Johnny Karate: All the Super Awesome Moments – Parks and Recreation (Mashup)

December 29, 2019

-Is everyone ready to hear
the best music you’ve ever heard in your miserable
little lives? [ Indistinct shouting ] -Tell me if this is appropriate
for a kids’ song. I changed the lyrics
in “Sex Hair” to… ♪ You got sex bears ♪ ♪ You got them from me, kid ♪ -Andy, the word “hair”
was not the problem. -♪ It’s super fun ♪ ♪ I want to do it
all the time ♪ ♪ Pick your nose ♪ [ Laughter ] ♪ ‘Cause boogers are gross ♪ I’m Johnny Karate. [ Cheering ] ♪ Imaginary friends are cool ♪ ♪ Imaginary friends
take the fall for you ♪ When you find
something new, you must lick it
before you eat it. -That is incorrect
in a number of ways. -♪ I, for instance,
peed the bed till I was 32 ♪ This is so fun. John Cena!
You’re my hero! -Wait, you’re Andy? From the information I got,
I just assumed you’d be, like, 10 years old. -Thank you!
-Okay. Great. -This, to me,
seems like a Hug Moment. -You are mistaken.
Remove the graphic. -This seems like a case for
Special Agent Burt Macklin. I don’t play by the rules,
but I get results. -Dang it,
you’re right again, Macklin. -It’s about
theoretical physics. [ Buzzer sounds ] You asked me to do this.
This was — [ Buzzer sounds ] -Alright. Thanks, guys.
Remember, karate on
bad guys only -Oh, geez. [ Cheering ] -That was incredible. You are overflowing with talent,
and I admire you. -♪ Stinky feet patrol ♪ [ Cheering ] ♪ It’s time for us to go ♪ -I kind of think you could
make a career out of this. -What does that make me?
A kids’ performer? I’m supposed to be
a rock star. -You just had fun in there,
and made $150. Who cares about what you
were supposed to be. -Karate out. -Hyah!

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