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Karate – Yori Ashi : le pas trainé [Karate-Blog.net]

December 3, 2019

Hello and welcome to karate-blog.net, clear and net karate. So today, we will see a shift. Moving a little bit special is Yori Ashi. A bit special, no. It’s nothing special. Yori Ashi means “Dragging step.” You will understand why it’s called not because we dragged the foot that drags behind. We start from a position and when we advance, we have the foot drags behind. So I’ll try to expand a little bit because there are often errors Yori Ashi where I see people self: Yori Ashi, we see that make hopping, is advancing the leg to bring him back … it’s not quite that. So we will see … So we will detail … Yori Ashi: you will have a push behind. So here, for now, I show you zenkutsu Dachi. We’ll do it in KoKutsu and then Kiba Dachi too. But hey, I present you like that already. Yori Ashi: you push back. So the first thing, it grows on the back, but – how can I tell you there, if I push, I fall. What we do, slow is allowed, but there it is the same. So as not to fall, we’ll just ease off. I push and I lift the foot. You see, that gives me that. I push and I get up. That fact that I have the body that advance and then I bring. Basically, that’s it. There I am so gently, that’s, one, one. What I want to tell you is that to move forward, I will not have my leg forward, My body remains the same, it is the angle here will change. This is the opening here of the back leg, which changes. It’s more that I have the body that goes down and up. I go down and I go back. I have the center of gravity down and going back and you gain speed. I have already explained on another video, I do not remember when, but the principle is simple, is that you relax. So you have to fall back and there, in speed is gained, like a cyclist. It easier to go down a slope to go up, to go up and down. When it goes up and it goes down, it all mounted to, to make an effort after it’s true that it will accelerate. But when it comes down like that, it speeds up and it dates back almost in the middle to get. Okay. So there it is. You have to drop. First thing, it drops, it grows. So as soon as I drop like that, you see, I drop. I have here, the leg will bend slightly, This will allow me to grow together, so that’s fine. Think about it: I fell and I did not let me down. I lift the leg to retrieve me. Come on, try! We’ll go slowly. I do not remember how I … I think that there, you still see my feet. Yes it’s good. And so here we will push back and remember not to go up, especially not to climb: One. Two ; and not to return your leg there. Three, you know? My leg is moving a little bit, it’s not … But what to think about this is: the body forward like that. One. Two. Mawate. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Go. Mawate. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Go. Mawate. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Go, Roku. So compared to what I told you we do not advance the foot, I’ve seen people do this: that is to say, they move the foot and then they do it. So in fact, it means that their technique only happens here. But the technique, it should get here and then dragged away. This is not dragged. Okay. Here comes my technique. So we will see where I shoot, when I push and then, the foot off. When I push and then walk back. Okay so that’s important. KoKutsu Dachi: principle. You set KoKutsu Dachi I push back. So, excuse me, zenkutsu Dachi, we can also do it backwards. There, I pushed ahead. I push ahead. So there it is where it opens. I push the body back, and I just lifted the rear. Anyway, I wanted to introduce more forward. KoKutsu Dachi forward: I push there and I’ll just lift my foot. I raise and I bring back. I raise and I dragged the foot. Stepping back, the same principle, it’s a little trickier because you have not too much force before especially since it is on the back leg. Anyway, yes, it is, anyway, simply drop. You push on the leg that is the opposite of where we want to go. We want to go there, you push on the leg there. Pushed and then we behind. Horse stance. I am in horse stance. The principle I want to go there and I’ll push on the leg here and that one, I’ll just lift it. I raise. So I do not do that. I raise. Remember to hang out, to: I drop. You see ? When you look … I tried to look in slow motion on the video and see, but normally you must have the hips down slightly. It’s … it’s not that, it’s light. I push, I withdraw. I push, I drag. Okay ? I’m going there. It’s not that. OK. Come on, we train a little in horse stance. One begins there. We will push on the leg there, over there: Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Go, Roku. In the other direction: Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Go, Roku … Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Go, Roku. Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Go, Roku. Yame Yasme It’s a fairly short video. We will do soon … … I’ll make a small Kihon I go back Uraken we did it not long ago, and Yori Ashi. So we will rework Yori Ashi. Well, my faith, I hope you enjoyed the video and it helped you understand the principle of Yori Ashi, dragging step. Well, thank you and see you next time on karate-blog.net. Thank you, good-bye

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