JoJo Siwa’s Tour Taste Test w/ Cricket Bites & More! 🦗JoJo’s Livin’ the D.R.E.A.M. | Ep. 8 | Nick

September 14, 2019

If you just swallow it,
you don’t even notice it. Protein. I was actually hoping you
had some spare crickets. You can try it. You literally just put it in your mouth
with a little bit a saliva and swallow it. [cricket chirping] [screaming] You didn’t even taste it. – It’s like–
– No when you crunch it you taste it. It’s like that stale… Ew. What is wrong with you guys?
I feed my crickets to my lizards. ♪ D-R-E-A-M ♪ Hey everyone, it’s JoJo, and I’m
about to play a game with my dancers. We are gonna call this
game Say It or Eat It. I’m currently crashing the dancers’ bus, they have no idea what
they’re about to do. But I’d definitely say they’re
in for a bit of a surprise. I have lovely snacks here from different
places that we’ve gone to on tour, or places that we’re
going to go to on tour. And they either have to eat the
snack or answer whatever I ask them. Let’s go! I would ask you guys a question,
and if you don’t answer the question, you’re going to have to eat the snack. And if you answer,
you can pick what you eat. From Grand Prairie, Texas, we have… yum! They maybe look like
caramel cheese snacks. Okay. Then from Charlestone, we’ve got a… – Oh-no.
– Oh! That is a pork rind. I will say anything to not eat those. And from Glasgow… Ooh. Interesting cookies. – Ooh.
– I love cookies. Okay, Lexi, what is your
favorite and least favorite song to perform on tour? Favorite song is, for sure, D.R.E.A.M. ♪ D-R-E-A-M ♪ ♪ You can do it if you see it
If you see it you can be it ♪ ♪ You believe it, you achieve it
You just D-R-E-A-M! ♪ You gotta answer with your least favorite. – Say it.
– It’s Bop! It’s because it’s hard. ♪ Right left, all around
Disco, disco, to the ground ♪ ♪ Boogie, boogie, freestyle
Then freeze ♪ But I love the song and
everything, it’s just hard. Yay! Now you get to pick which snack you eat. That’s what I wanted. – It’s good.
– It’s good? I wanna try it. – Do you not like it?
– No. Miss Robinson, what is your favorite
job that you’ve done with me? My favorite was Live With Kelly And Ryan. I don’t know what you
thought my favorite was. Kids Choice Awards,
’cause that was the first. Okay yeah, that was fun. ♪ Oh, ey-oh ♪ Okay I like both of them. – Now can I pick what I want?
– Yes. This is from Grand Prairie, Texas. It’s some sort of puff. Mm, it’s good. All right, final answer.
If you don’t answer this question, pork things are yours. What is my favorite movie? Queen. Bohemian Rhapsody. Ah! She got it! It’s Bohemian, come on. I’m not eating that. I really can’t do it, that’s disgusting. You have to! Cut. Give it to the boys. Come on Marcus, come on LeConte! – Welcome to JoJo’s feast.
– Hello, hello. Feast? I have in front of you, snacks.
Let’s open it up! We got, from St. Louis,
looks like some sort of candy. From Detroit, we’ve got pickles. No! I actually don’t like pickles. And from Boston… We’ve got some sort of bean. – Are you ready?
– Okay. All right, LeConte,
what is your least favorite dance move in the show? I would have to say, probably the
80,000,000 claps in Only Getting Better. ♪ As long as we’re together,
It’s only getting better ♪ Oh, okay.
All right, well pick what you want. I’m gonna go for the bean.
This is from Boston. – It doesn’t look like a bean–
– I know. – Oh it’s crunchy.
– Mm, I’ve had these before. But it’s like kind of nutty,
but then something surround– [laughing] Delicious. Who do you enjoy dancing with the most? And, who do you enjoy
dancing with the least? That’s unfair… no! – Enjoy your pickle!
– Wait! Literally I was like, “I’ll eat anything.” Pickles, not so much. I’m happy it’s you and not me. No honestly, I love everyone
so I can’t answer that. Yay! Eat it! Eat it! Know what? I’mma man up. Let’s do it. Let’s go marcus. Here’s a spit bucket in case you want it. Okay cool. I’mma take this bite,
chew it, swallow it. Enjoy. Mm, pickles. You might like it. – A big bite!
– Mm-mm. Mm-mm. – Uh-oh, do you want the bucket?
– Mm-mm. Are you sure? Good sport, buddy. Yum, yum. Good job, good job. Mm-mm, still goin’. Were they good pickles? They’re good, they’re perfect. – Yeah.
– I like pickles as long as they’re sweet. – Oh, that’s not sweet.
– They’re spicy pickles! That is horrible! I want water. – Oh. Oh my gosh.
– That was spicy. – The spice actually helped me.
– Mm-mm. [laughing] I’m gonna ask you a question about me. LeConte, if you get it right,
Marcus has to eat what you had to eat. And Marcus, if you get it right, LeConte
has to enjoy himself a spicy pickle. – Oh no.
– Yeah! – Oh no.
– Yeah! I like this one. What is… My favorite piece of wardrobe? – Sportyland.
– Yeah! Yeah! Eat a pickle! Eat a pickle! [laughing] [screaming] Come on, LeConte. Oh my god. Oh god! Uh-huh. [laughing] Isn’t it spicy? – Do you want water?
– Wow. [laughing] – I love that.
– Oh that was rough. I’m glad I didn’t suffer
through that by myself. Thank you. Yeah, anytime. All right, CJ! Alex! Your turn! From Richmond, we got, peanuts. Oh I’m in. I got this in the bag. From Portland, we’ve got, crickets! You’re kidding me, stop. Oh my god that’s gross. The pickles suddenly seem
really good now, huh? And finally from Atlanta, we got chips. Oh, I’m down with that. I’m down. All right boys, are you ready? – No.
– Yeah let’s do it. It’s cricket time. Alex, you are on a bus with
some very lovely people. – Who snores the loudest?
– I would definitely say Marcus. [laughing] Marcus always is in hibernation mode. – It’s true, but what?
– All right, he answered. – You get to pick what you eat.
– You know what, I just wanna try one. – All right.
– Ahh! I’m gonna ask you guys
a question about me. If you get it right, the other person
has to eat one scoop full of crickets. That’s too much. [screaming] Just like that. Are you ready? – Here we go.
– Uh-uh! In what order do I announce
the candies on stage? Doughnut, Starburst, gummy bear, ice cream, lollipop, cupcake. Yeah! No! – Alex…
– Oh, my heart. Alex, you’re a trooper. – Oh…
– Oh, not on my foot! I just gotta do it. Just do it and then spit them out. Yeah! Whoo! Go Alex! ♪ I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive
Everybody can come along for the ride ♪ All right guys. Tour.
It’s been fun so far, hasn’t it? – Whoo!
– Yes. It’s been good. I wanna know what
y’all’s favorite memory is from tour. I liked when we walked into rehearsals
with our hair all different colors. I like Crocodiile Rock,
because it’s always something new. – What’s the last move you did?
– CJ’s the fisherman, and I’m the fish. So he’ll hook me, as I’m… I’m like no! I don’t wanna get caught. We just started dying laughing. – Performing at Slimefest.
– Seeing everyone get slimed is fun. Yeah. I can’t even imagine doing
this with anyone else. Aw, they’re so cute! This is so fun! Helicopter. Look back. You guys are really sweaty.
No, get out of here! I think my favorite memory is our
final run through in rehearsals When we just had that sense of
like, we did it, we made it. Or our final run through in Phoenix. Just to see it all was just
so cool for that first time. I think definitely in this
past year JoJo’s taught us the importance of doing it for the kids. I’ve learned how to have fun on stage. Like we were so stressed out at first. I’ve got a whole show to remember. But now, like we all just have fun. It’s so much fun on stage. I can tell in the moment. Lexi and I have our little
moment with the stick. ♪ Bowbow ♪ ♪ See, everyone needs a friend ♪ I like when I’m on the
drums and she looks at me, because she has to put down her scooter.
You got me I’m like, I got you. I start rocking out again. We wouldn’t be here,
if there weren’t anybody to perform for. So thank you to anyone who’s watching.
I’m grateful for this. For the fans. For the fans.
It’s all for you guys, we love you. [crowd cheering] Okay everyone,
well this is our final moment here with you all on YouTube on tour. Thank you for joining us.
It has been so much fun getting to know you guys.
Getting to know these guys. Getting to know everything about
tour has just been incredible and the best experience ever.
I love you all. Thank you for staying too. Make sure you go back and watch
every single episode a billion times so you know all the
things that are happening. I love you, thank you for hanging out. Be sure to check out Nickelodeon’s
YouTube for more awesome content. But now, we got a show we gotta
get to guys. Love you. Peace.

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