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Karate : Le code moral du Karatéka : Le coeur [karate-blog.net]

January 24, 2020

Hello ! I ‘m Bruno BANDELIER, The karate teacher of the net. Today I want to talk to you the first virtue that is found in the code of honor the Budoka or karate. But in the meantime you are free to download on my website, my french book, ABC of overheating. Simply click on the image and you download the ABC of warm-ups. So we will talk the first virtue the karateka. So, the first virtue that we will find in the moral code of Budoka, the moral code that is found in the Karatedo, it is the heart. It’s the man’s heart, the men’s heart. In fact, practicing with the heart, this means roughly, practice with passion, practice passionately I always say that karate is … Karatedo is the way of the empty hand. And when we say the empty hand, it also means empty all bad intentions. Here, empty of all evil intentions. You really have the passion and desire, practice with passion and desire. And this approach, To always have a code I have already explained. When you have a goal and good; we must have the burning desire to achieve this goal. Really, this should get out of your guts. This should get out of you. You really must go till the end. Well, this way of practicing karate, it is also the practice outside of karate. This approach, I tell you, the moral code It is not applicable at karate. It will be applicable in your life everyday. So, in your life everyday, that is, do not just go through life. then live with passion Live there with your heart, with your guts. Have empathy for the people around you. The heart is that too; Have empathy toward others. be intentioned towards others and then, And voila ! After, life gives you back whatever you give The more you do things with passion, better your gratitude to do these things. Plus, you’ll be glad to do these things. Live with passion! That’s it ! The heart is … practice and live in harmony with people who are around you, with people around you. Here ! Thank you and tell you soon on karate-blog.net and karate3G. Bye !

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