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September 1, 2019

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ “Geometry Dash”. I’ve never played it. Ever. Ooh, yay!
I love Geometry Dash. I have it on my phone. I play it at school. I play this on my iPad. It’s one of my favorite games. It’s a really hard game. You have to pass through levels
by not hitting certain objects. You have to tap to jump
over the little obstacle courses and it’s super fun. Let’s play. ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ – Oh! Uh…
– (explosion) I already died. ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ (explosion) Oh, come on! ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ (explosion) ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ (explosion) Oh! (gasps) Ah! – Okay.
– (explosion) Oh. ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ It’s harder on here. – (explosion)
– No! ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ Listen to the beat! (Finebros) Is the music helping you? Well, at certain– oh. Well…(laughs).
It was. ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ (tapping keyboard) ♪ (tempo speeds up) ♪ (explosion) No! Dang it! Okay, hold on. So I have to wait
until the perfect moment… – (explosion)
– Oh! This is hard! It’s like Flappy Bird all over again. I’m almost at 20 attempts. I mean, I think I’m gonna set a record. (gasps) I did it! (explosion) Oh my– One, two, three. Yes! Okay, I did it. And boom… Wait– (take sharp breath) Aaaah, I was so close! ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ Yes! Okay, hold on. ♪ (tempo speeds up) ♪ (shrilly) Oh my god! Okay, hold on. (explosion) (groans) (titters nervously) Ah! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh. (screams) I’m getting better. I’m getting better and I got pretty far… on my 70th try. This game is so addictive. It’s so frustrating, but it’s so fun! Why is this even fun though? (humming) Huh…heeey! Oh, what’s happening? Oh my god!
Oh my god! (shrieks) I got in the rocket. That game is awesome. ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ Meh– (giggles).
It’s so hard! I’m trying to jump over
all these little hurdles. Focus. I need to focus. Focus, focus. – (explosion)
– Aaah! I feel like this is gonna be very hard. (gasping) – I got over–
– (explosion) I got to the part that I wanted
to get over, but I died. (excitedly) Yes! Yes! Yes! – I’m so cool.
– (explosion) I got over it!
I got over it. ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ Oh! Oh! (explosion) (frustrated groan) ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ (explosion) I got– I got past it.
I got past it. Yeah. Mmm…mmm…(nervous gasp) Yes! ‘Kay, one… (explosion) Come on. (explosion) (Sydney) I’m out.
I’m done. – (headphone bangs on table)
– (Sydney) I’m out! I haven’t played this game in a while,
so I’m kind of bad at it. ♪ (tempo speeds up) ♪ Yes, I’m doin’ good. I’ve played this before and I completed it. – (explosion)
– No! Dumba, dumba, dumba, ba-bam! Dama, dama, dama, bam! Bam da bam bam! I don’t even get why people call
this the impossible game. – (explosion)
– Seriously, people– (groans) Guess the game is driving
me crazy at some times. Oooh…(gasps)
I wanna live. (mashing keyboard) (explosion) ♪ (tempo speeds up) ♪ – (explosion)
– Oooh, no! How many attempts?
71, already! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes, I’m doing good. (gasps) Yes! I cannot die now. – (explosion)
– (gasps) Noooo! ♪ (tempo speeds up) ♪ (explosion) Last one. ♪ (tempo speeds up) ♪ (tapping rapidly) – (explosion)
– (uneven breathing) – (explosion)
– I died. ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ (explosion) It’s really hard. Hoo, I made it! – (explosion)
– No, come on! Go, go, go. – Yes!
– (explosion) Oh, come on! (explosion) How do you get past that? Yes! – (explosion)
– No! How are you supposed
to actually get past it? If it’s hard to go underneath… Oh, I did it. I’m flying. (explosion) I gotta really focus. (explosion) (explosion) I give up. I can do this.
I can do this. – (explosion)
– Ah! I’m trying to jump over
these obstacles and not get killed, which is actually pretty hard. Uh…uh… ♪ (tempo speeds up) ♪ Space ship part. It’s one of those games
where it feels so simple, yet it’s really hard. Uh… Oh no! No. I knew that was gonna happen. If only there were check points. Oh my gosh! – (explosion)
– No! I’ve never gotten to that part. It’s a bit like Flappy Bird in a sense
because you have to think on the spot. (explosion) (deep sigh) Ugh. (chuckles) This really helps with your thinking,
if you think about it, ’cause of how much
you have to use your brain. ♪ (tempo speeds up) ♪ It feels like the game is mocking me
because it keeps playing the same music each time I do this. (chuckles) This game is breaking my mind up. – (explosion)
– (frustrated growl) (chuckles testily) Like, the best games are the ones
that can make you feel emotion: Anger, sadness, defeat. At one point, happiness. But that was gone. ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ I got this. (tapping keyboard) ♪ (tempo speeds up) ♪ – (explosion)
– No! I was doing so good. Yay. No! No. No. (tapping in time to music) Okay, rocket ship time. Blast off! Oh yeah. Please… I feel so proud of myself. – (explosion)
– No! 78%. Whoo! (sassily) Not gonna give up. Winners don’t quit. (explosion) Get it together, Jayka. ♪ (tempo speeds up) ♪ – (explosion)
– Oh no! I just beat 78%. Okay… – (explosion)
– No! (dejectedly) I lost again. At 78%. No! That took forever. (whispering) I got this. I like that everything’s
made out of shapes. I bet that’s why it’s called Geometry Dash. Here we go.
Here we go. This is the hard part. – (explosion)
– Naaaah, no! Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come on! Yes, come on. – (explosion)
– I– ♪ (tempo speeds up) ♪ What?! I jumped twice. Yes. I did it. – I–
– (explosion) What?! (explosion) I jumped up. I’ve already done 40 tries?
You gotta be kidding me. Bam. Bam. Bam, bam, bam, bam. Bam. Yes, bam. Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. (explosion) I got 80%. Only that much more
and then I would’ve beat it. ♪ (mellow electronica) ♪ (explosion) I beat it! I can beat this level and tell everyone. – Space, space.
– (explosion) Aw, I missed a coin. I think I got my high score! I haven’t beat my high score
on my iPad though. I have to beat it. If I beat this, I beat the whole level! Beat whole stereo madness? Am I that good? I proved to myself I’m still that good! Stereo madness is beaten!
Eat on that, level! Thanks for watching us play
Geometry Dash on the React channel. Comment what game
you want us to play next. Goodbye! Bye, guys. I think actual Geometry is better than this. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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  1. how do you guys feel that after so many attempts only one of you beat the easiest level in the game?

  2. They buy the full version for one level when they could have just gotten the light for the video bs

  3. If you guys think Theory of everything 2 is easy try Windy Landscape,Speed of light or Insidious step

  4. 'I play this on my iPad' Jesus, the only sophisticated piece of technology I had at her age was a Gameboy. I'm only 23 and I feel like I'm talking like an elder.

  5. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  6. That game is easy I'm on the 6th level and I got 86% on the 6th level on 7th level I got 75% and on the 8th level I got 66% but I don't have the full version of that game

  7. these kids are like "seriusly dudes?" ;-/ but I have completed all first 7 lvls and time machine on 73%

  8. Все вы лохи в геометрии Даш я лучше вас я от 1-5 и 7 прошёл

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