrating) – (FBE) What’d you think, overall,
of the remote control car? – Honestly, I’d never play
with that again. It’s not boring, but I just feel like
I don’t have time to do it. – It was kind of neat in concept,
but I’m not gonna use it for that long. – It was a lot of fun! I’ve never seen anything like that
in the whole toy universe! – You actually have
to do something, use your brain. It makes it more an activity. – I enjoyed it and I wish
I could build another one. Nintendo, you did well! – (FBE) So next up,
we have the motorbike. – (gasping) Oh my gosh! Yes! – (FBE) So because we don’t have
the two hours required to make this one,
we already assembled it. – This is crazy. – Whoa! It’s bigger than I expected. – I thought it would
be on a smaller scale with wheels instead
of having it look like you’re actually on the motorbike. – (FBE) So the way this game works
is the controllers are actually inside
of the right and left handles. – That I can see. – (FBE) So if you press
the red tab sticking out, it’ll turn your motorcycle on and off
and you can twist the right handle up and down
to accelerate. – Oh! That makes sense. – Watch, this isn’t
gonna end well for me. – Begin race! – One, two, three. (imitating motorcycle) Wait. (controller vibrating)
– Oh! This is actually pretty cool. – Ooh, this is…
okay, I’m getting it now. – I’m actually moving.
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
I’m actually doing good. – (squealing)
I’m so bad at this! – Can I jump in the air with this
and do jumps and stuff? Oh, I fell off. – Road rage. (screaming) – Oh my gosh. It’s a workout on my wrist. I’m all like, “Ah!” – I feel like I’m actually doing it. It’s not like when
I’m playing Mario Kart. I feel like I’m
actually doing something. – (chuckling) I did pretty bad. – That was really fun.
I like that one. It’s a little harder to play,
but you know, that’s okay because
you can always get better at it. – (FBE) So here
comes our last product. – What is this? – (FBE) So this one takes
about three hours to make, so we made this earlier in the day. This is called the Toy-Con Piano. – Interesting. ♪ (notes playing) ♪ How does this… what? – This is one my favorites. But how does it work? – It’d be cool if somebody
could actually learn the piano with this. ♪ (mashing keys) ♪ (giggling) I feel like
some kids who just go… ♪ (mashing keys) ♪ ♪ (playing piano) ♪ – I used to play piano. ♪ (playing experimentally) ♪ (giggling) Pink Panther. ♪ (mashing keys) ♪ – It’s pretty accurate. If I press it, it’ll
immediately play a sound and it’s pretty cool. – The keys are actually pretty smooth. I didn’t think it would
work this well, actually, because it’s, you know, cardboard. (warbling sound) – Wow, that sounds like a guitar. That doesn’t sound like a piano. – Oh my god. You get to build it and,
yeah, it’s tinier and stuff, but it’s cool!
I love it. – I want to keep this.
♪ (mashing keys) ♪ – I want to learn the piano,
but if I could on this, I probably would actually do it. – I think it was pretty cool
that you can make really complex things like that
just out of cardboard. It’s pretty impressive. – (FBE) And we’ll just take that away. – (staff chuckling) – This is something you
can enjoy, you can have fun, and it’s great.
I need it in my life. – Ever since I was two years old,
I loved to play in cardboard. I used to just put it in one place,
put blankets over it, and then cut out a window and a door. I think that’s amazing! – (FBE) So that was the last toy.
– Dang it! – (FBE) So what did
you think of the Labo? – I loved it. I didn’t know you could
actually make a piano out of cardboard. – I’m really excited
to actually go home and make the other ones. It’ll be more fun
to actually play with it because I built it. – I think it’s so cool
how technology has evolved from just Pong or something to this. – It’s great.
It’s different. It’s unique. To see it in front of me,
I’m like, “Oh my god. This makes me want buy more. Dad! Can I have some money?” – (FBE) So before
this kit even came out, many people criticized
and poked fun at it, with some not wanting to pay
for what is essentially pieces of cardboard,
especially because it costs $70. – What the fudge? – Can’t you get that
in your trash can or Amazon? Come on, it’s a piece of cardboard. – (FBE) So do you think it was fair
to judge a product like that before it even came out? – I mean, I understand,
and I kind of a tiny bit agree. Like, $70 is a lot of money. – $70 is ridiculous for an app. Apps are only $4,
plus cardboard, which you can just find
at the end of the street for free. – Shouldn’t you be
able to cut your own pieces and have a printable online
instead of having people pay $70 because
you’re already making a lot of money off the Switch. Chill out, Nintendo. – Yes, it’s just cardboard,
but think about it for a second. To build the game and to make sure
you can code the game and stuff, it’s a great way
to get people into technology. – (FBE) Finally, do you think
you’ll ask to get the Nintendo Labo for yourself?
– No. No, not anymore.
No, that’s way too expensive. – Yes. I want to play with it! – Yes, I already bought it. – No. My mom would be like,
“Why do you want $70 worth of cardboard?” – I want to… and then bring it over
to my friend’s house and then we all could play together. – Yes, I am. I would love to have this. Please give me one! – Yes, I would like that
because it’s really fun and there are so many
that it will take a while for you to actually get bored with it. – Thanks for watching Kids React. Shout-out to Lance Lucas. – Subscribe and hit the bell
and shout-out to Lainey Mathews. – Let us know in the comments
what we should react to next and shout-out to Michael Mayorga. – Bye, everyone! – Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Ethan here from FBE. Hey, be sure to check us
out on Twitter if you want to see
reactor and staff Q and A’s, company news, and more. It will be @FBE and the links
will be in the description. Bye, guys!

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  2. I think the whole idea is to inspire people and send s message that you can do anything if you put your mind to it

  3. Reminds me of the Lego sets and Bionicle sets that I had as a kid, just with less tech. Amazing toys, but it's sad they get looked over for video games these days.

  4. I knew I recognized him somewhere just realized dash is one of eddies friends on fresh off the boat

  5. It'll be damaged in no time and parents will have to buy more cardboard and hope nobody steps on it. Nintendo apparently thinks after supposedly winning at E3, they can do stuff like this and charge way more than necessary. It's unique but I prefer quality games rather than silly gadgets that a hamster can destroy.

  6. I find it cool that Dash is on here and also is an actor on one of my favorite TV shows (Fresh off the Boat)

  7. I have Nintendo Labo, and I do agree with the guy who says "The Switch was made for the games, not for cardboard", but I think it's fine. I'm learn ing the piano for gods sake, with CARDBOARD. It's fun BUT- What if you brake the cardboard, rip it, or get stuff like pop or food on it? Cannot really replace it cheap, and you have to buy the whole set again… They are adding a coding thing to make your own stuff though-

  8. You know you can program games on it, 60€ for the game and 10€ for the cardboard. But you have the concept of making anything workable with cardboard and the garage

  9. you know when they say that you have to think outside of the box.
    nintendo took that box and made the labo

  10. What no one understands is that most switch games sell for 60$ the cardboard, packaging, and other stuff is 10$ the games may not be that deep but I think my 100$ is justified (got the customization kit and on release order)

  11. Hola! Su canal es espectacular, ustedes me ayudan con sus videos a practicar mi Inglés y son super divertidos con cero malicia en sus videos. Los niños han crecido tanto! Increíble. Un saludo a todos, felicitaciones por su trabajo!

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