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Karate Kid 3 Breakdown

November 15, 2019

Defeat does not exist in this dojo We do not train to be merciful here mercy is for the weak We’ve seen Daniel LaRusso go from scrawny nobody to champion at the All-Valley Tournament under the guidance of the wise Mr. Miyagi and go on to become The best around We then saw Miyagi and Daniel travel to Okinawa to settle a blood feud in a fight For the glory of love It is all led up to this Daniel must face his biggest challenge yet He has to face some Bad boys, bad boys. Boys will be boys I’m sorry. This movie doesn’t really have an iconic song to go along with it, so I had to choose Gloria Estefan’s Bad Boy But honestly it kind of fits. Karate Kid 3 picks up almost where Karate Kid 2 leaves off We meet up with Sensei Kreese who is just in a downward spiral He lost all of his students and Cobra Kai was dropped from the All Valley Tournament Membership. All that just because he came in second at the tournament last year And you know he tried to choke out one of his students It it was probably mainly the choking thing You know probably 80/20 you know in the original Karate Kid I just assumed that Kreese owned the Cobra Kai dojo but Karate Kid 3 decided that wasn’t interesting enough So we find that Cobra Kai is actually owned by billionaire businessman Terry Silver What do you think I bought that place for the rent I bought it for you Look at this 10 years ago nuclear was the preferred waste. You could dump it anywhere. Now everybody’s a detective I’m lucky if I make one deal a year without being indicted. Thank you I’m not quite sure what Terry’s business is is it some sort of karate training slash nuclear waste disposal company seems like a very niche market We learned that Kreese saved Terry’s life in Vietnam and Terry really honors the life Debt by putting his entire life on hold to get back at a teenage boy that he’s never met Terry vows to destroy Daniel and Miyagi and sends Kreese to Tahiti while he takes care of everything I bought 20 locations today yours 100% You are back my man, bigger and badder than ever I’m really starting to question How Terry made his money because he seems like a terrible businessman Kreese ran his soul dojo into the damn ground and your plan is to give him 20 more I don’t think the problem was that he didn’t have enough dojos I think the problem was the child abuse well or once again like you know 70/30 mabye. But what about those two jerks? Those 2 jerks are taking up 100% of my time from now on when I’m finished with that kid. He’ll be begging me to be his teacher Johnny by the time that little twerp steps into the ring to defend his title I’m gonna have him thinking he’s invincible You know in my personal experience adults having vendetta’s against teenagers Always works out well. So the first part of Terry’s plan is to recruit the bad boy of karate Mike Barnes to enter the tournament And torment Daniel into also entering the tournament. What do you mean? You can’t dump it in Borneo who in Borneo knows what chloride sludge is. Do it Call me when it’s done Does he export nuclear waste does his business produce it as a by-product. What does he do? The grand jury what do you intend to do about them? Bribe them as usual You know Terry seems like he’d be right at home in a kid’s movie playing an International jewel thief whose schemes are constantly being thwarted by a baby So Terry invites Mike Barnes to his house and conducts a business meeting with him while taking a bubble bath Yeah, it’s a good thing your secretary and two other people are here or else this would seem pretty strange. Snake Dennis Mike Barnes Dennis will take care of your training Snake takes care of everything else You’re looking to be a bad boy in LA Snake’s the boy to be bad with right Snake? You know it What? What does that even mean? They are the perfect bad-boy combo Mike the bad boy of karate and Snake The bad boy that puts out Terry’s clothes in the morning is my guess You said that if I come down here, and I beat this LaRusso kid the All-Valley tournament that you’d give me twenty five percent ownership in your new dojo wait. I’m gonna need fifty percent I don’t know if I can afford more than thirty five. It’s nice meeting everybody hey, you fight as hard as you negotiate Harder You got you fifty percent. How did Terry rise to the top of the hiding nuclear-waste in Borneo business with negotiation skills like that Mike Barnes is a kid. He just doubled what his initial agreement was This is why you don’t do business in a bubble-bath. Snake show him to his room. Yes, sir. Show him to his room? He’s living there now Do Mike’s parents not care that their underage son is now living with an eccentric billionaire? That is only acceptable if the billionaire fights crime and even then its bordering on some pretty shady territory? Because Daniel really doesn’t want to go to college He spends his tuition money on a two-month lease in what I’m guessing is an old abandoned doll Factory so Mr Miyagi can open a bonsai tree shop and The majority of the rest of this movie is devoted to the ins and outs of opening a small business because when you get to The third movie in a franchise you give the people what they want more action more Drama, this is good material. We can make shelves out of this stuff I thought this would be a great spot to do like that like a bonsai display this would be a great spot for Like a little work area More scouting out areas to put bonsai trees. I even thought of a name check it out Mr Miyagi’s Little Trees Simple direct catchy. It is none of those things. We find out that there’s a new rule in the All Valley Tournament that states that since Daniel’s the defending champ He only has to fight in the final match like he’s *bleep* Shang Tsung or something Oh my god, and Daniel somehow manages to fall ass-backwards into a date with yet another girl That is way out of his league This is the least plausible recurring theme of this series. Terry breaks into Daniels apartment after he gets out of the shower You know if Terry’s not careful his complete and total obsession for revenge over a boy he’s never even met might start to get weird I mean can’t Snake and Dennis do this This seems like the exact thing that would fall under the category of bad boy stuff. I mean breaking and entering That’s like bad boy 101 Daniel-san look good. Yeah, thanks for the shirt, I love it Oh my god, and he’s borrowing Mr Miyagi’s shirt for his date. I don’t know how the hell you do it Daniel In a deleted scene They had Terry fall into the fire bottom first and run around Comically with smoke coming off his butt until he could stick his rear end into a conveniently placed barrel of water and let out a contented sigh They cut it because they didn’t want the character of Terry to be too silly. You all set to go After you hear this you just might change your mind. What do you have poison oak? A boyfriend. You know We’ve been talking on the phone. I don’t know we’re gonna give it another try when I go home Okay, that seems more like what should happen every time Daniel talks to a girl Daniels gonna replay this event over and over and he’ll Ultimately come to the conclusion that she took one look at his old man shirt and called an audible It’s refreshing. I mean we could go dutch okay I’ve been her for two months and I haven’t even met any friends Well meet your first friend. All right. Daniel’s so upbeat, but it’s pretty easy to tell that he’s dying inside Daniel’s paid a visit by an extremely tightly wound Mike Barnes and Snake. We heard you weren’t entering the All Valley this year. So we’d like you to reconsider. Give me the application. Listen I said forget about it right. I’m not gonna- Sign it Okay listen, I’m not signing the application. Sign it and let’s get on with it I call this the bad boy special (grunts) bad boy down Haha, those are some bad boys Mr Miyagi My name is Terry Silver. My master is Kim Sun Yong of South Korea my teacher sends his respects Again this is a billionaire spending his Saturday playing pretend so that he can manipulate an eighteen year old into entering a karate tournament John Kreese of the Cobra Kai dojo was our school’s number one student, I buried John last week He’s dead what happened? After he lost all his students. It broke his heart. I’m sorry to interrupt your training Sorry to hear about death of friend Huh yeah you uh? Got em good stupid jerks really felt bad that someone died. What a bunch of idiots Let him up punk Ever see you even on the same street as this kid I won’t be so charitable with your health Once again, this is a man who has more money than God and this morning He most likely rehearsed the staged fight more than once in order to fool a young man Daniel gives the Cobra Kai dojo to ask Terry to train him since Mr Miyagi Refuses to. So has Terry just been doing Karate for hours in the hopes that Daniel would show up or was he camped out by a window ready to jump up and do some karate when he saw Daniel walking down the street? Terry agrees to train Daniel and just Absolutely brutalizes him by teaching him the Quicksilver method rule number one a Man can’t stand, he can’t fight. Buy him some uncomfortable shoes as a gift and since he doesn’t want to be rude He’ll totally wear them Rule number two man can’t breathe he can’t fight. So fight him underwater. Rule number three a Man can’t see he can’t fight. So switch out his glasses with glasses that aren’t his prescription it’ll be hilarious When he’s close enough Yeah, but that would be face contact. I’d be disqualified. You won the last tournament by drop-kicking someone in the face So I honestly don’t think the judges really care. Christ. I’m wasting my time You have a huge mansion that you could be in right now Daniel breaks down and decides that he doesn’t want to learn the Cobra Kai way of fighting and goes to tell Terry that he’s done It’s the middle of the night does Terry just sleep there in case Daniel shows up You are gonna defend From the moment you met me I’ve been making you do things you didn’t want to do. Show him what I’m talking about I’m what he’s talking about *bleep* Was you just standing back there waiting for your cue. I’m not gonna be there so just forget about Holy *bleep* what where did Kreese come from? I wanna see a lot more. Bring him back You three absolute weirdos are in for it now You think this is the end of it old man? I’m gonna open Cobra Kai dojos all over this valley So his big revenge is bringing economic stimulus back to the community I might even teach for free That would really help out the poorer families in the neighborhood oh That is very kind of you. So Terry’s dynamite plan finally comes to fruition and it’s time for the All Valley tournament So the All Valley Tournament went from a fun all-day event to two bleachers worth of people having to watch some dude who doesn’t even live in the area Yell at people Not bowing to your opponent guess you’re earning the name of bad boy today Yeah, Mike Barnes has proven that you have to really try to get disqualified from the tournament this year The people in the stands are probably having so much fun right now The wild Larusso begins posturing and preening thus confusing his bewildered foe and then the LaRusso strikes So now that Daniel has won two years in a row the rules state that he doesn’t even have to show up to the tournament Next year the winner will have to come to Daniel’s house and Daniel’s allowed to use a gun on him and oh come on Man these movies just end. 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