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Kamigaito Wado Ryu Karate Mamer

December 12, 2019

Karate is an art of self-defence. You learn how to handle aggressive situations and how to react in the most appropriate way in such situations. In our club and during our training sessions any destructive or injuring attack is absolutely prohibited. Here, you can learn how your body functions, how to improve your balance, breathing, tension and relaxation. Our team is made up of volunteers. Our goal is not to win medals but to nurture the well-being, health and education of our 130 members. We want them to be able to still practice karate when they reach an advanced age. In karate practice you learn to respect your opponent and teacher, which is not only important in sports practice but also in real life. This year, the Karate Club Mamer celebrates its 40th anniversary. Our club was the first in Luxembourg to introduce the Japanese martial art of the Wado Ryu school in cooperation with the sadly too early deceased Master Yoshikazu Kamigaito. For me, karate is more of an art than a sport. I am fascinated by the esthetics. It is beautiful to watch a karateka and it is also amazing to practice it yourself. For me, karate involves a whole attitude. You are on a path to achieve perfection, but of course, in reality, you can never achieve that perfection. The more you fight with other people, the less willing you become to resort to violence. Practicing karate over the years has taught me how to avoid conflicts and improve my conflict resolution skills both in my private and professional life. You can use conflicts or fights with your opponent to gain a better understanding of your weaknesses. You can then get rid of those weaknesses through continued training.

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