Kerry Mucklowe’s Best Bits: This Country Series 2
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Kerry Mucklowe’s Best Bits: This Country Series 2

November 20, 2019

When I think of Kerry Mucklowe,
I think of someone who is very loyal… You know my dad actually wrote
the song Wonderwall. On the back of a beer matt in the space
of ten minutes, don’t you? …and very very stupid. She’s come on leaps and bounds,
with regard to her outlook on life. Who’s been nicking
after them runners? They’re absolutely fucked. Just to let you know, I changed
all the light bulbs in the toilet to UV, so if we get any
smackheads in tonight, they won’t be able to see their
veins when they’re shooting up. Super. There is a balance to be had
between being nice and being feared. Like, Dr Barnardo, he was
just too nice and not feared. So he just got overrun by orphans
and everyone just took the piss. You’ll be safe with me, Ker. I used to be in exactly
the same situation before, cos I was a stalker for about
three or four years. I thought you were stalked on. No, I was the stalker. What? As a random act of kindness. So, I heard your PlayStation broke. But I’ve got a little surprise for you. I am giving you my Playstation. Thanks.

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  1. I really love the show but was so pissed off on hearing the Kerry 'action man up the arse' joke (from last episode of season 2) cos it's stolen from a story relayed by Gervais on his xfm days (was a ketchup bottle in that case, same punchline).

  2. C'mon season 3!!!!! About time the BBC put a programme on for the everyday person with a touch of crazy!!lol

  3. As mentioned already, best comedy on TV. Love Kerry and her conversations with her mum. The aftermath episode is very funny

  4. Just to let you know. We changed all the light bulbs in the toilets to UV so if we get any smack heads tonight they won’t be able to see their veins when their shooting up

  5. I tell you what would be a random act of kindness,

    You wiping your arse properly so I don’t have to spoon shite out of your knickers every time I do a bloody wash!!!

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