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Karate : Bunkai Heian Yodan [karate-blog.net]

January 10, 2020

Hello and welcome. I’m Bruno Bandelier, the karate teacher on the net And today I’m turning Bunkais videos of Heian Yodan Karate for subscribers to 3G. And I wanted to make this little video, you put in the videos: a video a day. So here, you’re in luck, you will see the video we will rotate together with Alexander. In the meantime, you are free to download: “The ABCs of overheating.” It is a guide that will allow you to warm up. Here is a mnemonic guide I made a mnemonic method. You click and then I send it to you in your mailbox. Then the Bunkai Heian Yodan. We’ll do, I’ll do … So we have already made some videos for subscribers to 3G Karate. And then we will continue. So today’s video, it is the part of the Kata where we do it: one two three four. Okay ? I remonstrated, I’m like that, I do: one two three four, and then, it rotates to the Khaki Wake Uke. Okay ? So we will work together. So I remind you that Bunkais, there is nothing imposed. What I am showing you is, in general, it hardly prepares anything before, just two or three seconds, I said, “well …” I do a test ” But I deliberately did not charge you Bunkais. I deliberately … I show you food for thought. But above all, it is for you to think carefully, good… Remember that the Bunkai means research. So think for yourself. And now, do your Bunkais you. Okay ? The more you have thought yourself, you have worked and the Bunkai, you will correspond to you, your feelings, your way of being. Do not try to make Bunkais a great teacher who showed you a Bunkai you saw, and since… And if you can not at all to do, you do not feel it, do not do it. Make something that … There! Imagine, you have an attack, what can I do. So, let’s imagine that Alexander assaulted me. It makes me a kick for example. That is, it puts a kick, if I do not move, I take the foot. So what I want to do: – go ahead – I shifted myself and movement there, in fact, I’ll do that, but I’ll catch his leg. I’ll make a Uke Sukui. Sukui Uke is spoon. And Sukui Uke, we have already seen is spoon in one direction, but it can also be in the other. So I Sukui Uke and I grabbed his leg simultaneously. And there, knock. Okay ? I can hit in the collarbone, I can hit on the temple, in the cheek, in the jaw. Here ! I destabilizes. There, I strike. Okay ? I start again, I hit. I knock, then kick in Kata I’ll just make a knee there, because I am ready for him then, I go. I go up, I hit the parties there, it’s the simplest. The parties or you can hit earlier, but the parties, it’s really … it was simply there. And in the Kata is made Uraken there, can, I can come knocking Uraken. Here, I’ll just hold it and on him like that. I turn and I take him to the ground. Okay ? Look ! Wait, I do it again. It is: one, and two, I’m going to hit, I’ll keep it. Okay ? I will keep and I come on him while mastering. Okay ? I master, I have my arm is there. I master, and then I’ll turn as in the Kata. Know that in general, when there are rotations in Kata, such as when there are jumps, in general, that means … It’s not so much that we must turn or make a jump. This is often a projection of the opponent. So therefore, he attacks me, a, I block it again. I block, I hit, I just hit here and I took him to the ground. OK ? So my arm … In fact, I told you: I was in control, but I can not control. I start again. One. Two. I told you that I was in control there, yeah, actually, it is with my other arm that I should control. I will lower my arms. It would be more logical. I can even hit them, or even to strike there. Sorry ! In fact, what is needed is to prevent him from hitting with that arm. So from there, once I hit there, it would hit here and take him here. I do not know if you saw what I meant. It was there, when I showed you, I told you there, I drop my arm, but I have kept, since I kept … When I get up in arms the fact, I have used it to hold his leg. So I want her leg, I just hit, but he has his other arm then bothers me. So I hit here, but what I will do, I go… – start again – One, I block, two, and there, when I just hit here, I come here to master, hit in his arm, knocking here, finally, whatever. What is required is that it can not recover from punch there. There, you Uraken in collarbone and he will not hand punch. Make Uraken here while hitting here. Then you grab this arm, and then he falls alone. There he falls alone, it is … We do not do it for real, but you can sweep. There he made a jump, it really falls. It may even hurt badly. So there, rotation at the beginning, it serves to the projection. Then, therefore, this concatenation then, can the decline. It puts a punch for example. Well, we can do the same. I come there, I hit, I come and I took him. Okay ? So I just, I hit, I can also: hit here, hit here. If he goes, let … – Finally, when I block you, go ahead. You come, you’re saved. – There I can follow, have my hand there, in case he wants to overtype. And I come here, then I take him. We will try on a seizure. – On a seizure, but hey, you catch me or you’re strangling me, you’re strangling me – So here what I can do is … So in the Kata, there is one, two. A. When one hits you like that, it takes it is… Do not fight against its entry. We must shift, try to remove it. It is necessary… Here in fact, what we will do, we will try to … I’m off to the side, I will turn. Look ! – strong greenhouse prevents me from … – Just turn like that, he has more trouble. Okay ? He will hold me there, but he is annoyed because it can no longer squeeze where he wanted. So, I’ll turn and strike down simultaneously. I turn and knock in the ribs. Okay ? I knock in the ribs, I hit here, and then I continue, I come here. I come in parts and I start again, and I took him. Okay ? Here ! Listen! I tried, so good … We will resume. Sorry ! There are more classic versions where it puts a kick, kick, then I just hit here. – we start, you make me a kick – I just hit here. He puts a punch – Here ! Then I come to him … I think it’s complicated. It’s complicated because it’s punch, kick, there is one on the other and … I find this… That does not seem too realistic. There are many Bunkai like that, sometimes, that do not seem realistic to me. That I think … It takes the abuser learns that he has to do for this to work. So it seems to me … I do not like to make Bunkai like that. I prefer simpler Bunkais where the aggressor, he comes, he comes into me or puts me a call or savate he put me bread … … so there. What do I do? So, I preferred, you remonstrate once. – kick – One, two, I’m stuck here, I can come knocking here I grabbed here and there, I took him to the ground. OK ? Listen! I hope this short video you enjoyed. Listen! If you subscribe to 3G Karate, you will find on your member area Karate 3G. And if not, you … You, you, in videos: a video a day. Click “like” if you liked this video, share it. Click … Subscribe to the channel if you would like a video a day. I make you a video every morning, and I send it to you in your mailbox at breakfast. Here ! I say “very soon” on karate-blog.net and Karate 3G. Bye !

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