Karate athletes hit AIS for camp
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Karate athletes hit AIS for camp

November 17, 2019

(Music Playing) (Karate screams and heavy exhaled breathing) This is what we call preparation for our World Karate Federation World Championships. So we use this camp as an opportunity to really screen the athletes and give them the last sort of preparations in relation to their opportunity of making the team. So we spend a lot of time just making sure the technique is correct, make sure their fitness is in the right place and also just having an opportunity for the coaches to work with the athletes. We have athletes from all over Australia, so it’s a great opportunity of bringing the team together. We have got two different events. The first event is the Kata. The Kata is where the participants perform a traditional form, so a set of attacks and defences and different types of movements and stances. The other discipline is the Kumite, the sparring. And in the sparring we have two players going against each other and basically scoring points for effective techniques either punches and kicks, take downs. Ok, we’re going to start working on your head kicks now. So roundhouse kicks, hook kicks, and any head kick you prefer off the front leg or off the back leg. I got into Karate when I was 12 years old. I kind of fell into it, my brother wanted to be like Bruce Lee, so my sister and I went along and the instructor kind of said “Well, how about you girls give it a go?” and we did. And the rest is history. The highlights would be firstly making the state team when I was a lot younger, then obviously making the Australian Team and then winning some international competitions. It’s been kind of a long road to me making it here and still going. I started when I was 6, and actually the reason I got into it was because I loved the Power Rangers, believe it or not. So I actually just wanted to be able to fight like those. But I got along to a couple of lessons, I was a bit shy at first but I ended up striving on my third lesson and just loved it and never looked back. The great things about these camps are that we come and there are high-level coaches from all around. So rather than just having the state coaches or your club coaches, you get a whole experience. And also the facilities here are something we don’t often get to use. The AIS gives us the opportunity to have the athletes come together and have world class access to nutrition, to psychology, to a lot of things that obviously help to mold that top elite athlete into someone who can perform at a very high level.

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  1. Fantastic, congratulations! I would like to know please what style of Karate are these athletes come from? Thank you

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