Karate Kid vs Gymnastics Kid Challenge – You Decide The Winner
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Karate Kid vs Gymnastics Kid Challenge – You Decide The Winner

November 29, 2019

(Laughter) That was thing we were doing? No. (Mixed talking) Hey all you awesome ninjas! I’m so pumped for today, because it is time to see who has the better ninja skills! The karate kid, Ethan Punchriver! Or the gymnastics kid, Exys Cole Yeah, and you guys get to decide the winner! This is going to be a showdown you don’t want to miss! Ashton and I compete in gymnastics and karate, but Exys is only competes in gymnastics Ethan only competes in karate. And if you’ve seen our awesome power ranger ninja kids, then you’ll probably recognize Ethan as Tommy Oliver the Green Ranger. Yeah, also you’ll probably recognize Ashton as Jason the Red Ranger when that is my arch enemy. But for this challenge, oh come on! But in this case we’re teammates. First these guys need to get into some ninja gear! They’re gonna challenge each other to Two different things like two events or two weapons stuff like that and at the end we’re gonna do a floor tricking tumbling battle It’s what we write. Let’s do rock paper scissors to see who goes first, okay, okay, Rock Paper Scissors shoot ya got this Exys Rock Paper Scissors shoot oh I Like p-bars Oh I Don’t believe in need these are parallel bars p-bars for sure and Exys is gonna show some skills. Let’s go Exys Yeah, can you do that I believe in you you got this Let’s see it now get out, but first get out to the shop, so you don’t slip off. Okay? Is that enough? Hello, make them super white like snow white like snow. How’s that? well . Whatever yeah, it was close to what Exys did . Okay, so what are you gonna challenge Exys to. The next challenge boat staff? I believe in Exys got this you got this Yeah, okay, so this is a boat sail and Ethan’s really good, so let’s see what he can do Yeah, he really is nice job You know I’ll give it to you guys pretty. Good roofer sir good. That’s it for round one good job guys Who do you guys think did better for round one the gymnastics kid or the karate kid you can both now on your screen? So what’s the next event oh? Well there’s an event kind of like a bo staff oh really okay, I’m gonna be good, I’m gonna be good at this I’m gonna be good at this Like high bar It’s like a bar it doesn’t spin around you you spin around It’s so high it’s not like 10 feet All you got do like Jump on it and like swinging around it yeah easier said than done well, let’s go This is the high board it’s a men’s gymnastics event Got the same. That’s called a stem for you kind of funny name oh It’s like a boo stack just like you’re spitting the most ever on you he’s gonna Let’s go good luck and good job Might I enter this competition. That’s so high Okay, it’s just like a boss. It’s just like a boss, but it’s not like a postive okay you got this I believe in you get tons of chalk grab on and Just swing it doesn’t matter where you can do right now Just your first time Yeah Show us your skills yeah, your shirt says got skills, so let’s see them. Just like a bo staff Got this if he has any skills. I have skills militsiya Just like the Okay, Ethan, what’s the next challenge? Well this better make up for the high bar kicks You’ve got this so this kick is called cheat 720 so it basically starts off with a jump off one foot followed by two full spins followed by a hook kick at the end That is a pretty tough kick you can just do your best at this we’re gonna start with this red hook kick. I’ll demonstrate Go one spinner So you’re gonna turn Look at your target and go as you can and hit the target with your field You got this part. I just Good luck Yeah, he actually did because that’s how cool he is okay, we’re gonna move on we’re to see if we can Complete the cheat 720. I’ll show you that again So since you’re on this leg you’re gonna step through like you did and then you’re gonna look your leg up This is where you kicked before where you’re gonna. You’re gonna do a whole nother spin, and then kick it I think that at least is better than that his high mark so yeah, that’s it for our two exes did awesome and you can vote on your screen now the gymnast or Excesses kicks were so close Anyone on the streets, and I would they’re like no way not from he just lifts up his like he did good for him Yeah, uh good for him. Oh, yeah We’re so scared on the hive. Are you had a change in shorts no no no no no no no no That’s not why I changed my shorts. I feel that right before the third round I had to change him cuz I had to take it to the next level I want to show that yeah, Reed Ranger is in that house. It’s your fan – yeah. Yeah, yeah That’s okay, you morphed your short school The final challenge is the floor which I’m super excited for because they both compete on the floor So they can compete at their highest level. I’m just gonna be awesome. I’m so excited Yeah, it’s been so fun. They’re totally gonna win mark. No other communities on the floor. Oh yeah, yeah Exes is going first what posture you do, I’m gonna do front handspring front tuck dude awesome and then Ethan will have to try act just a bunch of Okay that was great You can do this okay come on Watch me no way You watch it. There is no competition excess Isolation made that double hole okay, you guys might have been a little better on the floor But we still get you on all the other ones Sure, we sure yet. We want anything or the cheek so you guys know on your street Artists cuz they can do everything, but we’re learning now in the West except for high schools Mr. P Thanks for watching guys Please like and subscribe to see more awesome challenges and make sure to comment below also check out my youtube channel And if you subscribe to it, you’ll be able to see a video that’s completely behind the scenes of this video that I made cool

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