Kate Adie: What did WW1 really do for women? – BBC World War One
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Kate Adie: What did WW1 really do for women? – BBC World War One

October 21, 2019

What is the use of fighting for a vote if we have not got a country to vote in? Just days after britain declared war in 1914 the suffragettes, Mrs. Emmeline pankhurst cleared the way for suffrage campaigners and millions of ordinary women to work for the war effort As the Nation’s men headed off abroad for the [frontlines]? Years of Undreamt of opportunity and hard slog followed where women began to taste Independence and were also able to prove that they could do men’s work They made shells and bullets they drove trams welded the heaved coke and coal Entertain troops to the sound of gunfire and played football in front of tens of thousands All activities thought absolutely beyond a woman until now Live on any Frontline in war is tough. I know that and the [homefront] in world war one demanded both courage and endurance [families] Shattered by bereavement Injured men coming home and at the end No national acceptance that women should hold on to the new status and skills. They’d acquired So what it world war one rarely do for women?

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  1. Kate Adie ,oh  why dont the English speak as well as this lady any more ?Lack of elocution in school ! any way Kate is a joy to listen to

  2. Nice, they helped men killing each other with the tools men invented… yes, they actually did a lot against 'Krupp Steel' in Germany…

  3. So I click on this video for class and I notice that people ACTUALLY watch these types of videos in their own free time… oh god no WHY???

  4. Now women work outside the home, so the number of taxpayers has almost doubled (Ka-Chingggg!) and generally speaking, families don't seem much better off..

  5. DAISY JANE – Yes .The way most people in Britain; speak English today; is awful.! It is I, have been told by my adult, son and daughter . A 60's, rebellion! the Beatles, ect thing .soit,. But it changes nothing, to how a very pretty girl ,of agreable appearance is appreciated, if she speaks badly.

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