Karate Champion Antonio Diaz Shares His Kata Secrets
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Karate Champion Antonio Diaz Shares His Kata Secrets

November 29, 2019

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  1. Totally agree competing can help in other areas. I am a kyu level in my early 40's and did my first 2 competitions this year. 1st one was like I was in my driving test again, the nerves were all in my legs and made me feel unstable. The 2nd time out I just relaxed and enjoyed the experience more, and my kata was much better as a result. It's really helped me to be less nervous and not overthink what I am doing more, and has really pushed my training up a notch.

    Thanks for the video Sensei's ?.

  2. Congratulations brother. Your commitment is a inspiration to me. I studied for 8 years. Got married, had children and, life got a hold of me and I got out of martial arts. A year ago I got back into my local karate dojo. My body has went to trash. I have alot of muscular and skeletal problems now. I hurt all day everyday. Karate is killing me but I dont want to give up again. This has became a way of life to me. My sensei has saved my life and brought me out of a deep depression. God bless.

  3. Jesse I love your casual conversational technique in interviews. You are talking with a real luminary of our sport but you re still comfortable enough to use language like "shitty" 🙂 Love it

  4. Very inspirational, I am in my mid thirties and the national team here is all early 20' so I thought there was an age cut off. This gives me motivation to keep competing.

  5. I feel like people need to find their own personal goal and try to be in the moment. If you're good at the basics, more difficult tasks become easy. So try improving on the small details to improve the big picture since everything is important in some way

  6. So interesting, I truly admire his stubbornness, just the fact that he's still competing is impressive. Respect Mr. Diaz!? Also Jesse, my dream is to watch you casually interviewing Ryo Kiyuna, I'm sure that he has much to say. Do you think that one day you could fulfill that dream?

  7. I am 50 and I just got my black belt. December will be my first competition as a black belt. (I've won medals as an underbelt, but black belt level is a whole other world!) You are never too old! The roadblock is not your physical age — it is your mindset.

  8. It is reasonable to convert a sistem of movements for self defense in an aesthetic choreographic kata to win a medal? What is the real meaning of karate? That golden medal kata, would be effective in real life?

  9. Fantastic interview Jesse San, with a legend within the Karate world. A message to Antonio San: Los mejores deseos para Tokyo 2020, eres una leyenda en el Karate e igual que he practicado Kuyokshin toda mi vida, he utilizado vídeos tuyos en mi Dojo para enseñar equilibrio y precisión. To both of you, lots of respect and train hard. ??

  10. Wow excellent interview Mr. Jesse, Antonio Diaz is an example and an inspiration to all of us Venezuelans who are in the world of martial arts. It is beautiful and motivating to see people like you, like Antonio, who have the practice of their evil art as a way of life just like me. Mr. Jesse can you make a video explaining (or simply executing them) the kicking techniques applied in karate I would like to know, analyze and compare your kicking technique. Thank you very much and greetings from Venezuela from a fan of you and Wushu practitioner.

  11. ANTONIO como estas? un saludo caluroso desde Suiza. Andrés! Que bien que has hecho este video con JESSE, él ama mucho el deporte y los felicito a ambos!!

  12. Fantastic video again Jesse. I didn't realize that Antonio was 40 years of age. Awesome. I'm 60 next year and there is some great advice there for me (and many more old relics out there ?). Brilliant. Thank you. ?

  13. ANTONIO, I had the chance to compete versus one of your favorite sensei Tsuguo SAKAMOTO in Cairo 88 World Championship. He beat everyone by far, including surging sensei AIHARA and Marchini (future World Champions). He was 41 or 40 by then… His presence and self-confidence played a decisive role. Everything is inside you. Hard training and BELIEVING is all you need. No doubt YOU CAN MAKE IT. Let's GOLD!!

  14. Fue un orgullo ser tu compañero de selección y un gran honor compartir finales y tatami con antonio mis respetos amigo y exitos en esas olimpiada

  15. If he wants to be competitive he needs a lot of work on his strenght and conditioning, 90% of them is doing a lot of technical work despite maximized current physical attributes trough thechnique. He simply needs to upgrade strenght and speed if he wants to be competitive for medal. He is simply slower and less strong than the first 5-10 guys out there.

  16. Great interview and inspiration to us over 40's. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it, and improve body and mind. Think I'll go train right now

  17. 40 ain't nothing if you take proper care of yourself. Daily exercise with weight training goes a long way to keep you going strong.

  18. Some great advice. I’ve always believed if your basics are good then your karate is solid just like anything else you have to have a strong foundation.

  19. Seeing Antonio in one of your videos is so amazing. Every time I see him on the mat on tv or YT I feel happy to see how he can overcome everything and set high our flag. Greetings from Venezuela

  20. The camera trembles out of respect for the wisdom presented by Sensei Jesse and Sensei Antonio…. 🙂

    It is very correct to not let age be a barrier to your training. After more than 25 years of neglecting my fitness, I started as a white belt just after my 49th birthday. I wasn't sure if I could make it beyond Yellow or Orange belt. Almost 2 years later, I've gone from 205 pounds down to below 160 and I am a Purple belt now. I'm beginning to feel that Black belt is attainable for me. How old will I be when that happens? Who cares, I'll find out when I get there!

  21. Interesting, that so many fans for this kind of sport exist. I can't take anything away from this as a martial art, and to me it is about as much a combat sport as rhythmic dance, but hey that is olympic too so why not. If there are enough people who find this kind of thing interesting let it be so. Does somebody care to elaborate what you find interesting in katas as a sport?

  22. Thank you Sensei for such a great interview. I learned so much and I enjoyed every minute of it. My 13 year old niece still has a HUGE HUGE HUGE crush on you. She’s at that stage in life where she daydreams about guys. She has your picture on her iPhone and on her laptop screen. Please give her a huge shout out. Her name is Daisy Sharma.

  23. This interview adds huge value to my life, so thank you for sharing it with us!
    I have some thoughts about people who do not compete: I think the best goal one can set is "I will be better than myself form yesterday". That's what my sensei always says to new students.
    It is not a goal you can actually see, but trying to do your best in dojo, trying to have better kime, better timing in kata, better stances etc than yesterday gives you motivation and courage. You can focus on the thing you want to improve and work with it as long as you feel satisfied. It gives you deadline – next training. And it gives you knowledge about you body, your muscles and you MIND. Competing with your mind is – to me – the hardest thing ever. Becoming black belt is one thing, but becoming a Master is whole new level 🙂 Also you can always try to compete with you friends in the dojo 😀

  24. Im venezuelan, and i always ask if you never give him a interview hehehe my favorite karate player, and a role model like a elite.. You are my second favorite sensei hehehe.. Oss

  25. I know what is that feeling!! I´m 51 years old and I'm still making Kumite and Kata just looking for be part of a National Team but not for my age but for inner rules in my country I was rejected,
    but that does not slip me, it gives me more strength to show that I can still compete with the youngest! The best feeling, the best family, the best honor is to be part of the Karate family! Osu!!

  26. I’ve been thinking of talking to our students maybe have a small class on anti bullying and self defense is there something I should talk about or say or something I should not say or talk about

  27. He’s definitely got skill and is bad ass! I still can’t help wondering what all the hurrah is about fighting ghosts… I’m personally struggling with the value

  28. very helpful! I've been stuck on my Kumite goals for months and I was literally on the edge of giving up when watching this video. this motivation is exactly what I needed. thanks, Jesse!!!

  29. To me letting them do their kata in starched thick gis is 'cheating'. It makes it sound like they are punching hard, when they've just learned how to make the gi pop. Make the pro level kata guys do it in a rash guard and gymnastic tights. If they make a 'pop' then (and they're not hitting themselves, which they do also) then this is a real 'air' pop from hitting hard.

  30. I am 49, testing for cho Dan in 2 weeks, multiple medals as underbelt as well. Also in line for black in kobudo in June of 2020. Keep going! Let your failures drive your successes and just keep showing up at the dojo.

  31. I am 35 years old, green belt in a few months and a few days ago I won a gold medal in Kata in the Brazilian Championship. I never thought I'd get to where I got. This interview thrilled me a lot because I complained to myself that it was too late. I really am realizing a child's dream today.

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