Jion Bunkai – KARATE avec Lionel Froidure

November 19, 2019

This video is brought to you by Where you can find hundreds of hours of martial arts videos. With world class masters and sensei. Boost you knowledge with Hello karateka, I hope you’re great. Today, let’s do Jion Bunkai karate shotoka. If you’re new on this channel, I am Lionel My purpose is to help you to boost you karate knowledge. If you want some more advice, subscribe and clik the bell. Let’s start with a classic attack : Maite Zuki. Please don’t stay long in this pisition. I need fluidity, continuity. You remember, I made a video about that : HENTE. Working with the same hand. Almost the same but more secure. Quicker please. See ? Like in Jion kata. The flow can be perform in differnt ways, just adapt to your style. Now, let’s do it but he is going to block my counter. Same but different 🙂 I just have to do the Jion kata sequence to apply the bunkai. I creat an empty space on his guard. I could also do that. And look, it’s like Jion Kata. Really like the kata. Yes? I hope you appreciated, leave me a comment and check the other videos to get other advices, drills about bunkai, kumite, self defense, karate. See you for another video. And keep training.

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