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Karate : Rotation des hanches en Gyaku Hanmi [karate-blog.net]

November 29, 2019

Hello and welcome. I’m Bruno Bandelier, Karate teacher on the net. And today, I wanted to make a video on the rotations of hips, or rather… Finally, yes, it’ll be on the rotation of the hips, but in fact, it is a mistake that I often see in Heian Nidan. In making the Gyaku Uchi Uke. There is… People mistake: his foot back and turn the hips. So I will explain in detail how to do exactly. In the meantime, you are free to download: my guide successful stretches. I explain how to stretch? Why must stretch? How to stretch? And I give you everything you need to stretch. I give you exercises to stretch, especially, stretch the pelvis, hips and everything. You have to have a little more mobile hips. So Gyaku Uchi Uke. What is that Gyaku Uchi Uke? So Uchi Uke, right. Okay ? It is : I just put my arm here, in the ribs there, here, and I turn. A. Okay ? Well, Gyaku Uchi Uke, it is with the other arm. So I do that and I do this. Okay ? That! So Uchi Uke, you need to know, is that you must be Hanmi position. Ie: three quarters. So when you Gyaku Uchi Uke, you have to be three-quarters also in the other direction. So, what happens in Heian Nidan? I remind you Heian Nidan. When we come back, we do Gyaku Uchi Uke, there, there is no problem since we came to lay his foot, for that matter, it is placed in the right place. We will not ask him too far out there, because otherwise, I can not turn my hips, I set quite close to me to be three quarters. You see, Gyaku Uchi Uke, you must be: it’s my hip out in front and that one’s behind. It’s hip rear foot should be forward. Here we are in Gyaku Hanmi. That is to say that I am three quarters but more than the other way. Then I kick, Gyaku Zuki. Gyaku Zuki, I find myself Shomen position. That is to say that I face. And behind, I’ll do Gyaku Uchi Uke. So I have to go in Hanmi position. So we often see, I even heard some teachers say: you must back leg. I do not know if I have not even seen. We often see it all. You must back the leg, foot. Okay ? One foot back to Gyaku … it’s not that. Then the foot, it goes far back, but it does not take you thought: I have to back foot. This is not the foot as you back, in fact, is this: you turn your hips and you just lift your foot. Come on! Now I’ll turn my hips, and just lift my foot. I do not do it, because here there is nothing. Okay ? It really: there I will … I’ll just … if I do not raise my foot, it looks like this. Well, I pull back, suddenly, my leg stretches. I’m a little… My position here is not very good. It would be my foot here. So in fact, I do this. Of the. Okay ? So it is important to do so. And it is important to feel the difference between this, Hanmi: I am three quarters, Shomen: I’m from the front, as in Gyaku Zuki, and Gyaku Hanmi: I am three quarters, but in the other direction. And three quarters in the other direction, it does not mean: I twist like that and I stretch my leg. So my leg in front, it must come closer to me. This is normal, since my hips … Here, it is as if, when I do… When I’m Hanmi position it’s a bit like I dévissais my hips and there, I screwed, I screwed and I wrapped my legs around my hips. So I have no choice, I have to group them. Okay ? I have to gather my hips to stay well balanced. And stay … If I do that, if I should go ahead, it will not, my foot, it is … No ! It is necessary that… always ready to continue. Okay ? Especially in Heian Nidan, behind, it makes Mae Geri. So when you are here, and we do Gyaku Uchi Uke, there behind, I Mae Geri. My leg there, I must be well supported on that one. If I had not stepped back for example. If I had not stepped back and my hip that I do this. And there, to Mae Geri, it’s not easy. I am … and well, I’m not well at all there. It really is… But really think about: hip rotation, and not, I have to lift my foot. Because often I see it, I see Gyaku Zuki, there’s just the foot that moves back and there is nothing. Nothing, no … nothing. So it must be … It is… I bring and there, I pull my hips like that, and it is this rotation of hips that: my foot back. OK ? So that’s super important. So write it down, and practice. Make the Kihon. For subscribers Karate 3G, I made you a video special Kihon this work rotating hips. So, do it, do it, do it. Repeat Heian Nidan and then, when you go there, think not to back your foot but to pull your hips and lift your right foot. You’ll see, you do that … It backs! So, do Kihon in both directions, both … So Heian Nidan, there is only one side, but then, do it on both sides. So there. It was a short video to explain a bit, it should not be confused: hip rotation and move his foot. It is important. I hope you enjoyed this video, this clarification enjoyed it. You can go see my video of Heian Nidan. I explained already in it. And I said many other things. So check out my video here, then, that you, that is … You will learn many things. In the meantime, you are free to download … Sorry ! You are free, yes, download, there is no problem, my guide successful stretches, as I told you just now. Otherwise, you are free to subscribe to my channel to receive a video every morning at breakfast. I challenged me to make a video per day. For now, I stand. I hope you like it. Anyway, I’m happy. And I say to you very quickly on … And forgiveness. I need your feedback, so if you like it all that, well, let me comment: “I like it, great, foo …” tell me. If you have questions same, well, I try to answer. Then click “Like” if you enjoyed the video. I say “very soon” on karate-blog.net and Karate 3G. Bye !

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