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Karate Pasadena (626) 793-8575 – American Kenpo Karate Pasadena CA – for kids and adults

November 30, 2019

hi my name is Mary Christianakis and I’m a little dragons teacher at American Kenpo Karate, We are a martial arts school here in pasadena. The reasons parents bring their children to our school or varied, some parents want to help their children combat bullying in school, other parents bring their children for reasons of focus or confidence, as both a former teacher and as a parent I totally understand and agree with all of the concerns that parents have about their children. Martial arts are training both the spirit and the mind as well as the body. Here at American Kenpo Karate in Pasadena we offer a variety of different programs. One program is our little dragons program that’s for four to six year olds they learn balance, flexibility, their bodies start to develop as well as their minds. Another program we have is our Karate classes for kids, our kids program involves focus and discipline. We end each class with the favorite part of the class of the students and the teachers which is sparring as they challenge there sparring partners and friendly friendly fighting. We have a program for children with special needs we also offer an adult program, we have women’s self-defense we have pic boxing and we also have American Kenpo Karate for the more serious martial artist. This is Rick Jeffcoat and we’ve been in business together for 21 years this is a family owned business and we are family-friendly environment. Give us a call at (626) 793-8575 and try out one of our introductory programs

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