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Karate – Heian Yodan Part 2 [Karate-Blog.net]

December 15, 2019

Hello and welcome to karate-blog.net, clear and net Karate. I’m Bruno BANDELIER. I’ll make this time the second part of the video Heian Yodan. The fourth Kata to prepare for the black belt. Heian Yodan in general, it is passed around green belt. green or blue belt. Everything will depend on the clubs. We have already seen the last time the first part of the Heian Yodan. We will not see the first part because after the video will be too long. Return to the site to see the first part. the second part we will see then in the end it is completely done. Go. I continue. Right here right now. It’s pretty simple. I’ll romp like I’m all wound up. I will turn the tip of the heel. I think it’s more on the heel, but hey, it’s not very serious. You turn on the front foot and we will turn towards there in Kokutsu Dachi position. Management, it is not 45 °, but 60 °. So there is more there. If you want to 45 ° and then you go back to 45 °, you’ll end up with a meter behind from baseline. You are here. Someone knocked. We turn. It is rather to 60 °. Not 45 °, but 60 °. So the movement there, it is called “Khaki Wake Uke”. As if one grabs me by the throat. We try to grab me by the throat. I spend my arms in and I am getting very small, very small. I squeeze. There, very tight here and I keep the tension here. The hands are open. I do not come open elbows. I do not come down to the bottom. I just diagonally there. I have strength here and here. I clench my arms against me and I will put the force here. Really have in your kata Like this. you feel resistance. Like that. As if you were on a motorcycle. Think about it and put the force here. The handful slightly twisted inwards. With the game where we just like we just crochet. The tight point, it was a lot of strength. It rests on the forearms or elbows opponent to open and to counter. Go. I turn. With great force, knocking Mae Geri. I’ll do it again in front of you so you can see well. I hit Mae Geri. My arm did not move. My arms stay where they are there. I’m very hard on my arms. Which seems logical in the case of the Bunkai. I am like this. Ultimately, I have not been able to do let my opponent doing that. I have just a little unbalanced, or do a little, but I have trouble letting go do that. So my arms are almost there. By cons here I come. I go Jodan Mae Geri. There directly, I hit Jodan Mae Geri with right foot. I hit Oi Zuki directly right arm and Gyaku Zuki. There is a form here which is not bad, and some do. Instead of going to Mae Geri with the foot with the knee to like that to hit, they come directly. That is to say that the leg starts here. She gets up here to hit. I have done internship. It was great because to get there, it was very hard to counter. Is directly. Directly. But do not mind. I rave a little there. So I Mae Geri and; two. I will repeat here. Mae Geri and; two. Right now, I’m there in 60 degrees there. A ; two. I turn there in Kokutsu Dachi. Some do it as Neko Ashi Dachi. They descend Kokutsu Dachi. It is a variant, but the official version is directly Kokutsu Dachi. I’m going there in Kokutsu Dachi. There are people who come a little more against them. It should not. Partly, they are similar, but there are no Neko Ashi Dachi. Khaki Wake Uke. There very hard, I go on Jodan Mae Geri. Pareil, Jodan Mae Geri. I Jodan Mae Geri. I bring my hips before striking. I do not do that and I fall. I hit and I bring my hips. So now we return to our line. Morote Uchi Uke. A ; two; three. I put myself in the other direction. So there, I hit. Hit like that. In Morote Uchi Uke. I turn. The same principle, hips and arms turn come with. The arms come against the body. I press against the body. I leave for Morote Uchi Uke in Kokutsu Dachi. The arms, one against the other. I press well. We imagine that I am at the other end there. I’m staying in front of you and you’ll see a little better. After, I will do the other way. From there, I will deviate slightly. Like, some do not deviate, and then they turn like that. I soon time I did not deviate too. Normally, deviates to pass from position to position Kokutsu Dachi Dachi zenkutsu. And there Morote Uchi Uke, both arms pull the side there. As if I caught the face of my opponent. I avail. It’s not that. Often we see that with beginners. Pay attention. Above all, the children because they always want to go higher. This is on the face. And then, as if catching his face and made Hiza Geri. It’s not just the arms that strike. We must hit them with the knee. Hiza Geri. It’s hip to come. There they will pivot. We must not fall like that. Knocking Hiza Geri. Is pivoted. You look over there, it rotates. Only then we fall. I pivoted and now I’m going to ask here Kokutsu Dachi by Shuto. I put myself in the other direction Morote Uchi Uke. I take Hiza Geri. We must break it. Do it slowly. Learn to do it gently. There I fell Shuto. Then the last movement is another Shuto. The arm comes here at the shoulder. I remind you to go back to the video Shuto. The arm is important here before. Imagine your arm as if it served to guide you. You come. The arm goes in the direction you are going to hit. I knock on the front hand. Here. So we worked on throughout the second part of Heian Yodan. We will do it again two or three times together. I’m going to put in front of you to avoid having you in my back. I do not like too much. It’s not nice. After requires that you adapted in your brain. So there we start. I’m about Kiai. Like that. Kohen Uchi Uraken Koshi. I rotated. Come on, let’s go together. Ichi. Ichi; or; san. Ichi. Ichi; or; san. Ichi; or; san. Kiai … Yame. Yasme Here, we will repeat it again. Finally, I’ll start like that and then I’ll be back to you. That you may disturb a little less. After you take the version you want. You can freeze frames. I let you do what you want with the videos. Is repeated together. I’m here at the end of the first part of the first line of Heian Yodan. Although stable leg is not really tense, but these are the muscles that are tight in the leg. I’m not soft like that. I lock here and that leg is strong. That is to say, if we contract, I lock joints to be stable. I do not stay that way. After that I do not have the extended leg either. So here we are. I turn. Ichi, Kokutsu. Ichi; or; san. Ichi. Ichi; or; san. Ichi; or; san. I open a bit the other foot. I catch the face and Ichi, Ichi. Yasme So we finished the second part of Heian Yodan. We will rework the whole. Next, you will just have to work the first part, Part or put the two together. You can make arrangements if you want. Me, I preferred to cut because I found that the video is a little long. But then, three quarters of an hour fifty minutes to learn a kata, it is not huge. Salute. This is done together. Heian Yodan. Yoi. Ichi; or; san; if. Ichi; or. San; if. Ichi; or; san; if. Ichi. Ichi; or; san. Or. Ichi; or; san. Ichi; or; san. Ichi. Ichi. Yame. Remember the Kiai every time we come here at the end of the straight line and end at the time of Hiza Geri. I did not because I was counting. He was not released. Thank you. I hope that this video did you like Heian Yodan on the fourth of kata Heian. The fourth for the passage of Shodan Black Belt. Technically, it is quite complex. Thank you. I hope you liked it. See you next time for a new video on karate-blog.net, clear and net Karate. Thank you. Goodbye.

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