Karate Coyote Live Music Concert Episode : CIMU
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Karate Coyote Live Music Concert Episode : CIMU

November 29, 2019

Hey guys, my name is laura and welcome
to another episode of CIMU, where every week we bring an indie band from Columbus, Ohio. And this week at Vaughan Music Studios music studios it’s Karate Coyote! Hey guys! We are very excited to have you guys here. We are very excited to be here. Awesome. so let’s start with 2 songs What did you guys pick for us? uh… The first song is c-o-pillar second track off of our sophomore self-titled album
and then uh… the second rack is Luppercalia – part2 which is a faster track. let’s start with the first one. you got it. Alright, are you guys ready for a question from the audiece sure surely. Let’s hear it. I was wondering where the name Karate Coyote came from? i was wondering the same thing the name and there’s a lot of actual
backstory to it uh… kinda came up with it on the spot we’re trying to fish around for a name. We went through like three of them before we actually settled on Karate Coyote. I just kinda came up with it because of
what it is because of the unnatural love for kung fu and all things
ninja and um…liked the way it sounded together and coyotees Karate Coyote, its almost the same word. I think I liked that. the winner yeah all right any story behind how he gets
mad you know each other formed a band if
uh… any stories behind how you guys met, formed your band? uh… Eric and I started playing open mics together in college at OU and uh… which i
started a band there, I couldn’t find the right people and we’re both going to go on the move
out of state and serendipitously we did not in um… Eric played with Ted and Nick before for a long time and Kendra joined the band in October of two thousand seven when uh… previous member Sam couldn’t make
it to a show so Kendra filled in for her and we liked having her around so we kept her and yeah uh… Eric just called me up in
june of two thousand seven and the rest is history 2007, it’s been a while, half a decade great let’s hear your second song then great job you guys. so what is next for Karate Coyote what are
your plans for 2013? we have a music video in the works, it’s going to be first and foremost and we’re working on booking some stuff and setting up things for New Year. Taking the holiday season off. and you guys are promoting your new album. I have it here with me. here’s the cover – (album name – “Karate Coyote”) very artsy very nice. and those 2 songs that you guys performed are here. so everybody who would like to check it out and buy it where can they find it? uh… you can find the album at www.karatecoyote.com you can also check our facebook page – facebook.com/karatecoyote for upcoming shows we are also on itunes and spotify all that good stuff perfect. everywhere. well thank you guys for coming out and performing, it was great. thank you coyotees for dancing, good job. audience and you guys for hanging out with us hope you enjoyed this before and tune
in next week when we are going to meet another indie band and if this your first time
make sure to subscribe by hitting that subscribe button above and i will see you next week! Bye! Thank you for Watching!

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