Karna / Arjuna – 18 DAYS
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Karna / Arjuna – 18 DAYS

August 11, 2019

But, my lord Bheeshma, he comes unannounced. There are protocols to be followed. This is not some common brawl, but a tournament of nobles. What is battle but a brawl? Arjuna is your finest student, Drona. Let him test himself against this Karna. He will prove himself worthy, or he will not. You speak as if you know who this stranger is. I do not know. But he is clearly no ordinary warrior. A draw. Lay down your weapons! Curse him! He can’t be beaten! Calm yourself, brother. Calm, Yudish? How can I be calm when he humiliates me in front of all of Hastinapura? In front of Drona? And our grandsire? Enough at playing warriors. It’s time to see what this Karna is really made of. What do you mean, Arjuna? I mean blood, brother. Draw your sword, Karna. Let’s settle this properly and once and for all. What’s this? A challenge? Arjuna wants to fight! Arjuna must be mad… This is a tournament, prince. Nothing but a game, an exhibition of skill. I do not wish to harm you. Draw your sword! Very well. Let us… Hey! Like this video? Then why dont you hit the like and subscribe button. Leave a comment, too. There might be other shows you might like here as well.

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  1. i have to say guys
    really great work done ??

    plz keep making videos on mahabharata its just freakin awesome

  2. dont know if its good or not but i hate all the characters, they all are evil. No one is humble. Too many trash talking.

  3. This is very bad… arjuna never talked so rude as depicted in the videos….arjuna always tried to not to harm anybody infact he did not want to fight to anybody…. bt lord krishna told him to fight…….

    And now people are becoming anti arjuna ….. bt according to me he is far better archer and warrior than karna because arjuna was devotee of lord shiva (mahadev) and posses pashupatastra which could destroy whole universe if launched by arjuna… no kundal or kawach born by karna could stop that weapon

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