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Just Playing Some Video Games | Chill Stream

September 17, 2019

welcome welcome welcome great to see you guys great to see ya still nobody has figured out what song this is but it’s great to see all you guys welcome back chairman it’s good to see you man it’s been a while aunt kid Oh ham PJ bunny hey hey mr. red-eyes how’s it going dude welcome how are all hope you guys are doing okay I have to listen to the Minecraft soundtrack later yeah let me know what song it is not your kind of game that’s understandable chairman it’s it’s definitely oh I’m doing chairman its chairman I apologize I kept writing chairman I understand it’s like a quick time basically quicktime event game but you also make choices and stuff story mode but we are playing today we’re gonna play I just figured we’re gonna play a bunch of games just so I’m gonna jump around just because I want to and ooh [Music] well now you can tell I’m playing on PlayStation we are playing some more Resident Evil 2 or back with Claire you’re good dude oh that’s awesome that’s good to hear we’re going back into Claire’s story I’m gonna pick up where I left off which I actually played a little bit off-camera just cuz I like this game so much oh my god Resident Evil 2 and yet PJ what what uh what song what song by the way Resident Evil and bunny how are you today it’s good to see you and how have you been what you been up to well it is chairman but YouTube wanted me to add five numbers next to the name so I changed it to men ah so we’d have to put up numbers next to it I got you I got you looks like we got some more unlockables what did we unlock I think it was all models I guess that was insane studying yeah I figured so I played as sherry which is the girl on the little girl on the right and the schoolgirl outfit I played as sherry and so you know you didn’t basically you guys missed that but that’s okay oh and then tofu it’s Joe’s tofu that’s awesome that’s pretty cool and then there’s a net they’ve got a de they’ve got sherry they’ve got a net you’ve got tofu it’s my brother’s birthday so I’ll be visiting you today oh that’s awesome nice well happy birthday to your brother that’s really cool it’s a whole how old is he today there’s tyrant or there’s William tyrant whatever you want to call him I’ll mute the stream so I can figure out which song it is okay cool I didn’t know it’s one of the really old ones okay I remember hearing it when I first played Minecraft oh okay yeah it’s gonna be an incredibly old one let’s check the models oh sherry so we unlocked sherry so the last thing that I remember playing was I was playing as Sheree and I played it I played quite a bit probably a couple hours worth the we got into the I don’t know if you guys remember but Sheree was taken by the chief of police I think I played that part on stream he’s 34 okay so he’s not much older than me he’s like a year and a half older than me so we escaped from the chief of police giant Roach I don’t remember that oops oh yeah that’s right didn’t we unlock other stuff combat knife I guess been locked out of the model anyway I want to have time to draw a Ren and Stimpy card for him oh nice that’s awesome oh here we go yeah okay so and I unlocked the orphanage how come I didn’t see it orphanage there it is I don’t know why it shows Leon and one of the pictures of the orphanage because he’s in a couple of the pictures he’s not there but this is a whole new section that I didn’t play as though you didn’t that we didn’t play for Leon I was in the orphanage trying to escape from the chief of police and I’m Claire trying to get to the orphanage now let’s see I still need to do quite a few things here there’s one okay so this one I did this one open the private collection rooms that electronic door in 11 moves that was pretty easy apparently if you play a Claire for on there’s another you have to do it again in seven moves and then I didn’t do it as Leon I probably have to do this one too second run with Leon 13 moves and then less than that second run hmm I’m still missing about for mr. raccoons I want to make sure I don’t miss any I have to beat the game on s-rank and I get the samurai edge which I’m gonna definitely do them to try to do it anyway then you have to beat the game on s-rank on hardcore or beat the game on hardcore get an s-rank to unlock this this bonus weapon and get the trophy for it it’s literally called minecraft by c418 nice hello luck fox of the wind how are you buddy welcome to the stream and deck see how are you doing hello my dude how are you a deck see hot pocket I like it you like hot pockets huh alright so let’s continue let’s continue the Medicaid that Sheree warned Claire that she would need to trade the pendant she was holding for Sheree’s safety Claire isn’t sure what the piece of jewelry sparking in her palm is really worth but she has no choice the only thing she knows is that she would never forgive that man she would make him pay with fury burning inside her she buries through the orb she hurries to the orphanage to the man told her about she buries to the orphanage like a little gopher so this is the chief of polices room I was trying to do this in like three hours but I am already closed I’m already pretty much over three hours cuz I wanted to get s rank but it’s not gonna happen this guy’s got some serious issues he’s got like look at this huge bear but this is the circuit thing that I had to break within 11 moves so you want to make sure there’s nothing else in here I need I’m not exactly sure where I need to go from here though that bad got to watch how long I am on maxing out on my data for the month ah on your phone you mean that’s things were you about to say Fox spellcaster no I I was about to say Mach mocks of the wind for some reason I was like Hello mocks of that I mean Fox of the wind oh that’s right I need to go to the parking garage okay we’ve got a mixed green red and blue which apparently gives you better resistance for a limited time the shoulder stock I don’t really want the shoulder stock I don’t even use as if this one GM 79 no oh that’s this one no I don’t know we got plenty of supplies though I’ve been trying to save up on trying to do it the right way and not get hit very often oh I think he’s right here yeah he is I think I have to go down oh crap yeah let’s go let’s go oh crap I forgot the liquor never mind it’s not going in there I honestly forget where I have to go still no Dark Souls 3 still no Dark Souls 3 I was thinking of playing Dark Souls later though the original what do you think about that crap as you can see I’ve trying not to kill the zombies I’m trying to just run past them so conserve on ammo this guy I had to kill cuz he was right in my way hit row and and yes welcome Mika it’s good to see you buddy welcome back maybe later well I I was planning on doing oh no I forgot about that I was planning on doing some regular dirt sauce later sorry for being inactive but I’m not doing well in school so I had stuff for it to do stuff work that’s okay man I totally I totally understand you don’t you don’t have to apologize I I’m uh I’m sorry to hear that you’re not doing so well though I mean I I totally trust me I understand not doing well in high school I was the same exact way I was terrible in high school I got terrible grades [Applause] trying to get there without having to fight anyone oh crap yeah I’m definitely not going the right way it’s alright I’m gonna this is what you got to do with mr. X I sound sick I my cold I think is coming back definitely a little congested I don’t know what’s going on do you have Seto Saito Sydow this week what’s that Seto and play minecraft songs on a virtual piano oh yeah alright let’s see if we can get past these guys oh dang it that sucks you’re so close well that’s not good hello Atlantis welcome it’s good to see you it’s good to see you shoot why is this door locked what I thought I unlocked it oh crap did I seriously not unlock it I never went into the generator room huh hang on a second I got a it’s been a while since I played this and everyone I didn’t say hi – hi hello it’s good to see you as well Atlantis you’re lost in the books that’s okay as long as you’re here you’re good I’m in I’m in the final year of school exams yay but what’s more important is the new from software game that’s coming out oh oh yeah SiC it all dude I got that pre-ordered I got the collector’s edition free oh baby super excited I got it free prey order collector’s edition don’t I have the did I not go in there I thought I’d grabbed the tool that I needed this supposed to be a tool that I needed to grab did I really not grab it I thought I did that already dude we’re okay okay yeah I gotta go dial lock what I still haven’t opened that all right I gotta figure this out for a second how am i doing um yeah I’m doing well I’m doing very well I’m a little confused right now though oh really [Music] I’ll go down this way there we go all right uh better go in that room okay I went in that room I have to go where do I have to go I honestly forget I can go up this way because apparently there’s a lot of dialogue that I didn’t do I’m studying radiation I’m about to be the next Gordon Freeman yeah baby crap okay oh crap oh my gosh all right let’s think for a second where the heck do I need to go what’s going here okay we’re just gonna wait for him to walk away yeah but it’s great to see you guys wasn’t gonna been up – I know so PJ said that he’s been learning some minecraft music or that he has learned some minecraft songs Mika’s been working on school stuff Bella’s been studying what about everybody else little secret you can’t come into the safe rooms all right so the liquors dead yeah here we go I thought yeah how do how come I don’t have that it was right there I did grab it then why don’t I have it on my body I’m so confused there’s a little tool that you use to open up doors to open up the shutters you get from this room and you get it’s right here on the table so why isn’t it here Oh God [Applause] I’m so confused oh there’s no oh shoot I forgot for Claire there’s no save point here watch this though three mister X come here hey buddy what are you doing right here I’m right here hey buddy come here [Music] like he will not follow you it’s so weird I have to figure this out how is this possible I I know I picked up the tool that’s so strange I don’t get it let me go back to this one see if I have it it’s so strange I’ve been playing a lot of street fighter lately with my arcade cabinet actually I’ve been going old school playing us exclusively what cuz I what I played when I was growing up I played the Street Fighter 2 champion edition and I played Street Fighter 2 or super street fighter 2 turbo ok so there I don’t understand why I don’t have it I know I picked it up I’ll go back to this one I know I have the tool I just need to find it I guess video games but welcome to the stream if you’re just coming in it’s great to see you guys I know I have the tool did I leave it somewhere I didn’t know you could leave it somewhere okay well okay so the records room has been Oh it’s been unlocked let’s go back to a safe where I haven’t unlocked it yet let’s go to this one right that’s the earliest one okay let’s see if I can find it oh wait a second it’s my thing not oh shoot sorry guys I didn’t see your I’m Way behind on that on the messages see those are only ABCD or ABC questions okay oh wait were you talking to Mike I never did well on C toes I have Smash Brothers ultimate sweet exe that’s awesome last time I did one it turned out I actually have hav o-level what’s that I’m on HIV oh wait where do you live Noyes Eindhoven Netherland so you guys live close to each other I’m Dell and a leak in the Nederlander I don’t know how to say yeah PJ was turret yeah walk away in slow motion you guys like oh we’re literally neighbors I’ve just been playing video games and and okay taxi sounds good fee fie foe fum that big guy man it’s a tonic madness what’s up buddy I want to play I want to game to play I don’t have I don’t have that to do I don’t have money to be a useful I’m not +18 you don’t have any games to play Lord O Lord the autocorrect work money buy games play games get Dark Souls 3 with DLC have fun there’s a game called Sven co-op it’s basically half life but multiplayer Dark Souls doesn’t interest me ayyy Pete welcome buddy it’s good to see you man welcome back to the stream welcome guys um yeah I have it it’s right here I have the tool so I have the tool now where the heck did it go I don’t quite understand what I did with it well I can’t go all the way that far back that’s really far back Dark Souls doesn’t interest you that’s too bad it’s a great game that is if you like dying to gravity a thousand times half-life it’s basically half life but multiplayer ok I don’t want this spoil for me so I’ll have this stream in the background okay yeah no problem Pete absolutely I totally understand if you’re playing it because see this door is still closed which means I didn’t use the Oh God okay let’s go wait was that it back there No like right here I can be using it right here oh wait a second that looks a little different I’m confused right now that is a different tool actually I still haven’t unlocked this I think I have the the code for it to let me see if I can find it I prefer platforms yeah me too yeah you and gravity in that game have a love-hate relationship yeah god I can’t believe I completed Super Meat Boy 106 percent it’s like the 12 heart of this game in the world you completed that game holy moly dude I’m not that far I think I have two truf two achievements left for that jock shows three dark so sorry doc those three turn tintin tintin tintin tintin tintin dark souls 3 all right so that’s not the right one we don’t have it I thought we did have it 9:15 9:15 7:00 I know we have it somewhere darn it where is it if you write back no problem I’m gonna take a shower you got it we’ll see it a bit but what did I do with that what did I do with that little crank I’m so confused right now unless that was for something else what could it have been for am I an idiot I can’t believe him I was okay first of all I just realized I don’t need that crank anyway to get to the parking garage I literally just need to go back to the chief’s office chief of police and go down the elevator oh my god I cannot believe I did that I would like to know where that crank is though I’m just gonna one more time I’m just gonna go back to this what I don’t quite understand what are you trying to say Dec see god I can’t believe yeah I still can’t believe that 2 is a tonic that’s crazy that’s crazy talk ok so mechanic jack handle what do I need that for holy moly hello mr. X okay he was just waiting for me is it for this no it’s not for that what is it for why can’t I remember you put the jack handle into the jack in the library oh yeah oh my god that was driving me crazy that’s right thank you Oh hem oh my gosh okay okay we got that fixed like I was like I know I had this handle and I thought it was for the shutters but then I realized that that looks different and I’m like wait a second what is this for okay there we go thank you oh I’m all right now we can we can just continue it’s just gonna move over a little bit all right so let’s just go down the elevator let make sure yeah let’s equip this instead although I should probably give myself some ammo we’ll be fine think I got everything that was in here by the way guys it is it is snowing pretty hard outside is it I don’t know about where you guys are but it is coming down pretty hard and hello mr. buckshot how you doing buddy welcome it’s good to see you pal how are you man still playing the old apex so I should probably open this door up oh I still can’t open it huh I guess I don’t need to I’ll tell you what though I’m gonna go back into the morgue because there’s a couple of items I didn’t realize that were in there as long as those zombies aren’t still alive it might be oh crap all right forget it we don’t need it we don’t need it he almost got me I’d rather just deal with it I think it’s just like a red herb and maybe a flashbang or something the B scenario seems to disable the generator room yeah I think you’re right because because we need the little crank the thing that I was thinking that I needed and I didn’t ever get that which makes sense why this door won’t open okay I got you I’ll go in the wrong way I’m playing everything I started Bioshock yesterday and then played some see of these nice Bioshock saw a Bioshock collection on Xbox Live is $15 right now I might pick it up yeah we’re at 2 hours and 51 minutes right now shoot Oh God let’s move Oh God oh there’s not a ton of zombies out here this one right there is that worse oh crap okay alright let’s go go go go go go go that’s how I can do it baby right there that’s how you do it and inconveniently spawned mixer mr. X coming up yeah seriously that’s a great deal I know right 15 bucks Hecky I’m gonna get that I still have like eight dollars and been credit for something I don’t remember what it was but yeah see you later oh did you see that shot that was a panic shot that just so happened to be perfect crap Oh [Applause] whoo oh did you see at the Ludacris display last night did you see at the Ludacris display last night I don’t know you get that in quotes I’m not sure what you mean I’m not sure what that’s from it’s an old quote from the the IT Crowd the it crowd oh okay I never actually watched that my friend did though he told me he told me I should watch it overemphasizing a soccer game did you see the ludicrous display last night I’ll tell you what’s a ludicrous display mr. X showing up every five seconds there’s the orphanage I hear someone what else do I have I got this all right oh I have to go through the No [Music] well [Applause] I’m feeling this guy’s gonna get up alright maybe not Oh No oh he did oh he did god this game this game oh oh I really I want to make sure I didn’t miss one actually I’m gonna just check real quick cuz I had a walkthrough up and I think it went down let’s see do you guys know if I passed one I hope I didn’t excuse me let’s just look real quick [Music] Claire second-run mr. raccoon locations I know I already missed one with ADA which stinks man absolutely stinks go away oh wait so go back back back it’s yeah I missed the one in the sewers incinerator dang it with Leon storage entrance yeah I don’t want it look at this one is there like a list that it shows yeah streets okay streets behind RPD okay here we go just go back for a second okay RPG clock tower got that one streets behind RPD up there which is probably the one that I got yeah that’s the one that I got just now and then I know there’s one in the orphanage okay it’s right there in the bus yeah just got that one beautiful okay the next one is orphanage nursery second floor all right hear that guys orphanage nursery second floor hello little little Arco welcome to the stream how are you doing today what is up my friend push this back a bit let me know if the levels are okay guys I’m trying to play real conservatively so there’s the orphanage and mr. X can just go away forever however we’re gonna have to deal with somebody else because I so I saw what happens to the Chief of Police earlier in the UH in the game technically not a spoiler since I’m past that part and anyway let’s see if we can get in here and from Germany in that kit dudes right English that’s okay Germany welcome I can’t write good I can’t good write English either so you’re in good company but welcome to the stream little Arco but I use a Spanish speaker who also can speak a little bit a tiny bit of German right ooh little Arco can speak Spanish hola que tal IND – okay so there’s nothing in the actual budget if there were like medallions that you had to find blue medallions they had to shoot down like in Resident Evil 4 I think I want to go upstairs sir it’s right there sherry are you here got you so now we only need I believe two more which stinks I got to go through actually I wonder if I have a save with Ada and I could just do that real quick yeah oh and you just need to find two more I know I know one of them is in the sewers incinerator with ADA eek ethos Brock Klein doosh doosh you just vanish a little bit cool I have a feeling like we’re supposed to go downstairs but we’ll find out I’ll take that first aid letter from the director regarding the incident in question I’m glad to report that it has all been taken care of on February 19th test subject 628 escaped from the lab and broke into our facility 628 was originally from the facilities candidate pool and apparently returned in the hope of seeking help quote-unquote 628 was quickly detained by our staff and 620 it was undergoing one of the labs clinical trials there was this distinct possibility that he had brought the virus with him so we disposed of all our all of our test subjects candidates as a precaution their speedy disposal was conducted by the security team to whom I’d like to extend my thanks as for our neighbors we told them that due to the buildings this dilapidated state we have temporarily moved all the children to a different orphanage for their safety as for the tests of the future of this facility once it has been fully decontaminated I plan to resume securing more test candidates all right good we got multiple lists good good good I feel like I should be going downstairs first we are a salad of languages yes we are if if if anybody knows like oh hem if you know am I gonna miss something if I go up here first am I gonna be something of a downstairs should I go upstairs or downstairs first I don’t want to miss anything oh wait a second nevermind this is as far as I can go alright well that answers my question take a quick look around the room also I want to look at that video and see if I can see what the next one is so orphanage nursery okay [Music] also I don’t know if that was playing that apologize if it is next one is sewer entrance oh this is Leon I think I got this one but I could maybe I didn’t sewers incinerator upper floor this is with ADA sewers storage entrance bottom okay so this is with Leon or Claire okay this part oh I hate this part I think I got that one too cafeteria north lab arena I think I got this one okay so this is in the umbrella all right well that’s much further away much further along so let’s just check those areas it was talking about the one with Leon only I won’t be able to do but Resident Evil 2 remake oh yes what is the name of this game it is Resident Evil 2 remake I know this channel from 50 subscribers oh really you were part of the original 54 real cool dude well and it’s good to see a seasoned veteran oh my gosh I forgot Jesus Christ Oh Jerry TM gaming oh sweet that name sounds familiar actually Wow well welcome back Arco all right blanks diary if you’re up if you’re reading this go call Kelis booking bands here eating everyboby many bark boogie Mans here help they’re calming help me Mommy alright so let’s save dang okay whoa that’s um his wife which is by the way I don’t they don’t explain well maybe they do I don’t know I don’t think they do wait wait wait wait wait wait wait don’t go there yet just wanna have a little look-see anything over here no god I love this game why do I love this game so much guys so my guess is we’re going down to the sewers sherry where are you Claire sherry puppy right there okay mr. X yeah duh no I’m gonna take my time sherry get in oh yeah hopefully crap tore up in half by playing guitar hero meet me at some point yeah at some point or occasionally yet you play it this game is very interesting I love it oh crap wake up wake up your eyes where sherry sure I’m sure he’s fine do you know Sharia its pressive display no she knows Shari what happened her we have to assess the situation who are you I’m clear excuse me where is she hello Oh Annette tell me what happened to William I don’t know was that the creature responsible for this can you help me find Shari where are you going look I don’t have time to play 20 questions everything’s under control I need to find share my daughter is not your concern yep that’s Sherry’s mother aqua melon welcome my friend good to see you buddy yeah you’re back oh yeah yep it’s a net and Williams daughter she said daddy we already know who that guy is from the last playthrough that is William woo [Music] what oh because it’s because it’s a saving report about G the G virus clinical trial will be entering its final phase very soon very before G the new creature that will surpass humans is born allow me to predict a few things about its biology and biological functions intelligence the subjects intelligence will begin to drop immediately with her linguistic abilities disappearing within a matter of days finally they will lose their capacity to reason and their humanity G will be a creature of pure instinct driven only by a need to survive and reproduce physical abilities due to its unusually accelerated cell division evolution it will be highly adaptable to any environment furthermore with its amazing ability to repair itself through regeneration it will be extremely difficult to completely kill it with it any conventional small firepower reproductive behavior G’s most remarkable feature will be its intense desire to reproduce it will instinctively search out humans with DNA that closest matches its own and implant an embryo in them oof the chances of a success are very low and if the DNA is not a close enough of a match and underdeveloped G creature will be produced instead I suppose the only ones who might be a close enough of a match would be any biological children of the subject though yeah it’s tough they’re high-powered rounds high-powered rounds what do we need that for okay this seems like a whole new area as well oh my oh my indeed that thing just literally took out a huge chunk of mr. X no thank you if it can take out that big of a chunk from mr. X imagine what it can do to us let’s go ahead and get rid of the high-powered rounds high-powered rounds for the SLS 60 I don’t have an SLS 60 do I I don’t know I should probably grab some flame rounds okay I have a snow day today but but tons of work to do I’m gonna stay for a little bit no problem aqua melon a lot of people around our area also have a snow day because it’s just non-stop snowing right now they did like a preemptive close school clothes for pretty much every school around the area because apparently it’s supposed to be get pretty bad I go to sleep good night no problem Marco it’s great to see you buddy and we’ll see you in the next one have a great day have a great night peace love and watermelon the three essential things to life peace love and watch a minute we’d better not snow here oh it’s not snow in there yet usually I think it hits you guys first and then moves our way so hopefully that means that it’s you guys are not gonna get it ah I know exactly where we are I was wondering how it was gonna get to this spot cuz this is where this is where we slide down the sewer is from with Leon straight down and that I remember looking over and being like how am I do I get up here so it’s basically this is the area that you did get to with Claire which means that’s right so we don’t have the valve thing yet crap guys this is the part with the crazy-looking things yep there is you guys hear that I like how they acknowledge how bad the sewers were unlike other games right people just like let’s go to the sewers like it’s no big deal okay where are these things I know it’s here somewhere okay um I’m cool with that does that mean that there’s gonna be some other kind of mutated creature down here instead oh god please don’t tell me it’s what I think it is that still hasn’t shown itself from the original second one Oh copy females to umbrella crook headquarters alright so director Owen zero alarm there are alarms going off all over nests I don’t know what’s going on but I can hear gunfire and I can’t reach my section chief we’re trapped please send help ASAP doctor director Owens the situation here is dire nest has been contaminated with the virus it’s unbelievable the failsafe system didn’t activate at all is this the work of outsiders I can’t imagine who else’s it could be but why Mayor and Kim are dead I can’t stop coughing why won’t you answer me director Owens you it was all a oh that’s right I remember that do you guys remember the code was it like he he those are teeth I don’t remember what it was P you pug No intense I like how they acknowledge how about oh yeah heard that already alright see you guys hey sherry I was scared those things were every word and you should have called the police but nobody came you didn’t answer your phone you don’t have time for your gutters so safety Jerry Jerry I’m coming geez she doesn’t have time for that to help her daughter okay yeah that makes sense there’s company pamphlet reading from the CEO thank you very interesting nice construction company oh we read this already from the last one I don’t think we have a VHS at least not yet and then these are the plugs so we’ve got pawned we’ve got night we’ve got Bishop I think we need the pollen or the bishop alright last thing that tells you I don’t know okay so this is this just tells us yeah okay so that’s all the same or we need the rook we need to we need the rook one the rook key can be used for getting that door to go up and down that yeah that’s that whatever that platform to go up and down all right so store that let’s see what should be takeout should we take anything out I think we’re okay actually just as is I’ll switch to my submachine gun because I got a ton of an ammo for that let’s save it part of me wants to redo from the last save because I use those bullets like those three or four bullets on that guy but I could probably just run around them hey I’ll be fine yeah okay yeah it’s never good when it snows a whole lot like this just because it’s it’s so much to deal with it’s a it’s kind of nice when you you get to just do whatever you want kind of relax everything close but at the same time it also kind of sucks then you have to deal with it after that like the next day sucks you got to dig out your car you got to make up for all the lost time but that’s okay alright so this guy I don’t remember if he gets up or not I guess not so left to right 12 left eight left to right 12 lefty got them oh yeah do what is the SLS 60 I don’t understand is that the the revolver let’s just go back real quick [Music] I’ve already been streaming for an hour and a half holy crap snow is a pain I know it really is that’s what I’m saying it’s just it’s not fun to deal with I don’t think I will get much here knock on wood okay I need to get some work done so I might I might come back later all right aqua mellon no problem I’ll see you I’ll see you later buddy thanks for joining the stream so one of the games planned for night uh nothing really planned for except I just downloaded this game called Talos principle I wanted to try that out that’s like a puzzle game give that a try so let’s oh here we go SLS 60 okay so combined with that so is it gonna be more powerful now oh I can fire both 9-millimeter and high-powered rounds maybe I should get rid of this one then store that guy or just store this no because I still don’t have 9-millimeter rounds so whatever will store this anyway move this over grab the high-power ammo this is just at the bottom there it is store this I might need it actually wait store this all right there we go sounds like fun to you yeah okay I know you love puzzle games I figured you’d appreciate that um I’ve been wanting to play it for a while I got it on sale it was a humble bundle PlayStation humble bundle so I grabbed it yes got the tool Leonce no clear if you made it this far you’re almost out of the city I’ve got to take care of something before I leave but I need to tell you something in case I don’t like I don’t make it this was all umbrellas doing let people know well I thought that was a person or a zombie okay delivery receipt I didn’t man below has been delivered to the location specified in your order heat-resistant safe how does she write on the side okay all right let’s go but the red herb back sounds like getting close to the end um I’d say we’re about almost two thirds worth we’re definitely like the second third of the game right now like this I would say definitely the second third of the game I will just store that if you don’t need it maybe we should just save it again just grab the whole bunch of stuff so we’ll save over the twenty six right yeah save over that guy okey okey yeah cuz I don’t know if you remember Leon’s story but we had to go through the sewers and then we had to go into the umbrella labs and that was like the last part of the game that was like the last section of the game of mobile laboratories all right Wow alright this honestly the submachine gun sucks so bad it’s like whatever I’ll just use it okay so that brings us back to there which is good I think this guy is eventually gonna get up so yeah all right he should be dead right so this is where did I miss a mr. raccoon did I miss a mr. raccoon I missed the myth the raccoon those zombies were tough heck yeah they were they took a lot of bullets storage entrance bottom okay so that’s yeah what about there was one before that oh no there wasn’t storage entrance bottom okay and then what’s the other one which cafeteria okay so maybe maybe the storage entrance is the one that I missed storage entrance bottom which would be coming up soon listen we can also go back and go back because I remember there was another little valve thing that we can open up just check the map real quick so yeah right here workroom lift let’s go back there real quick before we do this so and also I just don’t want to be fighting those things yeah icky I’ll take grenade what is that noise oh there he is rap well my words exactly clear my words exactly just stay down alright seriously that’s so funny WTF indeed alright so we’re not gonna go that way yet cuz that just happened this guy better not get back up again nope all aboard the nope train nope [Music] exactly right I’m not touching those guys which means they’re all here again that stinks I was hoping like because possibly since I killed them with Leon that they wouldn’t show up but nope that’s not a thing still can’t go here huh I have yet to been able to go here both Leon and Claire a wonder how to get over there oh the board seriously guys it is snowing like crazy outside just won’t stop it’s so funny too because it was like snowing it was barely snowing it just started snowing this morning I look outside I see these little tiny snowflakes and then ten minutes later I look outside the ground is completely covered completely covered everything is covered I was just like wow my god No nope I don’t like dough god you can just go away you can just go right away but here’s the problem I don’t have anymore slots I got I don’t gotten those slots handgun ammo interesting I don’t remember them sounding like that crap okay so what we’re gonna have to do is put stores and stuff real quick before we can continue oh no Mike I hope you be okay we’ll see I may just die don’t get up don’t you get up you guys don’t get up either those guys are bullet sponges man bullet sponges probably want to keep this I said now I have plenty of space save it again just because you’ll save it on 27 oh okay I got you hope I’ll be okay with the snow falling I gotcha yeah I should be fine honestly it’s not good it’s not affecting my internet connection so it can’t be that bad it’s all good sounds real bad if we’re already about six inches maybe a bit more so it’s definitely coming down hard but I mean I don’t think um I don’t think anybody’s in danger it’s just one of those things you got to deal with I wonder if I should just try and get to that real fast whoa I missed that how about we use a grenade on this guy mr. slappy yeah look at that let’s just go let’s just go go yes all aboard all aboard the GO train okay it’s got to be something of value in here yes I’ll take those good yes where’s this gonna take me here okay so this guy’s got to die I don’t think he’s dead he’d be fooling it he’d be fooling me nice we’ve got roll film what is this here oh yes yes good good good kind of took off his leg though didn’t I okay good dude that guy better not come back to life dang it all right workers break room and water injection chamber are both rooms we can go into since we have a key it’s just a matter of getting past these guys no way are you kidding me dude are you kidding me are you kidding me all that’s bullcrap I was so Oh oh I can’t believe that it’s go grab snacks be right back all right no problem I’m coming food prep sighs all right dang zombies is right yeah come on come on in oh my god Wow see you guys later maybe I can get them all to come down here actually what’s over here anything there’s something on the other side oh crap [Music] there was something over there action is there a zombie in there I think there is no there’s not s Z F that’s right that’s the code all right let’s move this goodbye whoo s Z F okay I thought they were going to stay underwater that would have been nice just drowned oh that’s right we’re back here now I’ve still have yet to figure out how to open this we lost the knife but the knife was already almost it was on its last leg so it’s fine what sucks more is that we lost some health but we’re back into the police station at least not that we need to be at the police station but because mr. X yeah that would have been nice if they stayed underwater though all right so let’s put away some stuff here and all right so this is gonna tell us where the combination for something further I think it’s gonna be four I don’t remember actually what it is but s Z F that’s the combination of the one in the main and the power room gosh darn it should I heal myself I probably should write trying to stretch it as far as I could go but it’s basically at this point where I get one more hit and I’m done I take one more hit and I’m done so I’ve got one two three four for first-aid sprays I got plenty of green herbs I don’t know I don’t know what to do let’s see I’ve got red herb one inverter one blue where blue of three blue orbs I got one two three four green to red I got ton of green actually three red four red I’m just wondering if I should just use a green herb but fresh I’d use a green red and blue hey welcome back Atlantis just deciding on what to do about my health you know what screw it I ain’t gonna use a health ain’t gonna use no health [Music] let’s take a look we got to go develop this so he’s over there now oh he’s got a knife in him too Oh mr. X alright let’s develop this oh the hiding places okay I need to find both of those for the trophy actually I know where the one with the boom box is but I don’t know where the other one is is that just right here No I’m gonna find it though we’re gonna find it guys yeah can’t open that door doesn’t sound like I hear mr. X at all that’s a good thing I don’t want to go out there because I feel like the liquor is out there or something visiting here actually the office space where’s the other zombie do you hear that what is he peeing oh he’s in the office doesn’t look like it’s one of those rooms hmm I know where that other one is though we’re gonna go there Oh could it be in here maybe are there any zombies left in here there are huh just look at him oh my gosh she’s crawling over the desk I didn’t know they could do that that’s not here alright so let’s go back what kind of snack did you get Atlantis he goes you real quiet yeah what is that for Emma for the spark shot it’s how they charge electric electric charges will deliver more than just a few pins and needles to your target what the heck the spark shot crypts and sweets what are crypts I got some crypts here [Music] crap gosh darn it um no what it’s not called Crips yeah he tried to trick me didn’t you guys try to make what you think he wasn’t paying attention but he was I have to find this spot was in there it’s gotta be here somewhere it’s not in the linen room did in the Stars office could be the stars office actually it’s crisps Oh chips I think for you I gotcha chips crisps Crips oh it’s this right here yes got it wooden box okay yeah got the trophy prototype model phase high-capacity magnet cuz the party on cue 11 that extends cook capacity 250 rounds is this the MQ 11 yeah it is okay sweet excellent I like how mr. X is no longer here knock on wood I shouldn’t be saying that actually because he could come out at any moment I’ve got some crisps yay I got my crisps needle cartridges okay for the spark shot so we clearly don’t have the spark shot at least not yet so let’s store that I think I’m gonna get to the next area it’s – it’s been two hours all right so I’m gonna get to the next area and then we’re gonna switch it up so I need to go – oh the West I forgot the safe I still haven’t opened the safe yet I have the combination for it all right so let’s do that I have that was a mistake [Applause] what okay are you serious anyways it’s a UK snack very tasty yummy potato slices that are flavored oh yeah potato chips look now one guy didn’t get even touched that was bullcrap oh man we didn’t save it after that is that for real that’s for real okay then forget it let’s just do what we just did and then we’ll switch it up so we need to go to the dark room go this way [Music] come get me all right good so we gotta go up to the stars office now that I know where it is actually so let’s go for the stars office open this back up examine take that combine it with that good let’s go get those bolts this game is a lot like the original and that you do have to kind of just keep running back and forth to areas which I like I like how it still has that element to it that’s a long way but all right so we’re gonna go back this way what time is it by the way it’s already four o’clock oh my goodness oh my goodness we’re gonna go in here just thing real quick and we’re gonna leave and then we’re gonna go safe I’m gonna go to the chief’s office and then save it which is only accessible this way to go to the third floor don’t we now have the code for this don’t remember no we don’t where the heck is the code for this did I miss something like I really must have missed finally mr. the code this is for the West office safe which I already opened and do you guys remember I can’t figure it out a lot of backtracking then yeah UK times it’s 9 p.m. where you are okay it’s for its for 11 where or I am or when you when you had said that it was for 11 p.m. you guys like left 6 right 15 then like left 8 or something I know this is 6 in there left 6 right 12 left 6 right 12 ah left 6 right 12 left you know oh yeah so that’s still uh oh let’s grab this might as well be wish you could use it to board off doors [Music] Claire’s like I’m losing a lot of blood here okay wait this isn’t gonna bring me to the sewers I gotta go back down the other way that’s fine I’m just gonna save store save on 29 I guess I have to 29th Oh No yeah all right okay guys so let’s go ahead and close that oh man I want a snack maybe I’ll go grab a snack snacky poo it’s kind of getting dark in this room too all right let’s see go on then yeah I’m gonna grab a snack just give me a second I don’t know what to eat there I don’t think we have anything we would wait okay all right I’ll be right back guys I’m just gonna grab some some food or something they’re back [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I got some bread cheese beer three essential parts [Music] like [Music] got my three essentials bread cheese and beer baby so it’s all about okay I also forgot to put I was gonna put be right back but then I forgot to actually post that at whatever it’s okay [Music] excuse me okay so let’s go ahead and jump into the talismans disappear I’m really um what is this a wasteland – director’s cut yeah okay forget I got that I’m really excited about this and very very interested to see what it’s about well you know what I also need to grab I need to grab my phone whoops sorry guys I’ll be right back again this would be like two seconds though okay it’s got a few messages I need to respond to actually work related stuff what about you guys melt cheese on bread yeah the the breads frozen I just pulled it out of the freezer so I’m gonna wait a few minutes hopefully it’ll come down and received an invitation to play World War two a game that I don’t have okay all right let’s see huh looks like roads are bad yeah okay so there might actually close the store early today makes sense okay ladies and gentlemen Oh enough and I got my NASA little brew dawg hey that’s a great idea let’s start let’s start drinking without having any food in our stomach without having any food in our stomach that’s a great idea but I guess what I’m going to do it anyway because I need a brewski bear me beer me ladies and gentlemen beer me what happened today I’m drinking a Breckenridge brewery a fight it’s a fine Colorado ale from Breckenridge brewery it’s a vanilla Porter and it is delicious delicioso for those who speak Spanish for those who speak Spanglish delicioso oh so he sends me an invite Cody are you watching you trolling me right now you send me an invite and then you tell me I should get the game that makes sense all right Talos principle here we go guys I’m really excited about for this game I’ve been very interested in it for a long time so let’s see what this is all about by Croteam [Music] we’ve all heard digital not sure who’s that publishing coz the developing probably developers probably the publisher maybe they both worked on it together this indicates the game is saving data do not switch off the power when this icon is flashing you got it we’re just gonna let this go by go through first [Music] what it was a kid yes she’s our kid [Music] [Music] I wonder what an onion this use uses kind of looks like I don’t know maybe unreal unreal three we really like the Tallis principle haven’t finished it yet but really like what I got through nice yeah it seems like a really cool game earning this kind of looks like the maybe epic engine no no I’m sorry epic uses unreal I wonder kind of puzzle game this is this one is I will work out while playing yeah you’ll definitely see what it is what it’s all about alright so it starts over we turn off the vibration because it wastes battery look acceleration off thank you for letting that be an option thank you [Music] automatic vertical centering of the view standard is use our one jump sprint use jump reset what’s the standard what standard D uses are to jump Azzaro one Sprint is still l2 for this l1 okay let’s just go standard a subtitles on show crosshair sure preferred view oh look at that you can do over the left shoulder in this Wow let’s do over to first person set level of hits to show only use I don’t get it [Music] whatever we’ll just keep it on what they have terminal font size it’s good if you Bobby sure clear speed medium yeah why not I’d like that okay saturation we can go up in saturation on move you do let’s do let’s do like that looks good rhotuka henna Oh so it’s got some DLC also alright Telus principle from the beginning baby I’ve been playing like I said though I’ve been playing a lot of Street Fighter on my arcade machine and my PS Vita I have it too but no mainly Street Fighter 2 champion edition is the one that I grew up on a street fighter 2 a street fighter 2 champion edition and Street and Super Street Fighter 2 turbo which I didn’t really like that much was too fast I’ve been getting back into it though that and I remember playing Tekken all the time second two and three I like beat the game on almost all the characters got their endings got the special characters [Music] behold child you are risen from the dust and you walk in my garden here now my voice and know that I am your maker and I am called Elohim elect me in my temple if you are worthy what is it you see that like that’s so weird that it does that alright the turn the turn needs to be faster we’ll go like right there yeah that’s better spend too much there we go that’s good that’s perfect why does it do that it like snaps to the centre look see that all right that’s got to be an option Oh audit Auto Center phew I don’t Oh Verdie Cove you snapping there we go turn that off I do not like that at all oh that’s so much better take that crap off why do they even have that let’s see only use one ask only use when asked to get hints oh okay yeah that’s is that what that means let’s do that I did let’s do only use there we go I like that I grew up with the older and slower SF – not much for fighting games but it was fun Street Fighter 2 so the original Street Fighter – I liked it I think there were only like eight characters right [Music] it’s a lot better than Street Fighter 1 wait that who are we robot yes here I’ll show you the are a robot in fact actually I kind of like this better let’s dude let’s do this third person [Music] they get distracted easily anyway let’s let’s keep going [Music] sorry guys look I’d rather do a robot person yeah look I’d rather do first person [Music] [Music] I also really want to play the witness hey Justin sorry uh-huh-huh I don’t know why I thought you I forgot you had come earlier um oh well whatever it’s good to see you it’s good to see again it this is the Talos principle so this game is like it’s a puzzle game basically and I don’t know that much about it except we’re like this robot there we go okay we’re basically a robot who we don’t really know that much yeah it looks like we just got kind of booted into this world so [Music] [Music] so latter right here [Music] these there are snippets of lower messages in this world so make sure to read them okay some people don’t like first-person it’s good to have options there if you like it yeah exactly all across this land I have created trials for you to overcome and within each I have hidden massive it is your purpose to see these videos for thus you will serve the generations to come and attain eternal life okay so the guardians of this land may harm you but do not resent them for they are my servants and if they challenge you only so that your faith might be strengthened so ya cameras free stuff those things can kill me is that before all of the line know that the Sun touches will be yours one day haha yeah I don’t really just know that much about this yet I mean I guess we’re like in this just built world that looks like ruins of some kind but wonder what here it is [Music] [Music] what’s your plans for Friday Oh cuz of crackdown well I have to work but I’ll be playing it when I on my free time why are you gonna be playing it Justin [Music] logic requires more signed [Music] so for that one we gotta go this way that one we gotta go this way keep hold all right [Music] [Music] [Music] all right so they don’t actually follow you I see oh yeah you’re playing on it nice good good good [Music] all right got him okay [Music] really I can’t [Music] yeah you can’t bring the camera through purple gates I missed the message crap where was it heck this way let’s see probably like 30 23 just random guessing as possibly where did I miss a message oh right here I don’t know where I am but there’s something beautiful about this place I will explore and see what I can discover okay went back too far okay those things are on a set path yeah I can’t bring camera through the purple gates nice dude well I bet you that game it’s gonna be a lot of fun I hope anyway okay so I can’t take the jammer if I’m on this side I can’t take it so that’s got to stay in there oh I know what I need to do shoot there we go so that can jam the other door all right there we go that’s one okay there’s another one it was so in front of you all right did it look just like that other one though I went back too far probably right right here fun I find myself in a world of impossible architecture inexplicable machines I cannot fathom how it works and terrify to put one foot in front of the other lest I fall through the floor okay impossible architecture huh it’s quite weird to use well we got that let’s go get that people or whatever yeah people I guess call it [Music] you will not need this sigil to open the gate to my temple but it may serve you in times to come so let’s keep our eyes peeled for more messages let me know if I missed another one too so story isn’t a our codes yeah that’s the one because pen and paper is so outdated apparently only the two of us in autumn is any the shapes you are collecting are not mere toys they are the sigils of our name each brings you closer to eternity you got a pal okay well if you are in the future that makes sense future or present-day could it could be present-day but certainly not it’s certainly not like you know ancient Greek times unless this is just an alternate universe where the Greeks were way ahead of their technologically speaking we’re way ahead of where they are now I don’t don’t think I passed another one yet this is hurting my eyes [Music] keep eyes out of keep eyes out for ER codes then yeah keep your eyes peeled if I miss one guys I don’t want to miss the story remember to view it in from androids perspective remember to view it from an androids perspective Tetris does they look like yeah that’s well that’s what I was thinking when I saw them switch out of reach [Music] I thought it was Jimmy you so that probably turns them off right bring down the brightness maybe also let’s oh you know what I have I forgot I have a different picture mode all that’s so much better alright let me just go back then No yeah turn that back up a bit cuz I like it nice and colorful don’t because we a robot so we must some kind of AI or Android well that’s way better nice and red everything’s all red the new lights gone forgot I had a special setting for that [Music] yeah that was easy oh wait QR codes done child only one more scheduled is needed QR code eyes I think it’s just because the motion it’s like moving I don’t know what it is I think 60 frames per second actually hurts my eyes it’s so bizarre my eyes are like trying too hard to like I don’t know my eyes are used to 30 frames per second I’m able to just like I don’t have to like follow everything it’s choppy enough to where it doesn’t feel like I have to follow it did we already get this one oh maybe not okay bless you thank you less thank you [Music] all right so we got [Music] [Music] [Music] my temple awaits you child go forth alright so I got the green ones but I want to get the yellow ones first [Music] my child you do not need to collect all sigils at once you are free to return to this place whenever you choose [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what’s in there I need to do [Music] you are most diligent perhaps this trait will serve you well in times to come so I got that the ones that are X star all right sweet did I miss a QR code I wasn’t even paying attention mice my screens a lot darker too so I might miss something let’s see it was just the one here right did you say did you say and it’s a to come back here oh I didn’t said I could come back here yeah I know I just I wanna I don’t want to miss anything I don’t know if I to what extent I can come back and all that stuff I just want to make sure that I got everything it seems like I did though so they can map [Music] hold to reset oh wait a second what was the it’s like a journal in there yes circle what’s true what is reset which is like reset puzzle text all right let’s just [Music] that’s pretty cool actually [Music] never can access all loading the library system unresponsive initiating committee perhaps done library obsession ready directory [Music] [Music] run MLA hey Colin welcome guess what I’m streaming what what is it good to see you buddy I’m gonna take a quick little break and grab some of this cheese guys make sure you get some of this cheese I’m here now hey sent you an invite oh did you I didn’t see that I didn’t see you send me two invites in a row [Music] delicious so let’s just need leave the truth this you are here now though man how’s it going Hart love ya how’s it going bad reset means we’ll start the puzzle over yeah that’s what I was thinking – all right let’s do welcome Nadia serape Institute of superb flight and percentage welcome back say tonic how you doing man I was in – dreaded welcome to the team hi again I’m sorry if I was a little I was a little odd at the meeting I know you were nervous but the truth is that so was I this may be hard to believe but you intimidate me you’re so young and you’ve already accomplished so much if the situation wasn’t so grim I might even be jealous there’s also something I wanted to clarify I realized that nominally speaking I’m I’m head researcher here but this is your project everyone will respect that and yes I know you’re not used to working like this but as of today you’re in charge no pressure G G for God let’s do this Nadia or is that like a is it like a an emoji star G Star he didn’t six dot txt chapter 16 in the garden of the Hesperides they don’t trust them they move with such grace such an ability that it was hard to not to follow them further into this strange garden of gears and cogs they led her to a place where the Crown’s of the brass trees seemed to grow together forming a kind of chamber strangely reminiscent of a chip of a chapel in the middle of this chamber it’s still snowing and above the chamber grew a smaller tree made of bright blue steel and upon this tree grow a single golden apple this Apple the nymph said in unison their eyes aglow confers the gift of deathlessness and true wisdom many heroes and not a few villains have come to acclaim it but all faltered in the final step for you must know the deathlessness reveals the mortality of the world and truism is is true wisdom its unending folly interesting deathlessness reveals the mortality of the world and truism its unending folly who would dig this burden upon themselves some say that Heracles something something all these numbers gazing upon the Stars and wept the way I see it the world doesn’t come with a manual you got to figure it out for yourself a bit here a bit there put it together try to make some center make sense of it I’m pretty sure there is a truth but that doesn’t mean everyone who claims to know it really does then again that doesn’t have to be a bad thing we live in an amazing world and searching for truth can be a real adventure plus it’s good from the brain it’s true good for the brain anyway just some rambling thoughts from your old man don’t let the stuff get you down you’re young you’ve got loads of time to figure it all out love dad it sounds like that sounds like typed face we start making a meat gunner costume now hey that’s cool let’s do run MLA loading milton library assistant done hello guests how can I help you today so I vote what you just wrote was nonsense I respond best to subject-verb-object syntax I said it’s a strong way to put it but yes your query never assign primary this or taken classified data in the library archive secondarily it facilitates user interactions with library resources via and intuitive human language interface it also provides powerful networking and troubleshooting functions reduces publishing dates range from 1st of July 1995 to the 27th of June 20 3203 F what’s 203 F [Music] whoa the system has been active for nine nine nine nine eight years okay guys it is a an extremely long time this is way into the future that’s insane create the library can you respond to queries on outside on the outside world what is the current status of the library archive there are 47 million resources in archive taking up five point four two one two seven five zero petabytes of disk space wow that’s a lot of birthdays you remember this game Atlantis nice an archive yeah that’s portal 2 reference than year’s thing maybe [Music] that is approximately the size of 30 billion photos 7 million minutes of HD video the entire internet in 2003 that’s funny however the majority of library resources are corrupted or invalid 10 point 6 9 5 4 7 5 1 gigabytes of uncorrupted resources are indexed your query what caused the data corruption the rest of data corruption is inevitable in any system over time additionally a large number of inconsistencies were detected during sorting leading to greater than average data invalidation terminals provide access to libraries resources archive vieta death was the first word you set up a life sentence I’m sorry I believe it’s a process and respond to basic subject-verb-object in syntax all right are you able to take offense you pointless contraption if you’re not insult me okay my knowledge is limited to the data in the library archive you can ask about other topics that my responses may be limited what am i you’re a napkin with a guest account where am I you’re currently in a cement session with the MLA human language interface module the library archive session may be resumed at any time who is Elohim though he was the noun for god or gods and modern ancient Hebrew Oh God Oh God [Music] what is going on [Music] [Music] did I miss any I think see this game before can’t say I can’t say anything remember ending for this ok please yeah please don’t please don’t say anything Atlantis I would really appreciate that now remember was wild back though I think so you would came out for 2015 this game is old that’s not that old step into the light child and my temple will be revealed to you hang on a second I like this game [Music] [Music] [Music] look [Music] yes q so that it looks good huh but poking a sleeping lion [Music] [Music] it’s giving us a really cool puzzle style remember liking your remember liking it a lot awesome [Music] so they’re just trying to get out okay so by unjam each of one I can get through probably I’m zip zip comm Freddie don’t worry I won’t say about it okay awesome thank you at lettuce I appreciate it [Music] all right so I got everything I could write unless there’s a QR code somewhere [Music] we got all those got that one got that one I think we got everything let’s go elect you walk now upon the stones of my temple whence many gates lead and know that I have other temples for my garden is greater than your I can encompass and all these worms I made for you reminds me of it honestly does remind me of Gladys glad Doss GLaDOS because like probably a hidden agenda somewhere so that was okay so we got everything that we could from there that’s good it’s going to chew actually let’s just take a look around first what’s this okay okay there are mysteries in my garden hidden rows and secret gates if you dedicate yourself to understanding them you may join the hosts of messengers pakia I want to join [Music] let this be our covenant these worlds are yours and you are free to walk amongst them and subdue them but the great tower there you may not go for in the day that you do you shall surely die [Music] library archives currently unavailable wall system resources are redirected to handle incoming networks cement messages use the access column portal command to access all right so I will press the voice too much just be careful yeah no I I already figured that heavily troubleshooter yes library assistant Donna look yes is there something you’d like to help with today you’d like you’d like help with today about library assistants Emily programs decided slightly the user interaction with the resource library this is our time by providing powerful sorting and troubleshooting functionalities delivered via in intuitive human language interface jump shooting I think you’d like help accessing network functions the most common cause of network problems is holding insufficient count privileges please enter the admin password the password trust no one we’re d God too many failed attempts [Music] to prove you are not a bot you will not be asked for a series of inputs here with data protection legislation you must consent to have your responses used to develop a broad psychometric profile response data will be deleted immediately your profile will only be made available to other administrators generating certification our one part one ready for user input please complete all fields please answer quickly and instinctively time in the factory UPS we get in certification program yes two plus two equals four before what is your subjective reaction this image face what best describes a person a rational animal we’re walking through the desert and come across a thirsty traveler his eyes bulge from slow dehydration you have water we’re not sure how far it is the next Oasis what do you do offer half the water if they’ll be able to kill him and collect his blood I mean that would offer half my water I guess so I mean yeah I guess I knew half my water or one of the certification process is now complete you will receive a notification when part two has been generated press any key to exit okay searching for locally cached resources all right [Music] freaky and gotta a lot to say that no goatee I’m streaming right now buddy I don’t know if he’s watching our first day my first day at the Institute for applied nomadic you want to watch my gameplay than just watch my stream first day at the Institute for applied no maddox on the way to work I’m terrified what if they don’t like me what if they’re all geniuses and I’m a complete buffoon maybe they were just kidding about letting me work there trembling I walk in and right at the entrance there’s a life-sized poster of Jeff Goldblum what the heck then I get it Vince did you provide no Maddox I don’t know what that is Noah Maddox I’ve heard of that before I think no Emma tix no Noah Maddox nomadic what is that and dr. Ian Malcolm from the Jurassic Park movies Jeff Goldblum dr. Sarabhai shows up smiling we were trying to find a cool acronym back when the Institute was founded she says in in an and then he happened yeah now Bo or a nap-nap know-it-all sounded stupid but didn’t just want to call it Ian because well that’s lame oh no well that’s a name then someone made a joke about calling it Jeff and it kind of stuck so we’re officially called Ian but if you hear anyone referred to Jeff that’s our internal name I guess I know I know bloody geeks I’ve had conversation I wasn’t so scared anymore cool don’t let them cat mess up the wires exactly meow kitty little kitty he’s really cute too he’s all chubby dolls for a sentence she woke up it in the possible place knowing nothing to advise more than the beginning of another amnesia based mastery mystery cheese though we should not go so far as to read the entire work as allegory rather while taking the science-fictional Novus at the core of the narrative at face value we should deliver labeling rule no to having no inherent knowledge of the nature of the world forced to rely on what we are told by others in what our own subjective flawed limited senses tell us well perhaps flawed and limited but not unreliable socials reality belief and objective reality matter come into contact concept alright social reality belief an objective reality mattered come into conflict interesting no three when in chapter 16 the second awakening in the kingdom of Artemis the protagonist questions for mentor on the / last / look for it the more meaningful interpretation can only be achieved through synthesis of oh that sounds familiar more meaningful information can only be achieved through synthesis of the mind strength of stick area sticky Europe whether it is true that Daedalus constructed the giant Talos or as others say he was the creation of a Festus what we may be certain of is that he has made he was made of bronze and had but one vein within which flowed a liquid substance like blood with some claim with which some claim was Quicksilver and others assert was iCore such as such as flows in the veins of the gods the loss of what liquid caused him to die God okay well I don’t know why I can’t read this right now the loss of that liquid caused him to die as a man dies when he loses his blood maybe not maybe not then say that Talos though created as a machine or a toy had all the essential properties of a man he moved of his own volition he spoke and could be spoken to had wishes and desires indeed in the tale of the Argonauts that was the cause of his downfall if then the machine may have all the properties of man’s and acts as a man Walter but only by the ingenious plan of its construction and the direction of its materials according to the principles of nature that does it not follow that the man that man may also has me that man may also be seen as a machine no that is incorrect that’s my own input this contradicts all the schools of metaphysics yet even the most faithful philosopher cannot live without his blood men this is right up my alley I really like this actually no it’s it’s actually false because man can understand abstract objects and machines cannot [Music] okay so [Music] this is very interesting oh look at this look at this guy’s Oh [Music] the beginning were the words and the words made the world I the beginning were the words in the words made the world what is going on yards they’ll let Caspar Thyra that seems poems and books and some kind of worried about the philosophical bit not for the timid or easily bored true but it’s that is literally right up my alley I love that so much I’m really into philosophy and metaphysics and all that stuff so this is perfect the beginning were the words and the words made weird there’s the number 23 again [Music] what was that yeah I have no idea I like that kind of thing too as long as it’s contained within what it’s trying to convey yeah if it’s not like just complete like ridiculousness I can recommend going up to the water but don’t go so far out you were wide back okay [Music] okay so the world ends in the absence of space which essentially is past this point here which is essentially saying that there is no meaning it’s meaningless there’s no words out there there’s no words that program that area this is so weird maybe it’s guide stay in the water and listen yeah keeps on repeating this is crazy [Music] pantload archive okay all those numbers and then that day I oft remember went from sleep I first awaked and found myself reposed under shade on flowers much wondering where and what I was what’s the what’s the what’s thither for hot and how one day you discover that you are not a human being but a machine your life so far was real no one controlled you or programmed you to behave in some specific way your physical and mental capacities are identical to those of an organic human being but you were created in a lab except I just I disagree with that you wouldn’t the mental capacities wouldn’t be the same they wouldn’t the machine wouldn’t actually be conscious and it wouldn’t be capable of understanding abstract thought it’s only programmed certain ways it would only be able to act according to what it’s programmed to do but anyway no one except you knows about this your family your friends they all think you are a regular human being like themselves you could continue to live your life the way you have before and nothing would change how do you react pay specific attention to these questions does your concept of yourself change are you the same person you thought you were does your understanding of the world itself change do you reveal the information to others or do you keep it to yourself why so that’s another thing because so the concept of stuff self which is universal would be a universal concept is an extra abstract a concept is not something that a machine would be actually capable of doing it can’t identify itself as it as a singular United whole it’s only based on programming and stuff but anyway [Music] but can also be interpreted as I’m at your mercy since his words of in his words of this world his words are this of this world let me rephrase that you are at my mercy but can also be interpreted as you are at my mercy yeah true it’s like saying this world was made and coded this game is super interesting yep I totally forgot about this game for a while I need looking to get back in getting it I need looking getting it I got you yeah exactly can’t think out it can’t think outside of its coating it can’t machines can’t think outside of what it’s programmed to do so here’s the kicker what if you have the robot that that means to do so what if you gave the robot that means to do so our brains are complex quantum computers well see that’s where I would that’s why what that’s what I’m trying to say is that we can’t give the robot that means to do so but that’s just my personal opinion that’s based on what I think is metaphysically impossible to do you can’t give you can’t give a robot something that’s impossible for a human to give but anyway because it’s about abstract thought abstract thought is beyond physical nature it’s it’s it’s about universals universal czar you know not in time and space anyway 1500 2000 words the 26 is the final deadline no extensions will be granted submit via email okay [Music] all these calm people are driving me mad have they all suddenly turned into Buddha or something I didn’t know the world had such reserves of serenity though these latter-day Gotham gamez are at least being somewhat realistic excuse me you know what’s you know what’s even worse those paranoid nutters who are building bankers and collecting guns what are they gonna do excuse me shoot something shoot tea and money though though I have to admit the overall response has been much better than I ever anticipated to the point where I might be moved by the beauty of humanity if I wasn’t such a grumpy old fart this minority of total idiots is really messing up my final days anyway the reason I’m writing it is because I refuse to believe in scenarios with absolutely no solutions if we all put our heads together we can figure something out it’ll be crazy but crazy is better than dead crazy is what we do best on this planet it’s so cool now it got me thinking awesome I’m glad this game is getting me thinking too but I love it oh can we not read it are we unable to read this one I guess so our brains are very cool absolutely this is where we came from right yeah stores locked [Music] oh that voice is not supposed to be here it is not the work of the designer we must avoid these in normalities where they might spread and undermine the very fabric of our world faith version ten point one point zero zero nine eight something strange has come into the world like a distortion like something that’s not supposed to exist a beautiful voice speaks within it Bob and then she in the faith responded that voice is not supposed to be here it is not okay so that was a response to Bob as an intro sequence of outlaw star episode 17 that may be of an interest just the intro also there’s anime series called Armitage the third dual matrix that plays on the notion of artificially grown artificially grown eggs that’s kind of cool robots are so interesting thinking about possible outcomes of things like AI all that yeah I’m just kind of exploring right now so what happens if we go in the beginning and the end of the world jumping on the water exploring is good yeah I agree [Music] well what’s this when I was a little girl one of our teachers mrs. Higgins told us to make a time capsule write letters to the future so one day we could remember what it was like to be children I thought it was stupid so I didn’t do it which I really regret so I guess I’m gonna make one now bury it in the archive instead of under a tree I don’t know if anybody will ever find it but somehow it seems important to keep talking to keep thinking for as long as I can [Music] oh man yeah which in turn would make human females redundant very if we could yeah if we could that’s the thing though I don’t think we we can and again this is just my own personal opinion I’m not gonna say that no you’re wrong it’s impossible blah blah blah like it’s just my own personal opinion that it’s not it isn’t possible based on the fact that what we’re talking about is subjectivity the very the very thing that we would need to create is is not any kind of anything that’s objective the very thing that we’re creating is literally the opposite of everything that we’ve created it’s something that it’s not an object that we would need to create it’s literally a subject which is it’s it’s hard to explain but it’s not something that you use physical parts to create you know what I mean it’s not like a specific combination and complexity we’ll all of a sudden you know pop into existence like a subject or subjectivity subjectivity is like a it’s like a it’s what unites all of my parts together as a whole like a self it’s something that’s beyond just all of my parts but that’s why I love talking about this stuff and thinking about it because it’s so interesting it really is so interesting but yeah if we could do it if we could artificially create a conscious person a self conscious self-aware being and then reproduce them that’d be insane you know that would be insane but again I just I just don’t think it’s it’s matter that’s not it’s not matter that determines that it’s not like a specific combination of material a complex combination of matter is gonna do that [Music] oh crap okay so oh this is actually dead wait a second okay so what’s gonna happen this the shooter shot me [Music] [Music] [Music] DNA and all that uh wait wait whoa that’s interesting question right there what would happen in that world will females be gone DNA and all that also it’s weird thing if you have all the proteins and amino acids and combine it to the subject of human of a human egg fertilize it with a conceptually simple male sperm the role of women and how the mom role comes into place for the androids yeah so like just sort of yeah just doing it artificially you know what a summer they wouldn’t [Music] let’s put this here let’s do this then let’s do this [Music] all right so that’s down so you could sabotage them together good you are learning as is your purpose but your choices must be your own therefore I will not guide you unless it is necessary oh hang on guys [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah I’m not saying it’s doable yet but pondering ton of the implications wind or if it’s available yeah pausing a ton about the implications again I don’t think it will be because I think it takes more than just that to to make it happen but you never know you never know so anyway that was my wife let’s see it’s not the currently running game she needs me to go pick her up so I’m probably just gonna end the stream here guys we’ve been streaming for almost four hours though so you lose any you will lose your progress and select just checkpoint okay less than a minute ago that’s fine less than a minute goes nothing yeah we should definitely keep talking about this though cuz I love that well first off well human beat will be able to think in way just be an empty shell well though well what happened if possible there she is such a party pooper there’s the party pooper [Music] that’s my wife it’s so cold and snowy out oh you jerk no you’re fine oh I’m coming oh very nice dream Thank You Justin appreciate it it was cool thank you Atlantis and thanks for uh pondering some deep and interesting topics with me Oh hem it and Atlantis I really appreciate I love talking about that kind of stuff ah ah they’re gonna they’re gonna SiC You Now baby they’re gonna jump on you they’re gonna pounce on you okay okay guys that’s that thank you so much for watching I will see you guys in the next stream whenever that will be so I was gonna possibly do Dark Souls later but since we streamed for almost four hours I might just call it a night so anyway thanks guys I’m coming babe I’m coming right now I’ll see ya [Music] [Music] [Music]

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