Kane’s greatest returns: WWE Top 10, July 9, 2018
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Kane’s greatest returns: WWE Top 10, July 9, 2018

October 8, 2019

[MUSIC] Strowman not quite sure where he is. OMG. Strowman, off to distraction. And he can’t be here! Is he here! OMG! It’s the BIG RED MACHINE! Kane is here! Kane came from out of the ring. What the hell is Kane doing here? Reigns can’t believe it. Kane catching Roman, shark slam.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>[SOUND] Flair’s got his jacket off and my God.
>>Wait a minute! Kane! It’s Kane! The big red machine! And the two monsters in the ring. Emrod Hit by Kane
>>Wow.>>Look at Kane. Kane taking it to Omaga
>>Sneak attack and reverse elbow by Kane, and my god!
>>This is so wrong on so many levels! [MUSIC] It can’t be.
>>It is, it is! Kane and Gene Snitsky. Snitsky is the man responsible for
putting Kane out of action.>>[NOISE] [SOUND]>>We are about ready to have our 18 man Battle Royale. Ladies and gentlemen,
the seven foot monster, Kane!
>>[SOUND] Whoa!>>It is Kane,>>He’s back!>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Whoa!>>[MUSIC]>>And they’ll never beat
the master beast of dark and Kane wins!
>>Seamus wants to cash in! What the hell? [MUSIC] My God.
>>What?>>The big red machine. [MUSIC] The demon Kane. [MUSIC] The demon’s here. [APPLAUSE]
Choke slammed to Rollins! [APPLAUSE]
>>My god!>>Choke slam! To Mister money in the bank. [SOUND]
>>It’s the highly strung versus the highly motivated.
>>He’ll walk right through hell. He’s Kane. The question is,
is he coming to assist DX, or to dismantle them.
>>Yes. The Undertaker will not [CROSSTALK]
>>No, no, no, no, no. Kane has Michaels, [APPLAUSE]
>>Michaels may go for a ride! No, Triple H. Nobody wants any part of Kane. Kane has come to help his brother. [SOUND] I’m gonna tell you something. I ain’t gonna let this happen here. I’m gonna! Wait a minute, it is Kane!
>>It’s him!>>By God! The big red machine is here! And a right hand! Kane, imposing his American will. Look out.
>>Chair shot,>>My God. It didn’t hurt the Big Red Machine. Big time American choke slam.
>>It’s Kane! Kane, about to go for the ride.
>>Choke slam!>>[APPLAUSE]>>They’re hugging it out. [APPLAUSE]
[SOUND] [SOUND]>>What the? [MUSIC]>>My god Kane’s returned! The last time we saw Kane,
he was taken out by Mark Henry. [MUSIC] What’s this? My God look out John.
>>My God a chock slam to Cena. [MUSIC]

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  1. It's annoying that Benoit is in the great 2000 return and they can't include it, would've been number 1. One of the biggest ever WWE pops

  2. Most badass version for me was 1997 to 99….He was very big that time and super strong and not even chairs or sticks worked against him …..
    Coolest was half masked one…His attire was best looking ever in wwe…Mask was cool and he was somehow smaller but fast…

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