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Karate : Mae Geri, le coup de pied de face [karate-blog.net]

January 14, 2020

Hello ! I BANDELIER Bruno, the karate teacher of the net. And today we will learn kick. Usually the first one you will learn, it’s the Mae Geri, the kick panel. Mae means before, Geri is the kick, Geri, kick. So Mae Geri, the kick panel. So we will break down much kicking, and then I’ll show you the strike zones All this, I’ll show you the model, and we will do exercises together. So the first thing we must do to make a kick, especially to Mae Geri is to slow down. Contrary to what is often said, It is often said, we must lift your knees. True, he must lift his knees, but the first thing is mainly to ease off. Look ! In fact, you will have to group. What is important is the articulation here the hip joint because it was she who sent the shot. And if I stay like this to send a shot with a large lever like this, it will not be easy. So I group up foot against my hip. This automatically raises the knee. Okay ! Then I switch my hip So, there it continues to lift the knee. So I switch my hip and then I sent the foot. Okay ! So this is … One. Two… So I flip, so … This is done almost simultaneously. Shoot and tilt. It is that energy starts here, this is done almost simultaneously. I relieves there. I relieves rotatably. There, I rock and knock. I relieve, I rock and knock. So the pool hand, what is called, in retroversion. That is to say it switches. The body hand back slightly. It’s just a story of balance. If I stayed right body and from there, I tend, I fall. To stay balanced, I rock so as to have always My center of gravity which is found on the foot. Okay ! To hit, you will hit with multiple zones. Either we strike with the front of the foot, called the koshi. It was under the toes. So this is koshi or we call it as the tiger’s tooth. The tiger tooth: koshi. It can also strike with the toe. Here ! Tiptoe. So ! Do not hit too hard because there soon were made to … If you hit on something hard, it would hurt. There it goes! The model, it is a little soft. But I do not smite like crazy. Pay attention ! Otherwise, you can also strike with the heel. This is what we call Kakato Here ! You strike with the heel below. You can also hit with top of the foot: Haisoku The top of the foot. It does not strike in the parts by chance when doing Kin Geri. It is in the parties as going up. A kick upwards So! We will make it a little bit up then later we will do a little bit forward and reverse. I will show you two ways to hit. Either: kekomi either: Keage. We will already make some up. It turns standing. Each time you lift your foot. and before you hit. Come on! One. Two Ichi, Ni, San, Shi It goes like this. So, look good my arms. It is important… My arms hardly move. They will follow my shoulders wholesale the movement of my shoulders, but they do not move. Often we see that. So … when you Mae Geri, your opponent, For me, it’s a dummy. He can not make shots. But in reality, an opponent when you hit it, it can make shots. If you have arms that do this; and then you’ve missed and he parried it can you against attack. Your arms should always be there in protection. I knock but … I’m still me, I can fight. Okay ! It is necessary that… Here ! If I hit … but my arms are still protective or to chain. Okay ! So ! Do not pull the arms back. Okay ! Do not pull the arms back. Come on! Let’s go ! Ichi, Ni, San, Shi You do not have to hit very high. This is not an obligation to knock in the face. Mae Geri there’s enough. Okay ! So there, if you hit, I guarantee you that it hurts. Up there, you’re endangering when you do this. Because if he grabs your leg, there, at the balance it’s still easier to bring you down that the ; Okay ! Something else important, is to hit … and as soon as … you hit, to return as quickly as possible distance. So it’s not that. It is not: knock and I fall. It’s knock and my foot back where it was. I hit with this idea … My opponent, it may well catch my leg. It may well, how … yes, here, grab my leg. In fact, I do not give him my leg. I do not let my leg lead the fight. It’s me who decides. So I hit, I take my leg and I continue. I can move forward. I can well hit and move, but it is not: knock and I fall. This is knock, I’ll take and I ask. Okay ! It is not the same ! I hit and I bring back. So always, knock and it brings good. Knocking back and well. So I get up, I switch … I hit and I bring, I switched back hip and I rest. OK ! So two ways to hit Mae Geri. Either Mae Geri kekomi Mae Geri kekomi means: penetrating. I’ll get up, Then, I continue to get up as high as possible when I rock my hips, and I go back down; to really penetrate the opponent. I enter the opponent. Okay ! I just penetrate. Then there is the Mae Geri Keage. Keage, in fact, the foot will whisk, instead of up. Hit is to say that rather than the foot, he makes it. He will go straight as possible. slight rounding because as group still up. But right now, knock. Knocking and back. It’s much whipped. I whip … Kekomi I entered; there, I whip. I enter. Do you see the difference. So train yourself to do kekomi or Keage. Keage, I whip. Kekomi, I enter. Something else important, your supporting foot. This one, I get there, the support foot, it does not come off. You have seen that I do not do that. The foot on the ground when I hit, it really must be anchored to the ground, anchored. Come on! We take back. Come on! One two three four five six So there we will do moving forward. Come on! We advance Mae Geri and before we set. Mae Geri, before we ask. Mae Geri, before we ask. I turn around. Come on! Ichi, Ni, San, Shi Go I turn around. Ichi … As I said to you, be careful not to fall. But well … I hit, I bring and I ask. I knock, I bring and I ask. OK ! Come on! Ichi, Ni, San Then I’ll put myself in the other direction for you to see a little differently. Come on! Ichi, Ni, San It turns. Ichi, Ni, San It turns. So that, you can do as much as you want. If you do not have much space, look back every time, or every other time, or whatever. But you are advancing, each time thinking not to get carried away. That is: I hit and I bring back. So here we will just do some exercise not to get caught. It will hit Mae Geri. And as the case, I will tell you we put behind, we put to the side, before we ask. And you must do the same Mae Geri, but Once, before we ask, once behind, once on the side. OK ! Come on! Mae Geri. You put yourself warned! It’s better. Mae Geri, I ask before. Ichi … Mae Geri, I put behind. Ichi … Mae Geri, I put on the side. Ichi … Mae Geri, I put behind. Ichi … Mae Geri, I ask before. Ichi … There I redécale me because I have a piece of furniture. I think you, you often have furniture. Come on! We are going forward. And there, I put behind. Ichi … I put on the side. Ichi … I ask before. Ichi … So like; train yourself to do this. Everytime. to tell you, I do the same Mae Geri. But once my Mae Geri’s over, well, I ask before, I ask back and I ask there. Okay ! This is not the kick that went. It’s not … I’m going. That is: I hit, I bring and I ask where I want. I decide where the fight goes. Here ! I continue my fight. I hit and I’m still here … Listen! Thank you. I hope you like this video. videos be rearranged other kicks and Mae Geri. When you work in kihon, we will do more. Thank you. Work well the difference, between kekomi and Keage. Good group before switching hip. Well think about that. If you redo mistakes, watch this video. Please follow the advice, write them down. And then save them and repeat, repeat, repeat. Listen! Thank you, I wish you good workouts and see you soon on karate-blog.net or karate3G. Goodbye !

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