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  1. The most I can paid for the VR is 200$ not 400$ to me is not worth yet.
    But I'll get it on black Friday tho lol

  2. Jupiter can’t swim it’s a gas giant

    Edit:ps this game still looks amazing and the Jupiter thing up top is a joke I know there talking about a dolphin

  3. Just for the people that don't know. Vr game trailers never do the game justice. Once you put the vr headset on, you're in the game. It's surreal, but amazing.

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  5. Can this game be played without the vr because this looks like a water game that I don't mind playing
    It doesn't make me wanna scream and hide under my bed like most things relating to water

  6. After a long day of work it would be great to experience this. Glad there are plenty of variety of game genres! Go Sony!

  7. As a PSVR owner; I will put on my headset, load this game and swim the oceans tasting the salt of non PSVR owners. This looks amazing.

  8. This game looks better than Ecco the Dolphin Defender of the Future and ofc the classic Megadrive games.

    I can't wait to play this in VR.

  9. I got a ps4 2 years ago and ill never regret it! Ps4 is so cool! Especially vr games like super HOT and beat saber!

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