John McDonnell apologises ‘for the suffering we have inflicted’ on Jewish community
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John McDonnell apologises ‘for the suffering we have inflicted’ on Jewish community

December 14, 2019

Can I ask you, first of all, why is it
that so many people with such disgusting views felt at home
in the Labour party? It wasn’t so many people, it was a small number and I don’t care
how many it was. One antisemite in our party is too many. And what we’ve done is we’ve started
kicking them out in numbers. If you lose if you lose this election,
this will be part of the reason. I worry that this has had its effect and that
we’ve done everything I think we can possibly do. We’ve we’ve apologised to the Jewish community – and I repeat …
– nothing more you could do? Well, wait a minute. We’ve always got to learn lessons,
of course we have, all political parties. It isn’t just the Labour party. I want us to be a shining model. I apologise to the Jewish community for
the suffering we’ve inflicted on them. I say to them, we’re doing everything possible. We’re going to learn more lessons
and we want to be the shining example of antiracism that the Labour party should
be. And I hope I come out of this now having
in this horrible, horrible period, we’ve come out of it now, actually showing
the respect to the Jewish community and tackling this issue and enabling the
Labour party to tackle antisemitism and our wider society at.

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  1. Frankly I don't think that you can make an honest criticism of Labour for the efficacy of its anti-racist process without mentioning it is the only party that has one at all. Further, I am puzzled by the intense claims of betrayal from a demographic that has historically voted less than 15% Labour.

  2. It just feels like the media picked up on one part of that sentence. Feels like John McDonnell just fell into a media trap to paint the Labour party as being racist or something absurd.

  3. Well, the Tory party has so much 1slamaphobia that they decided to pull the investigation into it till after the elections. Tory Croydon MP served for the 1RA. And let's not forget the incumbent PM who is h0m0phobic, [email protected], and a m1sogynist…

  4. The reason that people are focusing on racism/antisemitism in the Labour Party is because the Labour Party is renowned for common decency and fairness.

    People expect racism/antisemitism from the rightwing, so don't see it as anything unexpected.

    So, Labour struggles with guilt over the behaviour of a few, whilst the rightwing parties just deny there is anything wrong in their parties, because they think racism/antisemitism is perfectly acceptable.

    Labour has morals and therefore people look for hypocrisy, Tories have no morals, therefore people don't bother looking.

    How very Alice In Wonderland.

  5. How about apologies to the black communities you caused hell and suffering to even until this day? To hell with the kites..

  6. Dork. You've defended that terrorist sympathizer, your freaking promoted him. Now go lose the election as you damn well deserve. Putting up Corbyn. The UK is one of the great nations. Her people will not elect a clown.

  7. The media has spent the best part of ten years smearing Julien Assange, and then they turned their attention to Jeremy Corbyn and ran a McCarthy style witch hunt against Labour.

  8. Noam Chomsky does not support the odious media campaign against Corbyn whom he reveres as a life-long opponent of racism. And who is this little Marr compared to Chomsky?

  9. How many apologies we up to now? Is it a coincidence we’re running up to an election and it’s asked every single time? Could the argument be made that Labour has done everything it possibly can and apologised multiple times, so at this point it’s being used as a smear and distraction without a doubt?

  10. "We've done everything we could possibly do." Either he has been misinformed or he is being deliberately mendacious.

  11. Don't ask people to apologise for things that happened before they were born. You can feel sorry it happened, and feel outraged for other people but you are not responsible.

  12. Then there's the 14,000 bn socialist pension debt, rising at 17.5%.
    But you're a pleb, McDonnell has taken your money pissed away.
    Now he wants more borrowing and to force the young to pay for it.

  13. "We will recruit an extra 10,000 nurses and it will cost twelfty one pounds"
    "We will pay for 50,000 extra nurses and the costings are eleventy two pounds and eight shilling pence"
    -Diane Abbott

  14. He worries that anti-semitism has had 'its effect', so by extension, he would be happy if all the anti-semitism didnt have any effect? Interesting.

  15. bLOODY HELL, hE LOOKS LIKE HE IS GOING TO CRY CROCODILE TEARS. Liar Liar pants on fire. Just scared they are going to lose or he would have come out and said this ages ago.

  16. Never mind anti semitism, this is the man who wants to get rid of our intelligence apparatus & defence capabilities….Comrade Mac .

  17. The Trident program is both too expensive and irrelevant to Britain's defence capabilities. But it is still in Labour's manifesto … despite the comrades at the top.

  18. The reality is that the election is likely see yet another heroic defeat, unlike the abject defeats since Blair, but Johnson will fail and then there is a real opportunity.

  19. The problem for Labour is that there is a de facto grand anti-Labour coalition involving the Conservatives, the Brexit Party and, oddly enough, the Lib Dems among others.

  20. General election: Johnson refuses to say if he'll resign should Tories lose – as it happened ►

  21. McDonnell is without doubt the most dangerous man in the UK. His plan for the economy would cause the biggest financial crash this century.
    Him finding £175,000,000000. (175 billion) by make the richest 'pay a little more' is a fairy story. We all know who will be paying, all of us.Within days the fuel duty freezes will be lifted, with some excuse of saving the planet. Happy motoring.
    Doing away with the NHS using the private sector and then implementing a 4 day week would make a great script for Monty Python. The similarity between him and Joseph Gorbals is frightening.

  22. If I had a factory that produced 12 combined harvesters per week, how am I going to produce 13 combined harvesters when the workers are on a 4 day week…. It's ridiculous and so is John McDonnel.

  23. This man is a lieing scumbag he is more devious than Corbyn when they lose the election he will have the knife into Corbyn's back so quick he won't see him move, lead by momentum it will be dog eat dog in the Labour party

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