KARATE NERD IN OKINAWA | Season 2 (Ep. 7) — Jesse Enkamp
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KARATE NERD IN OKINAWA | Season 2 (Ep. 7) — Jesse Enkamp

November 18, 2019

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  1. Jesse you should make a video of all karate styles out there and there founder's and the roots and what was the first karate ever made

  2. Jesse-san, I train Karate since I was in the university (10 years ago), I started with Okinawans styles like Gojyu-ryu and similars ryuha, now my Do is with Shotokan (JKA), but they don't do Kobudo, and I love it (I always practice what I can remember but I dont have a teacher/sensei for that), even I dont have some dojo near to train and "update" my Kobudo practice, what do you think that I can do?. I know many things about the Kobudo styles but just bcause of my own study/research. Regards from Chile!.

  3. Congratulations, this episode was touching for me. Whenever i watch your Okinawa series, i feel like im travelling with you and next to you. Now i feel like i've fallen into space. One day i want to do my own Okinawan series. At the end of this month i have my first karate tournament that i will join. I will do just Kata. Wish me luck :). By the way, we ara Karate Nerds, there is no end of journeys to us 🙂 Best regards from Turkey.

  4. You are the man Mr Enkamp. Thank you experiencing great journey of okinawa. I felt like i was there with you. Some day i would love to go there and train. Love all the episodes. OSU!

  5. About to get my orange belt in shito ryu. I just need to work on my presentation of the kihon Katas since its my first time. Wish me luck! 🙂

  6. another great quote from Tadashi Yamashita Sensei (he might have borrowed it though?) To go with your Churchill quote is that you really never lose if you are the only opponent. If you leave today stronger than yesterday, you have won. ✌? fantastic kobudo by the way. I hope I'm as good some day!

  7. Mr.Jesse could make video abaout you go to China esspecialy Fujian to learn Fujian Baihequan & Chinese Kempo which is the root of karate
    I hope it will come true?

  8. Is Heihachi Mishima from tekken a Goju Ryu practicioner? You seem to be a bit similar. If so, how do you feel that they killed him off, since he's some sort of representative if that's the case? can you really get that strong in reality? does the style turn you evil if you get good enough with it?

  9. Well done in the championship tournament! The silver medal was so well deserved and great respect for doing it with a borrowed bo!
    And although I have tried nattō without spitting, I'd actually rather have the beer…

  10. 2 things.
    One: beer ain't that great but suck it up for the camera.
    Two; come and join us over here in England for a martial arts documentary ?
    OSU ?

  11. Hi Jesse! I've watched all season 1 and season 2 of this series! Just wanna say thank you for sharing! I'm not a Karate practicioner (i was green belt in Shotokan, many years ago), but i'm a Taekwondo and Kickboxing (1º Dan) and allways been in love by the japanese culture and way of life! I´m your fan now, from PORTUGAL! Greetings.

  12. Hi Jesse!
    I really love your videos, I learned so much with your channel.
    I hope you can continue makeing videos with tips and secrets to be a great Karate Nerd <3

    PD: CONGRATS! What a great competition! <3

  13. Jesse I want to know if we can Taylor our karate pant because I ordered a karate gi and the pant is big. Please reply

  14. Jesse First video that i saw from you i was thinking that you were overacting and i was waiting to see you in action
    Well i may say that you’re a real Master and you bring freshness to karaté.
    This tournament was amazing and you did pretty good. I think everyone is proud of you

  15. Thank you Jesse Enkamp for these video's and even i will never can go to Okinawa, i have learn and re life my days training Goju Ryu. Respect and keep on sending video's and. Greetings from the Netherlands.

  16. Oh, I found me in this episode (brazilian karate nerd =)) congratulations one more time, Jesse, I saw your kata and was really good! You know, my bo broke too the day before the tournament. I'm glad that you found another one.

  17. It's an amazing experience that you have competed against the best in Kobudo around the world. Congratulations!!! I hope someday I will be able to meet you and join your Karate Nerd Seminar.

  18. At one point I was thinking how come you can flim the plane being in the plane…..then I see what's the trick..these are actually filming strategies…..you video editing is also cool….❤️❤️

  19. Thank you for another AMAZING season, Jesse. You inspire us all to keep chasing perfection, like you do, even if we never reach it. Thanks for sharing your journey with us all!

  20. Jesse, do you not use your seishin belt because your not allowed in competition? Or is it out of respect or to intimidate the other participants. :p

  21. You're so good in Kata, amazing kata..
    You have nice postures/forms, transitions, rhythm, even the choice of kata.. A big thumbs up..

  22. I like you deeply my dear karate ka, strongly believe that we will meet one day.go ahead.God bless you to your journey of karate.like you lot.

  23. You're a very special and amazing young man, Jesse. I am much older, but you inspire me all the same. I promote you to my students as well as my teachers and instructors. Kanpai!

  24. What does it mean to get just one flag in a competition? I’ve never competed so I have no clue what any of this means.

  25. Perhaps bring a second bo next time just in case! Fantastic work! I've only just found your channel and I'm loving it.

  26. Who says a perfect person doesn't drink? Or fornicate, for that matter? Doing those to excess is not healthy, of course, but neither of those is inherently "imperfect." Opium, tobacco, drunkenness, casual fighting; these are all bad for your body, and a serious karateka is wise to avoid them.

    By the way, your technique is beautiful; so crisp!

    I have to say, though, I find it a little weird how you're so precise in your pronunciation of every Japanese word except "karate." You say it like "kuraddee" LOL

    Oh, and I agree with you on beer. ?

  27. Now I'm convinced that in some katas like Jitte, in some moves you're supposed to hold a bo (by grabbing it from your opponent?)!

  28. I never got why the founder of Shotokan was so against fighting. Maybe he was good at everything but fighting?

  29. Eh eh of course your beer tasted bad, it was hot! you should drink it cool…
    By the way, that silk thread ball, if i remember correctly ,is a traditional japanese craft , in the past was made by women as a wedding dote or gift.
    Hope to see another Karate Nerd travel serie 😉

  30. Hi Jesse, I wanted to compliment you on such an interesting series! ? Well done mate. ? I also wanted to ask you for an special episode. ? What would you think about doing an episode on how one goes about traveling to Okinawa and living there for a couple of weeks? ? Jesse's guide for traveling to Okinawa? ?

  31. Oss sensei. Sensei this video was amazing. The whole video became a great suspense after the staff broke. It was like what will happen now!! Will Sensei make it to the finals?? Really amazing video again sensei. Oss sensei

  32. Cool to see you meet my Seidokan friend, Brandon Nix, and be competing in the same building we had our seminar in only a couple months after this video!
    Also, anyone who likes natto but not beer, okay in my book! ?

  33. This was awesome!
    And while I disagree with the idea that drinking booze is ok, I do agree that no body is perfect.
    But that does not mean they are not awesome!
    You won second place in an amazing way!
    Through adversity and while getting used to a new staff!
    That is epic!
    Now how about a visit to CHINA and some Kung fu masters?!

  34. Thank you Jesse. You're words, enthusiasm, and energy are amazing. You're channel and videos are awesome. Again thank you. You do a great great job on your art and channel.???

  35. Thank you sir Jesse. I always watching youre videos. I hove so many things to learn from you.. God blessed and be safe…

  36. I think you'd have won the final if your bo didn't break…. your semifinal kata with your own bo would have won it… Much respect for the way you handled it and didn't use it as an excuse… Well done from a Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu practitioner and an Irish fan ?? ?

  37. Congratulations, you did very well, you are motivating. Like you, I will never get Okinawa out of my heart because they have been my best 15 days of training in my life.

  38. i know it was a year ago, but man if only his stick didn’t break!! still, that’s really impressive to get silver, congrats.
    btw… who is the cameraman/woman?

  39. I’ve just binge watched seasons 1 and 2 in one day !! Really loved it! What an amazing series! Jesse, you are an absolute legend!

  40. Jesse, I am going for my black belt exam in Shotokan Karate in just about a month. Your videos amplify my fire and drive to attain my goal and I'm deeply grateful for the effort you put into making these inspiring videos. Your videos sharpen my perspectives about Karate. I'd absolutely love to meet and interact with you if ever happen to visit New York City.

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