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Josh Pauls | Athlete Lounge Tour and Flag Bearer Selection | Samsung Paralympic Blogger

November 30, 2019

Hey guys! Josh Pauls at the entrance to the
Team USA athlete lounge. I’m really excited to start blogging for Samsung here and the IPC and
really sure to give you guys a behind the scenes look at how we train, how we prepare
and just a little bit of insight into what a Paralympic athlete’s life here is like here
at the village. And so I’m about to walk in, check everything
out. We’ve got a lot of cool stuff for ya especially in the lounge, that’s probably
our favourite part of the village. Hey, I’m here in our Team USA athlete lounge,
this is Jamie, our athlete service co-ordinator. What she does is make sure that our lounge
is absolutely awesome, fully stocked. We get all water, drinks and right now we have some
of our sled guys hangin’ out, drinking smoothies and basically just making sure we’re recovered
after our practice and for our practice tomorrow. Hey, I’m still here in the athlete lounge
and this is our favourite room, it has all of our goodies, it has our snacks, it has
Jackie who is our team USA nutritionist who has been really helping our team fuel and
make sure we’re ready to go before and after competitions. This is our fridge fully stocked,
Declan chillin’ on some oatmeal, some yoghurt. All kinds of different stuff. We got coffee,
we got all kinds of bars and fruits and snacks and this is really our absolute favourite
room in this place. Team USA fans, I’m Josh, this is Steve and
we’re actually here because we’re talking about our flag bearer and Steve is our nomination
for Sled Hockey and I’m our spokesperson and so what we’re gonna do is each. The Team USA
process is that each individual discipline gets to nominate one candidate, Steve’s our
guy because he’s awesome and so I get to talk to everybody about how great he is and then
every other candidate and spokesperson gets to talk about them and then we go and we vote
and we pick a flag bearer and that’s kinda how we do it. It’s a little bit more of a
democratic process than some other countries but it’s also not purely democratic, it’s
more kinda like our government, getting a little representation. But Steve, are you
excited about the vote coming up tonight?
Oh, for sure. Alright, well thanks for joining
us Steve.

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