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  1. Yes I totally agree with what has been said below. This movie is packed with loads of cons not sure about any pros. The fighting style is not that great but rather okay and sometimes stays the same without bringing or adding any new styles or making it more exciting. I must admit, despite the pretty main cast I juts found this to be one of the most boring Martial arts movie I've ever seen. The ending fight was just so crap and over all the skills aren't really all that and 95 to 98% most of the fights depends on high or low kicks with occasional hand use which made the whole movie so fucking boring. I think the Japanese producer hasn't done a great job in my views and could've made it way better and more interesting. Sadly scenes were repeated over and time and time again. Also, found the script to be as bad as crap and as shit as fuck. Fighters just go down one after another with super one leg girl and I found it to be incredibly ridiculous. Poor acting, dreadful script, limited styles and repeated storyline, extremely boring cast with no emotions and very poor acting. The only pro I can find in this whole movie is nice pretty girl with lovely legs under her naughty short skirt. I advise that babe to take it to the next level…cos she's wasting her time in these types of movies I guess.

    Based on the above, I will have to rate this type of Japanese production with with my greatest confidence I've ever had with only 4 and halves out of 10 and that is my very best…..feel free anybody to give it 5 cos I won't no never.!!!!

  2. Great movie! Rina needs to do way more movies! I love the pretty girl and the style in fighting scenes. damn!

  3. In the fight at 51:00 , they should have had tourists or just people in the background acting stand offish and surprised. It would have been a much better drama thing and especially since Japan is never empty of spaces like that ! lolol

  4. 1:24:50 This must be the most embarassing and humiliating kill for the "good" killer that kills the bad guy on a wheelchair.

  5. Much better if u donr know how to speak in english much better u put subtitles to help to understand the story about your drama uts boring

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