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Karate With Amy Connell | Into It

November 30, 2019

I was at the World Championships for karate. I came 7th there. I was on the peak of my career and then I came home to find out I had stress fractures on both legs. I was put in a wheelchair and told by doctors that I wouldn’t be able to compete again. My name’s Amy Connell. My sport is karate. I’ve been doing it since I was about 3 years old and I’m a member of the Scottish National Team for Karate. My dad taught karate so I literally got in because the family were doing it. My sister was part of the national team. I watched her growing up doing it and the little sister wanted to be part of that so I joined in and just continued to do it. I started competing when I was about 8 or 9 and now I’m part of the national team so it’s been going well. I was training for the World Championships in 2014 and I managed to get bilateral stress fractures on both my legs. They put me in a wheelchair and it was just quite a devastating time in my life. Lots of doctors that I seen were saying “you won’t be able to compete again” or in their opinion I should maybe stop karate cause it’s quite an impact sport on your legs. We had the European Games coming up, for the Olympics so that was my next goal so when I was told that I knew that kind of dream had gone. Last year in Paris was one of our biggest tournaments of karate history at the time and I took a silver medal there. And that was one of my first big competitions back after injury. Just being able to be on that podium feeling like “we’ve made it back to this point” like I’m competing with the best in the world again and I’m at that point where I never… a lot of people thought I never could get back to. So, it just felt like that relief… that all of the hard work in rehab was so worth going through that pain to get on the podium and just being where I felt like I’ve always belonged but maybe just didn’t know I could do it before. So now our next big tournament is obviously 2020 Tokyo: The Olympic Games. Karate just got into the Olympics, we just got told about a year and a half ago so it’s a crazy exciting time for our sport, for the first time to be in the Olympics. Even just being in that tracksuit, the GB tracksuit, being part of it and, for me especially, taking a medal at one of them would just be the ultimate goal.

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