Karate Kid | Trailer of Part 2
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Karate Kid | Trailer of Part 2

December 9, 2019

Raille, go to school! New Enemy okay class, you have a new classmate he is Bryan. okay ma’am! leave this chair it’s arrogant huh! go ahead, keep him occupied and new Friends Bro! That’s your money I do not like, it’s too much No, that’s yours past Friends against new Friends you’re talking about me? it’s courage huh! He is too short! ouch! ouch! You’re traitor huh! ouch! Group versus group Master! I have a fight! Who! My classmates! You want to fight them? No Master Drew! Who’s that? Who’s that? My classmates asking for help Master Jimmy! What? why are you with those three? We’re Friends now training and strengthening You are okay Raille? Yes Master Jimmy We’re okay Master! Thank you for going to us here okay, I teach you a Kung Fu later really Master? Yes,
as long as you use it for good Thank you ! Thank you, we will be good! We will be good! One! Two! Three! Wait for the next event Support! Subscribe! Wait!

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