Jordan gets scared after Monica visited him | The Haunted (With Eng Subs)
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Jordan gets scared after Monica visited him | The Haunted (With Eng Subs)

January 22, 2020

Let me see your drawing. [PHONE RINGING] Stay here, okay? Hello? Caloy. Sir, I’m sorry to bother you but there’s something
you need to know. What is it? Ma’am Aileen confronted
Lorraine. She did? Why? She’s accusing her of having
an affair with you. What? Why? I don’t know. She just
attacked Lorraine. We were all in shock. Many people saw it. Sir, I really think that… It’s time for Ma’am Aileen
to know the truth. Monica! Wait! You promised to leave
your wife. Monica, I didn’t
promise you anything. Liar! You want to leave your
husband, right? How much do you need to leave and go
somewehere far? Is this enough? Not enough? Wait. You bastard! You think you can pay me off
after leading me on? You said you love me. You said we’d run away together. And now you’re throwing
your wife’s money at me? Caloy. Listen to me. Stay out of it. But, Sir… You will not say a word
to Aileen. Do you understand? You don’t know anything. You have nothing to say to her. Baby… What are you drawing? Do you like it, Daddy? Why did you draw that? Mommy wants me to draw this. Your mom didn’t teach you
to draw such a thing. Don’t draw this again. Do you understand? Mommy said the three of us
will stay together. She said you promised
never to leave her. Baby… What are you talking about? Mommy still loves you
even if you hurt her. Angel remembers
what happened? But she was unconscious then. Despite everything, I still love you, Jordan. And I will do anything for us to be together. You, me, and Angel.

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  1. Nabubwisit talaga ako sa pa Olay ni Pia na hindi ma e skip e skip! Parang mas gusto lo nlng bumalik ang ilibin ilibin keysa dito✌🏽

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