Karaté – Heian Shodan, le premier pour la ceinture noire []

November 30, 2019

Welcome to you all for this new video on, clear and net karate. So today we will work a kata, it’s been a while we did not do kata. For now, we have seen the first three Taikyoku later we will see the following three. But I promised you that we would attack soon Heian series. So today we will see Heian Shodan: first Heian. The “Heian”, as you saw in the articles, they we were made by master Itosu. Certainly after Bassai, Kanku, Jion. Heian first “Heian Shodan”, it is quite simple. It looks great in Taikutsu. Besides, all the Heian have roughly the same pattern as the Taikutsu. I’ve already said this is a great line with small sides: great line: small side; long straight back: small side. So Heian Shodan, it’s the same. We will add a few variations. You’ll see. In the beginning, we will see a release arm. You will have Jodan Age Uke blocks. In the end, you’ll have Shuto. With minor variations, we will go diagonally and all. So that’s good. These are all techniques that we have seen these past few weeks. So we will be working on it. So I will do as usual: I’ll make you face the kata then back kata and then we will detail the technical kata technique. I would try to show you where the breaks are, where the moments when you accelerate located. But that, you will also see in the video from the beginning. So, I make you the kata. Heian Shodan, the first. Heian Shodan. So there you have just seen the face of kata. I will immediately make you back. After, if you download the video, you can make cuts and then put parts of front and back parts … Go as usual, I do you from behind. Heian Shodan. As I have said, nothing is rocket science. It’s pretty simple. That’s why I told you that once you know the Taikutsu, there are plenty of kata that you will get to learn very quickly. Just simply to remember what location is changed, but the pattern remains the same. We will do back as usual. That way, you put yourself at your screen and you do the same thing as me. As usual: Hi “Heian Shodan”. Both are expected to three seconds. We will do its Yoi. Both are expected to three seconds and only after we leave. It is thought well to turn on the heel. Gedan Barai, Oi Zuki Chudan. Behind, so there we were half a second stop. Behind, turning well on the heel “Barral Gedan” and was release. Do not move. I put myself in front of you. The release, this is it. That is: I will pull my hips back and I just like that. I do not bend my arm. There are those who will tell you to do that, but that’s not it. backward pulling. Pull back by bringing a bit. It is sure that if the person is very strong, I can not do. Well now, there are plenty of moments in the kata where we will tell you: “Yes, but if we do that, if we do this …”. There, one grabs you. Immediately release you then turn the arm and you come back. This release is backwards. I shoot my hips back and I maintain the strength here. I do not go like that. I maintain the strength here. Everything that happens here is rocking and I bring back. There, the arm rises above the head and knock Tettsui. Returning there Gedan Barai. I bring back, I hit Tettsui. Oi Zuki left Chudan level. Gedan Barai in the big straight. Excuse me, I start because I did not do the fake crash. Gedan Barral: a. Here I make a slope; My arm is Gedan Barral ascended to a blockade: Jodan Age Uke. Jodan Age Uke closed. When I move, I open my hand. I open my hand and there with a Kiai. I turn Gedan Barai, Oi Zuki. Gedan Barai, Oi Zuki. So you see, it is not symmetrical. There I do not redo the release. I come back in line: Gedan Barai. And there, it is still not symmetrical. This is not the same movement and it is not the same height. This is Oi Zuki Chudan while on the go, we made Jodan Age Uke. Ni and san. So now we turn and made Shuto. Shuto 90 °. Now we will do Shuto there at 45 °. My leg just there and Shuto. My leg goes back and Shuto. I come here Shuto. Thank you. We will do it again the other way. Let me show you a little straight. Yoi, we share there: a; two. Like that. It’s easy. It’s like Taikiuki Shodan, the small variant. We catch you, consider this. We note you and pull you like that. I knock over. In a straight line. Pardon me, every time I quietly doing, I forget. The weapon, knock: a. In the long straight there, the hand that just made Gedan Barai rises, but not right away. It is not: a; two. It’s when you move. When you will want to make Jodan Age Uke. This goes here and we do Jodan Age Uke. I open Jodan Age Uke. Like, I open when I’m leaving. I open Jodan Age Uke. When it opens, it’s not like that. It’s like that. A little more beautiful what. We shoot there: Gedan Barral, Oi Zuki. Gedan Barral, Oi Zuki: a; a ; two; three. Here in the Advanced, it’s the same as Jodan Age Uke in the great line: a; two; three. I do not want to go after. I want to talk about this. It’s no use if I say every time I do it. I would like to explain a little bit at the time. At the time, the first movements are … slightly faster you go. It’s a ; two. We wait a second: a; two; three. What I mean is that we wait a second at each end. In the middle, it will not fully, but it connects anyway a little bit. In a straight line is just that: a; two; three. Without enchainer quickly. It remains the Heian is when even basic kata then do not go very fast. After competing, this kind of kata there we will not see it often. So do not go too fast. When you reach the end with a Kiai, remember to wait two to three seconds. Enjoy. Breathe. You breathe and you focus on your kata. Enjoy. Whether you are blocking or punch mode, you wait two to three seconds. Only after you leave. Shuto on at the end, it’s a ; we expect a second; two, we wait a second, a second, a second. Each time, we expect a second. We return there when we finish. Two to three seconds, we salute. Two to three seconds and you return Yoi. And if we are in competition or if you pass an examiner is saluted. It hi examiners and everything. So we will stop here. Go over it, revise it. Repeat it, repeat it several times. You can do it. Once you know it, you do it once with one hand in the back, once with the other hand, once your eyes closed, once you do it slowly. There are plenty of opportunities to work. Thank you and see you next time for a new video on the crystal clear Karate. Thank you

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