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Karate – Tettsui Uchi : Le Marteau de fer [Karate-Blog.net]

November 16, 2019

Hello everyone. And welcome karate-blog.net, the karate clear and net. Today we will see a fist technique. Or rather what is called an indirect technique punch: Uchi technique. We’ll see Tettsui Uchi. With Tettsui, a knock with the party there. This is hypothenar. I searched the name. In fact, it is “the hand hammer.” A knock with the party there. Usually beginners: this part is not so reinforced, but by dint of a fist, you will see, you will have a muscle that grows there. The fleshy part there ends up being relatively hard and when tapped, can be very painful and besides, it is not done too badly. It must be hit in many things before getting hurt, be careful anyway. When working with a partner, it can be very bad, especially that in general, the aim: the temples, cheekbones, things like that … So be careful So Tettsui, you can hit Tettsui so Otoshi, that is to say: falling. So there it lifts the arm over and hit before. It raised his arm and hit. Hand and body falls down with. Is locked down. So the arm rises, do not raise your arm like that either, it is the arm above. I know there are some who do not rise above the head, but I rises above the head a little. Basically in the same position as Jodan Age Uke, and then knock. I raise my hand to the back and knock falling. You can have the inside out like that. So, much like when you do Uraken, except that here, it strikes with hand hammer. Therefore, there is contraction at the back, turning, I have hips that send Send and hips are locked. It can strike from outside to inside, outside inwards, rotation, it starts from there, we just hit from outside to inside. Basically, it’s the same as Soto Uke. This is roughly the same movement: the arm is raised to the side, and instead of coming like this, we extend arm a little more Sorry ! Not fully extended, but slightly bent like that. And then we just hit on the face or in the flanks with the party there It was pointed upwards, outside and inside, and now the bottom upwards. It comes up in the parts behind, on the side. Come on, we worked a little bit on it. We will already start Tettsui Otoshi: from top to bottom. I sit, Hidari anyway. Ichi So we will move forward zenkutsu Dachi, I back myself a little bit, I would throw. We advance zenkutsu Dachi, I get over and knock. Your arm will stand up as if you were Jodan Age Uke. But he is relaxed, it makes the arm: he comes over his head and he goes down. It comes on top of the head and when you are there it is: I draw here to put the arm down. I get up, I get up, I fell, I fell, I advance … It will slow down a little bit. So, when backing is Tettsui Uchi, but it can also be Tettsui Uke. On a kick attack, a knock in the shin or on the arm of a punch Hit like that: it is a good defensive technique. Here you are very ill, members you hit, if you want, hit in the shin and the opponent is calmed. We advance slowly, I raise my arm is stretched forward, I rise above, the arm is stretched before, I tend … Have the idea of ​​falling. Have the idea: when I do that, I draw here and I just press down. I tend… Sorry! Yame So now we will work Otoshi from the inside to the outside, we will move into horse stance, we turn each time and typing. You turn and strike. It fell like. It fell like. So, I turned to the back, I approach the legs, I turn, I just hit. Then I’m going back, behind… Over there behind, behind I go back there slowly over there Yame We will now work: Tettsui face level, Mawashi Tettsui. The arm is as Soto Uke: I raise the arm and then I just hit before. We will do this by Gyaku: Gyaku Mawashi Tettsui. It is with the rear arm therefore, hips rotate very fast. I hit. I advance, I raise the arm, not up there, but the arm is here it rises on the face roughly. in fact, the arm will not go falling, but now we will make a circular movement. I step back, gently, gently, gently. We advance, one, two, three, four. Backwards … two, three, four. Go a little faster, much faster even. We are ready and we remade four in one direction and four in the other. Ichi, ni, san, though. On back, Ichi, ni, san, though. We advance, Ichi, ni, san, though. Stand back, Ichi, ni, san, though. Yame You must feel a closing effect there. I open, and there, when to hit, I rotated and at the same time I close here. I pressed here and … I squeeze myself with both the rotation and stretching we have here: I shoot So I add up everything. Here. So we will now continue with Tettsui the bottom up. We will do it again in horse stance because it is the simplest. From the bottom to the top. Imagine your opponent is. I just hit in parts or in the artery, from bottom to top. Do not take off the shoulder, watch out for that. shoulder remains well down and I do not come up there, but I come here. I turn, like. In the other direction. I turn around there. One two three four. I’m going back. One two three four. Yame So now we’re going to mix everything. four techniques are going to do. Starting with Tettsui Otoshi, then Mawashi Tettsui, Tettsui then going back and finally Tettsui the side. Come on, we attack: one, two, three, and four. We go back one, two, three. And then we will rotate forward and not backwards … and four. I step back and my opponent is still there. One, two … … listed below. I step back: one, two, three, four. One, two … I step back … I walk … I change guard. So this time, like, I go one, two, three, four. One, two, three, in front, four. I advance Otoshi: I fall. There, the hips rotate. There, I group and I go back. This is not the body that goes, attention. Without climbing the shoulder, we keep it down and let him go away. Is locked. The body and the arm, it stretches in fact. We will go through the back … it happens … the back is stretched arm to come in first and place. Check out the video of the Uraken. This is the same movement. This is the back, then the elbow, and finally the fist, except that he returned like that. I step back: one, two, three, four. Ichi, ni, san, though. Ichi, ni, san, though. Ichi, ni, san, though. Ichi, ni, san, though. Yame So Tettsui Uchi. It’s pretty simple, it’s like Uraken. Let’s talk, Tettsui, Mawashi Tettsui. Although I am Mawashi Tettsui, Shuto mawashi, it’s looks great. Besides, I think I will ever video with Shuto mawashi. So, listen. Thank you, I hope you like this video. See you next time for a new video on karate-blog.net, clear and net Karate. Thank you, good-bye.

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  1. J'aimerais savoir ce que tu penses des poing d'acier fait par endurance de frappes. J'ai une main dure tellement je ne sens plus rien parce que calcifié. Alors techniques avec main ( de fer ) dure ?

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