Kids day Canfield Fair archery exhibit live
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Kids day Canfield Fair archery exhibit live

August 10, 2019

thanks for joining me, I’m Erika Thomas. The Canfield Fair is almost halfway through. Yesterday — the midway was full of Secret Service as the Vice President came to town. Today — we sent 27 First News Anchor Dave Sess to the fair to check out some of the popular attractions. So you come to the Canfield Fair…and I bet you are looking for something to do. I found something that’s FREE and has been really popular with the kids. It’s an archery exhibit set up by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Kids just have to be 7 years old. Adults…you can do it too. Two volunteers will let you hold the bow and arrow while they help you shoot at a target. It’s a really lightweight bow…so it’s not that hard. The division of wildlife is hoping to spark a life long passion A LOT OF THEM NEVER SHOT BEFORE….BUT THEY’RE HAVING FUN AND NOW IT’S JUST GETTING THE RIGHT INSTRUCTION AND RIGHT EQUIPMENT The archery exhibit has been really popular.’s free. 112 people had shot an arrow by 1 oclock today. They let you shoot around 5 arrows. Over 2,000 kids and adults did it last year. People in the

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