Kerri Morgan Talks About Paralympic Medals
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Kerri Morgan Talks About Paralympic Medals

November 30, 2019

Man: (off camera) Talk about the medals and
kind of how they differ from the medals — the Olympic medals. Kerri: Yep, so I brought both my medals here. This is my handy-dandy medal case. It’s a sock — it’s a clean sock. It works as far as being lightweight and
protecting when I travel around with them. Let me just pull them out of here. So here’s the silver medal from my 100-meter
race. Here’s the bronze medal from my 400-meter
race. They kind of don’t warn you when they put them
around your neck, they’re pretty heavy. So apparently the medals for the Paralympics
are the same size and weight as the Olympic medals, however there’s a couple different
features. Our medals for the Paralympic Games have the
Paralympic symbol on them rather than the Olympic symbol on them. And then they also — the Paralympic medals
also have make noises, which is pretty cool. (stones rattle)
So in the Paralympic medals, they have stones in them that are from Rio. The gold medal has the most amount of stones,
and then the silver, and then the bronze. So if you actually shake them, they make a
different tone. So folks in the visually impaired classes
or blind athletes, if they have different medals, they would be able to tell which one
is which from just shaking them.

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