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November 29, 2019

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  1. Hi Jesse Enkamp… I'm talking from Brazil and I really like these videos… I learn much more than karate affairs with you… when you are explainig the tecniques, I'm studing and learning the English languange too… Would you mind that it possible? Thank you so much…

  2. I love karate so much, and I love popping very much, too ? I asked my mom so I think I'm going to learn popping this summer ?. Sorry to say this but your Karate is amazing but your popping is …?

  3. I almost feel bad for my laziness because I don't often put likes and online channels need these a lot. Sorry Sensei for not giving you enough. Because I always, literally, I find inspiration in your videos and articles and, as usual, this also very instructional, and culturally advanced. Spreading awareness of how, after all, "the worlds collide" and why Karate (martial arts) are ways of living the life in a certain way. It is very hard to find a way to divulgate the key points in which principles that we can trace back to ancient philosophy collide with biodynamics, "romantic ideas" about energy collide with modern science. I once wrote an article for a university magazine about eastern cultures and the way they intersecate and merge with the latest discoveries in nuclear science. In every Do there is a path to enlightment because every true Do works according to the secrets of life. Even the ones we still have to discover. Thanks Sensei for these opportunities of reflection. And btw … "When you bastards…" … it was too funny.

  4. Yo Jess. My best friend shared your channel with me yesterday. Iam second degree black belt in Kenpo Karate. I have bee stuck watching all your videos. I love em! Keep it up!

  5. Me gusta porque pensamos igual. Podemos estar haciendo cualquier cosa y de alguna manera tratar de que el karate sea parte de eso que estamos haciendo. Oss

  6. Jesse I love love LOVE how you can take almost anything and find ways to apply it to your karate. It is truly a talent… or an obsession… do you ever switch off? :p

  7. Funny enough, Mas Oyama the founder of Kyokushin Karate apparently loved to go dancing as a means of relaxation when he was not training. Great video Jesse.

  8. Thank you so much Jesse that was fun ??
    But I have a problem with the flexibility so would you please tell us how to do the splits ? and thanks again ???

  9. Hey guy!
    I'm from Brazil and I'm following your channel. I love Karate. But I would like to ask you to put subtitles on videos if possible! Not in Portuguese. but in English. I ask you this because I am not fluent and watch your videos listening to your speech and translating the automatic caption that sometimes fails. Thank you in advance for your understanding! Congrats on the job! Oss! (sorry for the typos, I used google translator)

  10. With all your experience in different styles of karate do you have a favourite style? And you could you do a clip on different things you have taken from the different styles that you favour in your own style. Thanks

  11. That reminds me when my sensei forced me to register to a afro peruvian dance clase because i was too stiff due to lifting weights. Indeed it helps me a lot !!!!!!!!!

  12. Dude-san, this is sanchin! [And as an aside, my style's developer and chief grand master told us once that he traded self-defense lessons for ballet lessons–he said because she was "a fox," which tells me something about when this occurred. He also said there are old martial artists, but no old ballet dancers, for a reason.]

  13. Hey jesse, teach How to do a gyaku tsuki/reverse Punch like Douglas brose or amir mehdizadeh using The whole body with a slide

  14. Hi I’m trained in taekwondo. And I love taekwondo. I got to admit I love ur videos u make karate so good and I love how ur videos is educational

  15. Will you be coming to the KSI world champs in sweden this year? July…. im from south africa and made team . I willl be competing in sweden later this year.

  16. Hi Jesse I do kyokushin karate could you do a comparison video on showing the difference between the two I think it would be a good idea

  17. Where did you get that elevator music? Man! But your crossover karate-popping-vid is amazing ( as always ;-)). Love it, sensei.

  18. Jesse,
    Great video.
    Grandmaster Karriem Allah from Newark NJ implemented music into his classes, training, and fight preparation back in the 70's.
    Definitely improves your Martial Arts.

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