Karate with Rebel Wilson and Kevin Hart
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Karate with Rebel Wilson and Kevin Hart

November 18, 2019

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  1. She's good with chucks, and has to have at least a blue belt. This was bad though, they could have really actually done this instead of the production show

  2. Of all the ppl you'd never expect to be able to f*** you up, I think Kevin realized Rebel could do it at the same time I did (when she had the nunchucks)

  3. How disrespectful of you Kevin to do that to the sensei with the Karategi…maybe you should learn a little bit more about the world of Karate before doing this kind of videos…

  4. Girls dont have The authouroty (i know i didnt spell it right) cause girls dont know how it feels to be kicked there in disrespected

  5. Alright here's what I'm gonna say it is such a lie that like that someone can't be physically fit cuz rebel littarly can move better and faster than kids ik who r under 100 pounds

  6. As someone who practiced martial arts for almost a decade, I found this a bit cringy in terms of being respectful to sensei ((ofc i know it’s comedy/he’s in on it & i thought other parts of the video were funny)) but i just cringed at all the things that I would never dare to do to my sensei ><“

  7. Sensei: You studied martial arts before?

    Kevin: I was self taught. One book was called karate from behind—

    Rebel: That sounds sexual

    Me: I’m dead ?

  8. That’s Ken Nagayama Sensei! He’s a brilliant martial artist as well as a stuntman and actor…so he’s well aware of what he’s in for ?

  9. Bro didn't know he was being disrespectful. Karate chopping the uniform and kicking it. But was funny a**hell her face was like ?

  10. This made my day… my year… and my life better… I love when two comedians collab and do something together because it just makes everything better

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