Jozy Altidore Transfers Sunderland?
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Jozy Altidore Transfers Sunderland?

November 7, 2019

judges was locked out here because it is
now four years from a gauge of the other two or twenty three years old born in
new jersey place in the united states men’s national team and well for clube
currently placed for easy al camara which isn’t the deftly he actually set a record for americans
soaring in europe this past season thirty-one goals now in his road to where he is now and
where he might be let’s go over it sunderland put it send a link to the
sender within and transfer request for the service is a josie out the door
to aflac they decided to send me up and they
rejected it pretty much obviously t_v_ hadn’t been captivated me up so what that means it is uh… sutherland have to go back and
saying well we’re going on for you do it’s much more for josie al two door hopefully offer many people at least they hope it will happen and he will go back to
the primarily of course he was there with falsity alone twenty was with bill
re alf now use with the rebels you would the villa reality their bodies out here iti a second uh… if you want to of the rebels bill re al and then he at the real own spells that
were very unsuccessful yet in the last two years he has over fifty goals so now it shows his vast improvement not
just for club but also air bags out here as i said for
country what exactly does that mean when the united that we’re going to all
the other door scores the united states wins not a one they’ll
ask for their twelve oh one three one out the door scores and he’s just been on a complete tear
now many people are credited this to your including saying that you know what it’s because the klansmen he’s changed
at the formation he saw the pieces of the puzzle and he’s put more our support for josie
out the door up top with clint dempsey in a few others is it because of the service that he has
got from fabian johnson in a few others
because they are giving him that they are providing him uh… with great
avenues and and and great opportunities with their
skills flourishing the like crap my voice cracks and going
to be a birdie give me a friggin break felt dot
basically the question is will he go to settle in i want to get into your trees for the
ask you guys to respond on if you think likening it to this segment america as a matter of fact u is a good move for josie l two door to
go so that we read it reads mackey lombardi to diverge from josie has taken
out of the dorset transferred to is the l aspects of the lettuce first scherer
as and michael shirk armenia fits that bill and i think for
the for the first things that starts with efforts from dozens of cities the
rather see him on a top dot team in the port of revocation yeltsin hollow about freedom front of you has
grown a lot of business wistful called like to see him in the press some political group for science thomas young athlete ever franchisees
then one more year it easy to keep the momentum for the world cup if you’ve got
the same next season better defiance since i haven’t really hasn’t gone for
kids four service aggravate that wonderful comments uh… you’re awesome molinaro it’s
whatever strongly should absolutely take them access to the press relief with his
strongest fast body history styles it’s different adams three jefferson does the other
person sent for the supplement adam there’s gone so it would be for easy
plus p_t_l_ has long there’s dangerfield there with you uh… itself together together from now
at the sublet reasons no a table mercy daisy especially with the full helpfulness
heads out says that he should come to the brown family because he’s going to
do in bed clothes on the way sergio fully doses of the center of the
should go to stumble when the kids and stronger speak this way and worldwide
recognition what but the best of the that analyze when i get its name is stan and
retailers are family easily above-market as a federally side
are you guys have a great needed to do what he gets paid to do it melted or go
back to the primarily there isn’t a good spot would be a fiat markings on the
comments section about given some thought to be printed before leaving the
endeavor into practice

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  1. if he suppose to be a rising talent and at 23 why should he go to Sunderland…. he should hold out for a better offer. being at that club he will be lost

  2. Going to Sunderland is a risky move I think. He's doing well in the Netherlands with AZ Alkmaar so he'll get plenty of first-team football which will get him ready for the World Cup in 2014. I've heard Di Canio has some insane fitness regiments for his team which seems like he'll overwork a lot of his players. Sunderland also is a team that survived relegation by 3 points last season so I wouldn't go there if I was in his situation.

  3. Altidore should absolutely not go to Sunderland !!
    Staying with AZ means playing time and a real good chance of making the CL or at least the EuroLeague tournament.
    Sunderland only means a better contract, but possible relegation and search for a new club next year.
    European tournaments are better exposure than an anonymous season in the EPL.

  4. as a Sunderland fan I would say that I'm keen to see what Jozy can do. He's long been a starlet on the likes of Football Manager games and has not lived up to that hype just yet, but after a season like that in the Dutch league, it's gonna turn some heads. There are plenty of top scorers who haven't done well in the EPL from that league though, E.g. Alfonso Alves and Emnes at M'boro. Even Kuyt wasn't a great goalscorer at liverpool despite tearing up the dutch league but he was great overall.

  5. Staying at Alkmaar might not be the smartest now that they have sold Adam Maher to PSV. Not sure about moving to Sunderland, but they surely need a striker like him.

  6. Would like to see Altidore in the Premier League, just not with Sunderland, aka the "Handling & Internally Squad."

  7. People in the States should realise Sunderland are a far bigger club than Hull, they are a bigger club than Stoke as well although last season was a topsy turvy one that had a lot to do with those running the club.

  8. I agree with the naysayers. No need for Altidore to move to a side like Sunderland that has no ambition and a loopy manager.
    One more red hot season, and he'll be getting calls from the likes of Liverpool, Tottenham and other much bigger clubs.

  9. No ambition? Then why have we already made at least 5 signings with the window only open for 4 days? Sounds like no ambition there, I guess you're right. Paolo is a top manager with great ideas, give him time and he could make Sunderland top class.

  10. I sincerely hope you're right. With the excellent fan support Sunderland has, they should be one of the up and coming promising teams of the EPL along with Everton and Tottenham.

  11. If he puts up the same totals next year at AZ the club will get offered more and he will get offered more.


  12. Imagine if he made an impact in the Champions League and scored some goals?! Man that would be fantastic for him.


  13. AZ finished mid table last season, but by winning the Cup, they qualified for the Europa League tournament next season.
    And they start playing after the 3rd round, so if they win 1 (home and away) game, they're in the group stage, meaning 6 more matches to make those goals.
    If he does that, better teams than Sunderland will come knocking.
    Going to Sunderland now means no European football next season, bad choice.

  14. tough to say comes down to money and how he is finding holland. but on a pure football standpoint. why not he is flying over there form wise,he has been poor in his spells over here.if he continues with az and continues his great form he maybe gets a move to psv or ajax and champions league football.

  15. I doubt he is desperate to return to English football and risk sitting the bench and perhaps falling out of Klinsmann's favor with the WC looming on the horizon. There is also no league more grueling than the EPL. Of course, who in their right mind turns down that kind of financial security and the opportunity to play against the best? He could have a great spell at Sunderland. Tough call really.

  16. These yanks talking shit about Sunderland, I'd love to see how ur shitty 'soccer' team does in the premier league. Plus we have a new manager and the reason why we finished so low last season was because we only had one consistent goal scorer who got injured for a while. For jozy to move to us would be a good move for him and the club.

  17. Probably do better than england. But seriously are you retarded? International and Club play are 2 different things. Also Sunderland is a shit club and that's a fact. One of the worse every year in the PL, nothing but a mid table club at BEST

  18. I never said international and club were the same thing. When i said "shitty 'soccer' team" i was referring to their local team. Also you're clearly the retarded one for calling a premier league club shit. the premier league hosts the 20 best teams in England and some of the best in Europe. Therefore it is impossible for a premier league club to be shit…

  19. Also Sunderland a team who have beaten Manchester City 2 seasons in a row, made it to a quarter final replay of the fa cup in 2012 after knocking out Arsenal a champions league club the round before, beating Chelsea 0-3 at Stamford bridge in 2010. Just naming a few things. we cant be that shit can we?

  20. He scored 1 goal in 28 games when he played for Hull. He might be a decent signing but how much Sunderland are paying i dunno, probably like £7million and £35,000 a week wages might be a bit much.

  21. The premier league is most likely the most watched and most competitive league in the world. As long as he doesn't flop and he plays well it can only help his career no matter how good the team he plays at is. Just look at Benteke for example, Villa had a poor season but he showed his class and is now looking at a move to a top club and has secured his place in the Belgian squd

  22. Sunderland are improving too much to go down.
    This season I predict 12th place. The players we are buying are
    young with unbelievable potential.. players like El Hadji Ba had turned down massive clubs to come to Sunderland. Chelsea, Juve..etc. As we are constantly improving.

  23. You are hardly a shit club if you're in The Premier League (The best leauge in England..) There are some great teams in the Championship. But just because we don't win anything we are still in the PL. So I'd say we're pretty good. Albeit rather average.

  24. 7th most successful club in England, and even after the debacle of last season, our squad would still murder all the MLS teams in their Mickey Mouse league. Get back to me when your shit local team wins 6 titles and can compete with our fans for passion!

  25. I am a Sunderland fan and this move for Jozy would be great, has the right pace and strength for this level

  26. at AZ he learned to play soccer in the Dutch league.For Jozy himself it was a good development to play at AZ Alkmaar for 2 years.He is much better now then he was before.
    I wish him all the succes in Sunderland.

  27. He doesn't even know about Sunderland. Sunderland is on their way up. Steven Fletcher didn't even play this year and Altidore will play second to Fletch this season. They will be a great pair. Adam Johnson was out of form. Sunderland will be good. Sports. heh How'd you get the job? At least pretend that you know.

  28. Guys american team ain't that bad. Kansas city defeated manchester united 2011.. Some players were not starters but simply man u not starter can defeat many lower teams. I supported tottenham due to demosey but now im sunderlandish.

  29. Seems like a load of these tweeters/commenters dont know a thing about Sunderland.

    About to head into our 7th consecutive season in the EPL, a pretty large fanbase, a chairman who invests in our club, we are a lot better than a "border relegation team".

  30. sorry if you got multiple replies, my internet was atrocious. Our main concern is the WC, and like I said we think he has potential, but this move scares us. We can't rely on Landon Donovan and Clint Dempsey, we need him to produce. That's why people are concerned. That being said, many of us, including I, are excited to see how Sunderland will fair now with Jozy and Giac and Sess, personally I think you guys will do pretty well as I think last year was a fluke.

  31. Seattle: /watch?v=JbzhGAwggVE
    You're absolutely right too. I mean, it's true that anyone that is in the EPL is a talented player and any team in the EPL is a great team. However I do think you are right about the MLS. I mean, the MLS All Stars beat Chelsea last year and the LA Galaxy just murdered Juventus. Not saying that they are close to the quality of the EPL teams, but the guy is wrong claiming that any EPL team would destroy the MLS every time.

  32. im all for defending the MLS and how it is getting better, but to claim the MLS All stars beating Chelsea last year as an example, is sad. that was pretty much their youth squad along with a 2-3 1st/2nd teamers. i think it would be fair to say, the top 2-3 MLS teams could fight at the bottom of the EPL. its sad to admit, but when the US starts to actually care about soccer/football more than around the WC, then we can talk about being mid tableish EPL quality. that is a ways away though

  33. just saying there are about 3-6 clubs that have the same type of passion that EPL teams have. yes the stadiums aren't as big, but imagine england trying to start their own NBA, that is what the it is like in terms of trying to gain interest in the US for soccer/football. its just not the sport we have grown up with, now hopefully that will change and it will get better, but calling it a mickey mouse league is a disservice to the players, and the thousands of supporters at every match.

  34. How is that sad? Eden Hazard was playing… and I never claimed it was their full A team either. If MLS All Stars lost to Chelsea, it would have been "MLS sucks" but they won so it's "Chelsea's F team". Come on man… I don't think our top MLS teams are midtable EPL teams, I think AT BEST they are bottom EPL or top of 2nd division.

  35. totally agree, but what i meant to say is that the US, as a sports community, doesn't care about soccer. therefore they don't care about MLS, when they have the NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL splitting attention, not to mention the american euro snobs, who don't care about MLS because its not 'cool/good' enough for them. if MLS keeps improving like we have seen, it will see more $ go into the clubs, better players will come(at younger ages haha), then ~mid table EPL is possible, that is 15-20 years away tho

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