KARATE OLYMPIC GUIDE  |  Tokyo 2020 — Jesse Enkamp
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KARATE OLYMPIC GUIDE | Tokyo 2020 — Jesse Enkamp

November 17, 2019

In the year 2020, Karate will for the first time ever, be
included in the Olympic Games. This is a historic moment for the sport of
Karate, as millions of practitioners worldwide now have chance to shine themselves in the
Olympic glory. But how will this happen? Where will it be held and who can participate? There are so many questions. Today, I’m going to answer them for you. First of all, let’s cover the basics. The Olympics Games in 2020 will take place
in Tokyo, Japan. The country famous for modernizing Karate The venue where Karate will hold it’s competition
is called Nippon Budokan, located in Kitanomaru Park, in central Tokyo. This is an
indoor arena made exclusively for martial arts events For two days, Karate will use this arena to
carry out it’s Olympic activities, divided into two specific categories: Kata and Kumite. Kata is the solo representation of self-defense techniques strung together into a performance routine that usually lasts around 2
or 3 minutes. A kata is judged on several technical and physical criteria; including
rhythm, balance, speed, power, focus and breathing. Kata is divided into male and
female classes, but can also be performed in teams, however, team kata will not be included
in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. In a kumite match, two athletes face each others with small gloves and foot protection,
with the goal of scoring points using kicks, strikes, punches, kicks, sweeps and throws for a
maximum of three minutes. Note that this is not full contact Karate – athletes have to
show full self-control in each technique, at all times. The weight classes for men in
kumite are -67 kg, -75 kg and + 75 kg. The women on the other hand have -55 kg, -61 kg and +61 kg. No matter what category an athlete competes
in, he or she will have to wear either a red or blue belt, as decided by a random draw.
This is called AKA and AO in Japanese, which simply means RED or BLUE. These colored belts makes it easy for a judge to express his or her decisions using a red or blue flag. So, who exactly can compete in the Olympic
Games? Well, according to the World Karate Federation,
any Karate practitioner in the world will be able to compete in Tokyo 2020, as long as they follow the rules and regulations of the World Karate Federation.
For example, you cannot compete with traditional Karate weapons, or with a black Karate uniform – no matter
how good it feels. Your Karate gi needs to be white, with the correct features and measurements. You will also need to be selected somehow,
because there’s only place for 80 people in Tokyo 2020; 60 in kumite and 20 in kata, divided into 50/50 male/female. The selection process will be based on a world
ranking that will take into account some of the biggest Karate tournaments in the world,
like the World Championship, the European Championships, Pan American Championships
and so on. It’s safe to say that only the best of the
best will compete in Tokyo, just like in any other Olympic sport. That being said, there might not be any more
chances after 2020, because at the moment, Karate has only been accepted for this particular Olympic
event. In order to make Karate a “regular” Olympic eventt, like swimming or gymnastics, it would have to be proposed and accepted for future editions of the Olympics as well. I hope this video gave you some clarity on
Karate for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Share this with your friends
so they can know too. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in Tokyo!

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  1. Would there be certain katas that need to be learned for the Olympics? I know that all the different styles of karate have different katas and movements. 😀

  2. Awesome!! I'm already saving money for 2020 😀 And of course having my fingers crossed for it to be included regularly ^_^
    Too bad there are no team kata though :'( It's amazing to watch

  3. I follow you on instagram (@jadastu) and I love your videos. You are one of the most inspiring, knowledgeable, and well-spoken practitioners of martial arts I have had the pleasure of learning from. From one "karate nerd" to another, keep doing what you're doing. Subscribed!

  4. Kata in the olympics!? Yes! I just got back into Shotokan after 8 years of Taekwondo, and I'm excited to hear about all this news about karate and the olympics!

  5. Great vid! Is there a page where athletes can see what the official "Olympic Selection Ranking" would be? At this point it's hard to tell how one would climb in rank and successfully qualify.

  6. -67kg? WTF man? The WKF has 5 weight classes. I weigh 135 lbs and can easily destroy opponents of my own weight. I'm going to have to add some mass.

  7. judging on what ive just witnessed with tae kwon do @ olympic level i really fear for karate . after what i saw it made me cringe .

  8. if kata is going to be in the olympics then poomsae should get included also for taekwondo since currently its only sparring. poomsae was announced for the 2019 pan american games so i hope the federation will add it into the olympics

  9. So after the leading associations all "uniting" to try and get karate into the olympics the sport version gets accepted and not full contact? Sounds shit to me…

  10. I see karate going the way of Tae Kwon Do. Black belts for poorly trained children. I got my first black belt in 1969 and still train. I've studied Chung Do Kwon, Kang Duk Kwon (a kyokushinkai spin off), and Tracy's kenpo back when Tracy's was influenced by Joe Lewis and Bruce Lee.

  11. So to compete can you do any type of karate or is it limited to just for example Shotokan. Or can multiple practitioners compete from different styles such as shotokan, chito-ryu, kenpo etc?

  12. Jesse San – How does one qualify? There are multiple styles of Karate and numerous kata. Will the Shitei kata come back? any news on that? How do you register to compete in the qualifying events?

  13. there is place for Karate in the Olympics, their point sparring is what us taekwondo artist call whimp  sparring, they don't stop the match every time to check to see if you got the point or not. The training for taekwondo is a lot more intense because you train for non stop fighting like boxing does .They need to take close look at this before continue after the 2020 OlympicsIf that was the case I would rather see poomse in the Olympics before Karate,

  14. As an amateur kick boxer/mma fighter, this is not that big of a deal. I've wanted modified rules kickboxing in the Olympics to show the world practical style of well rounded striking. Sport karate is not the answer. (Nevertheless a very historically/technically buetiful art

  15. please explain to some people why kata is important. Also people also laugh and say kata cant be used in a fight .. please to a video explaining this..

  16. hey can you make video about traditional and full contact karate please i want to know more about full contact karate 🙂

  17. wkf kata and karate is to subjective to the referees interpretation.

    it's should be knock down karate and no kata competition.

  18. Does anyone know how many forms are going to be required to be performed by an athlete competing in the individual kata division?
    Can an athlete perform the same kata as he advances to next rounds?

  19. Full Contact or nothing, Knockdown rules are alot more entertaining and also more realistic and show true Karate spirit.

    Points are just glorified tag that yes is useful but not true karate or martial arts.

  20. My fears coming to reality. In my opinion WKF has ruined Karate, more specifically Shotokan Karate. I can never understand how you can judge 2 athletes on Shitoryu vs Shotokan for example. When the referee might be Wadoryu or another style, it just doesn't make sense. Another thing is that Shotokan (and other styles I presume), have been rendered as a show with regards Kata. No spirit and no real intention as if you're fighting multiple opponents. If you had to give me a video of Maurino or Valdesi or Sandy Scorcio doing a Kata I'd give you a million mistakes, technical mistakes that they do. Their technique (excuse my language) is shite when compared to Kurihara, Ueda, Fukuhara etc …

    With regards Kumite, all that jumping and nonsense, when they punch they pull back their hand, hence Kime is on going back not going forward and locking your body with your strike. And how can you be a 5th dan black belt like some coaches I know, and you don't know a single Kata? Coz you only teach and train Kumite? it doesn't make sense. Wkf has commercialised Karate and it leads to people saying Karate doesn't work in the street or MMA, when in reality, if you had to practice proper JKA Karate I can assure you, you could seriously hurt someone. I have a 1st Dan from ITKF, 2nd Dan WKF, 3rd Dan from JKA … so I know the difference between sport and traditional, and I can safely say from self-defense I'd rather practice traditional.

  21. without kyokushin karate I have no reason to watch karate in 2020 olympics.
    none full contact karate competition has not a lot fans and I think it's didn't show karate power. In the other hands kyokushin karate has more fans and people like to watch kyokushin competitions.

  22. Hi Jesse could you clarify two things for me? Firstly, are only WKF styles admitted to perform?(Shotokan, Wado-ryu, Shito-ryu, Goju-ryu,Shukokai) Will other traditional Okinawan be accepted? (Shorin-Ryu, Uechi-Ryu, etc)
    Second, are other forms of the same kata accepted?

  23. Olympic has already Judo and now karate will be an event in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic. There will be now 2 Japanese martial arts sports in the Olympic. I think one reason why Karate was not accepted in the Olympic is Japan has already their judo in the Olympic that it was the Korean TKD that was accepted. However, will Karate be done in the Olympic as it is done in the All Japan karate Kumite? If not then I think karate in the Olympic will just be one unrealistic combat sports as how it is done. There should be no glove, head and body protectors and shin guards. It is the skill and control of the players will protect them from possible harm. Any injury is anticipated part of the sports making it more realistic as players will become cautious in their attack.

  24. I like very much your videos Jesse, you shows us a lot of information and y your english language is very understandable. Greetings from Spain.

  25. came here for one thing only and that is I can't find eligibility or entrance requirements anywhere on the entire effing internet!! why??????? i'm not planning on even trying to be in it i'm just really confused why it's not posted anywhere

  26. Good for all of you point fighting practitioners and people who may get new people in the Dojo because of the Olympics. I'm willing to bet though, that most people couldn't give less of a shit about point fighting, myself included.

  27. can you give a detailed plan on how to make it into the olympics 2020 for karate. I currently have no experience in karate, I don't have any clue on how to get into tournaments. I would very much appreciate it if you respond.

  28. No full contact karate? Hahaha… they should do the same with boxing 2. Pretend hit people and nerf the whole sport up so we build a generation of weaklings. This is a complete disrespect to the ancestors that used martial arts as a form of survival.

  29. What age do you have to be to compete in the Olympics and what competitions do you have to do to get picked to be on your countries team x

  30. I do not agree with the point system. Why not full contact? Is it too violent for them? It’s great to see karate in the olympics but the whole point system does not show the true power and strength behind the martial art. I’d still watch it but I highly prefer full contact karate over this and I know that many people will agree with me

  31. Sir what are the rules in the 2020 olympic? Is it the rules use in Al Japan Karate Kumite or JKA kumite: bare fist, barefoot, no body and head protector; and the face and body could be punch or kick? There should never be gloves use in Tokyo Olympic because in All Japan Karate Kumite or JKA kumite they do not use gloves for men . Using fist gloves for men will degrade real karate kumite- should be the classic way of kumite.

  32. i hope Karate will remain an Olympic sport also in the future events, not only because i like to watch it but also because lately , my country Italy is winning only in martial sports and swimming , so there would be more chances for some other medals… we suck at athletics…

  33. I was thinking that it would be cool if in Olympic games they would introduce also kobudo fights, with soft foam weapons, but with free choice of the weapon

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