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Karate – Mikazuki-Geri, Le coup de pied en croissant [Karate-Blog.net]

November 20, 2019

Hi, I’m Bruno BANDELIER on karate-blog.net, the clear and net karate. So today, we will see a kick a little special called “Mikazuki Geri”. Mikazuki Geri, you could just compare. Some do it instead of a Mawashi Geri. From time because they are struggling to make a Mawashi Geri. But hey, it’s not at all the same thing. While it allows attacking side, it’s still not the same. Mikazuki Geri, it can be used generally to remove the guard. It can serve to counter, to block. I mean to block or attack when we are very close, one against or has not a very long stretches. I’ll explain Mikazuki Geri over Mawashi Geri. Geri mawashi, it did: it rises on the side and there is a full body rotation, hip rotation and rotation of the body. With Mikazuki Geri, we will not have the body rotation. We will come to like that and come hit the underside of the foot to strike the Koshi there. Okay ! And we just hit like that. You see ? The body rest face. We do not do that. It does not rotate. We still face. It should not. This is not a rotation idea. It’s more a closing thought. That is to say from there, I’ll put a lot of strength here, inside and I’ll close. You see ? I come and firm inside. I’m very hard on this leg and I farm. That’s why in the kata, we are made to leave the outstretched arm. The arm like that and just hit it. This is to avoid that in fact we do that. Here. And we turn now. Kata, it is correct. It strikes you and then turns, only after. But, initially, it is face. It comes close. So we will do a little set. You will put yourself: front left leg. Here. Initially, we will reach out, not very high. It is useless that you used to come too. We will do that. The idea is that I’ll take the bottom of my foot here. Like that. It has to happen like that like I want to applaud my hand or my foot, but the hand does not move. I just hit. Come on, we start. one two three four So we will go slowly to decompose well. I lift the knee as high as possible and let unfold. I get up and I let unfold one two The strength here I close. There I farm. Adductors close. The idea to close: it is a book that farm. I tell you, against: you have an attack, you can remove it. You take it and you chain. It’s entirely possible. It’s not the arms that can block. The legs can be used. You do not think often, but the legs can be used. Go. Try to focus on the supporting leg must remain bent. So, I advance my hip to come knocking. I advance the hip and I close. I do not turn my leg still face. here On the other side. In general, it is all the same except those that are malignant. They train to. But Mikazuki Geri with the left foot, very often, we do not do well because there is no Kata or there Mikazuki Geri with the left foot. So automatically, we have more trouble doing so because we never leads to. go ahead one you can not say two three Ichi Ni not too strong San Shi Ichi Ni San Shi Try to grab the ground. The leg that is on the ground, I grabbed me and I just shake. I just really close. The force is here. Come on, we take the other side is accelerated slightly Ichi Ni San Shi Ichi Ni San Shi Ichi Ni San Shi On the other side. It’s good, it is in place. Ichi Ni San Shi Ichi Ni San Shi Ichi Ni San Shi Yame just one breath. So compared to Mawashi Geri, do not forget that here you do not have a body rotation. You have a hip rotation the same way as a Mae Geri or a Zuki. Okay, hip advance, but you do not turn on the supporting leg. You turn just after. Finally, after you do not look. There, we will do so as is often seen in Katas. We will do it by turning. We will do I hit. I hit. I hit like that. One I always face two I turn one two one two one two Ichi Ni Ichi Ni You see, as I have not hit, I face. Ichi Ni Ichi Ni Ichi Ni On the other side Ichi Ni Ichi Ni I hit and I rotated. So I hit, I close my hips. Okay. I close. This one ahead, but the idea, the legs are closed and not the hips. The legs are closed. I close. Here, it closes and then the hips and hip joints, it closes here. Then I will rotate the pelvis. Once I hit, I rotate the pelvis to hit. It comes, once I’m in the air. That’s it ! OK ! Come on! I think I also have more difficulty in that direction. That’s often a mistake. It’s a shame what. It is the fact of not working on both sides, like everyone else. Come on! Yame Yasme We’ll stop there. You can work Mikazuki Geri. Remember, closing here and there. Closing I show you a little in the bag what happens. This is still less powerful than Mawashi Geri because there is not complete rotation of the body. Is closing. It’s a bit the same except that if I do this and if I do that. Now if I do that, I shut; if I do that, I put a slap or turning a slap closing at the chest. It’s a bit the same difference. I show you on the bag. See you soon. I stand before our bag. Now Mikazuki Geri, I told you over Mawashi Geri where I will rotate; Mikazuki Geri, I’ll stay in front and I hit the underside of the foot. I’ll hit the other side for you to see. So Mawashi Geri, I strike like that turning. I turn my whole body and I pivoted on the supporting leg. Mikazuki Geri: I’ll close. So, I come and I farm. I come and I farm. OK So it’s not complicated. We have not a lot of strength because I tell you, is used. It’s mostly a closed and there is not a complete movement of the body. So we have not a lot of force. Now, it can still hurt because this is not the hands, but the legs. When you type in the sides like that, it can hurt. That is still much less effective than Mawashi Geri, but it did not at all the same function. It will allow removal of the guard, but remain face. Mawashi Geri, we’ll be out. It is not at all the same thing. Thank you and see you next time on karate-blog.net, clear and net karate.

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  1. Bonsoir, alors voilà je compte commencer le karaté en septembre donc j'essaye de me renseigner un maximum. Je suis droitier est j'arrive plus ou moin a faire certains mouvements que tu nous montres dans tes vidéos, mais il n'y a pas moyen de les réussir de mon côté gauche, aurais-tu des conseils à me donner pour pouvoir utiliser les deux côtés du corps de la même façon et donc d'être plus polyvalent. Ou faut-il au contraire avoir un côté plus fort que l'autre. Merci pour tes super vidéos. Rémi

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