Jessica Biel Shaded Justin Timberlake and *NSYNC: “Cool, I Guess”
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Jessica Biel Shaded Justin Timberlake and *NSYNC: “Cool, I Guess”

November 7, 2019

-Last weekend, right,
was a big weekend for you. It was you and Justin’s
wedding anniversary. -Yes.
-That’s right. What is it, seven years now? -Seven years. Can you believe that? -It was seven years ago?
-Oh, my God. -I had so much fun
at your wedding. It was the best,
most beautiful wedding. I loved it.
-The only problem with that wedding is
I didn’t get to go as a guest. -Yeah.
-I want to go back as a guest. But you — You had the most fun
at that wedding. -Do you remember
your speech that you made? [ Both laugh ] -I don’t remember any of this.
-During Justin’s speech that he made?
-Uh-huh. I kind of do. -During our reception, Justin
was giving this beautiful — “Thank you so much for coming. You flew so far.
This means the world to us. You’re our, you know,
most beloved.” And over in the corner, there were these terrarium
things, remember, with the big glass lids? And you put it on your head,
and you just stood up like a weird,
old-school scuba diver or some sort of an astronaut
or something? -Yeah, I think I was — Yeah,
swimming around or something. -You were interrupting him,
and he was laughing back at you, and I thought,
“Thank God this is Jimmy,” ’cause if it wasn’t you — -I would be thrown out
of the wedding. -Thrown out. Gone. -Yeah, I kind of remember that.
It was these giant fish bowls. -These giant fish bowl things.
-Yeah, I just put one on and, like, started pretending
I was an astronaut. -Yeah.
-Yeah, yeah. Anyways — -I remember that. -I’m happy that you invited me.
Thank you. That’s why I don’t get invited
to any weddings anymore. Yeah. Isn’t that weird? -Well, you can always —
If I get married again, to him again, you can come. -I will.
-The remix. -The remix? Okay, I’ll be there. When you guys renew your vows,
I’ll be there. I was hearing this. I was doing some research
on this interview, and I saw somewhere, it came up, that you were never really
an NSYNC fan when they were out. -Well — No. But — But — -Were you like
a Backstreet Boys fan? -No, no, no. I was — I was a, like, a lame music-y —
not lame. I was just listening
to old-school stuff. I was — I was listening
to theater productions. I was listening to “Rent.” I was like —
knew every word of “Rent.” I was listening to Motown. I was listening
to old-school stuff. I, like, lived under a rock. I just — I wasn’t
into pop culture music. -‘Cause we actually found
an interview of Jessica Biel during those times
that NSYNC was around. It’s pretty — It’s pretty
interesting to see. -Jimmy, Jimmy. -This is years before
you and Justin ever met. -No, please.
-Here’s Jessica Biel in 1999 being asked…
-No, no, please. -…if she’s an NSYNC fan. Take a look.
-Oh. To be honest,
I don’t really listen — I haven’t really — I mean,
I know of them, of course. And I’ve heard of them,
and I’ve heard the music. I don’t think I own
any of their CDs. I’m not a huge fan. Um… But, I mean, cool, I guess. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -[ Laughing ] Oh, my God.
You’re in so much trouble. Dude, you’re in
so, so much trouble. Oh, my God. My God, I mean —
“Cool, I guess.” Oh, my God. -The attitude. -Your attitude you had, yeah. But you don’t know —
You don’t know — I figure now you probably know
some NSYNC songs. Right? -Not really. [ Laughter ] I-I mean, listen, it became very clear to me just a month ago
when we were with our friends. We were hanging out again
in Italy somewhere, and we were trying
to play Truth or Dare, which is the dumbest thing to do with a bunch of, like,
late 30-year-olds. -Yeah.
-It was a bad idea. Everyone knows each other’s
truth. So it’s boring. -Yeah, you’re just like,
“Let’s just play Dare.” -So we just played Dare.
And my dare was I have to sing an NSYNC song, all the lyrics,
all the melodies, and I literally — I couldn’t. I only know three words. “Bye, bye, bye.” [ Laughter ] Which is, I guess,
one word three times. -That’s one word three times. But still, that’s the one.
That’s the one to know. -And I wasn’t allowed
to sing that. I had to sing something else. Justin coached me through
the chorus, the verse. -Oh, no.
-I’m looking at the words. It was so embar–
It was humiliating. -Oh, my gosh. -Really humiliating.
-I love it. It’s hilarious. We should both work on — We’ll find a song and do a duet
and surprise Justin. -Would you help me?
-Yeah, I will help you. Yeah. We’ll do it, yeah.
‘Cause I’m a giant fan. -I know. -You do know that. Right? Yeah.
-I know. -I want to know talk about
your show “Limetown.” This is on Facebook Watch. This is good that —
You’re starring in this. You executive-produced this. And this is based on this
podcast that was fascinating. -Yes.
-It was really cool. -Did you love it?
-Yes, I — -Oh, I loved it so much. -Who — Who did
the podcast again? -Well, Zack Akers
and Skip Bronkie, they created this podcast. They — And they
created the story. I thought it was real.
-No, at first. Yeah, because, me, too.
-100% real. I was into true crime stuff.
-But this is at the time — Me, too.
-So I thought for sure this is something I missed. The news goes so quickly.
-Like a true crime podcast. And what is the story again? -So, the story is this town, this small kind of, um, uh,
science community — Sort of everyone in the town
disappears one day. And there’s — there’s no —
no leads, no nothing. It’s like the town was full
of people one day. The next day, it’s just empty.
-Yeah. -And that was 15 years
in the past. So when we start our show, my character’s
an investigative journalist, and she has her own podcast, and she actually has
a personal connection. One of her family members
is one of the missing. So, she wants to open up
the case, and she gets a lead. And then you go into the story. -But it is —
It’s a fantastic story. And it’s done so well by you.

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  1. I think it’s actually nice that she wasn’t into nysnc when they met, imagine being a fan going into a relationship with that person thinking u know everything bout them, bcz some of these boyband stans think they’re the creator of these celebs lol

  2. Oh man! I bet she was so not expecting that clip to play! What a totally unscripted thing to play out in such a spectacularly off the cuff manner! Boy, I love late night TV.

  3. I heard Jessica pushed marriage on Justin, and he wasn't really ready, and she wanted to settle and move on… not sure if this was true.

  4. How can she stand being married to him is all I can think about when I look at her. She dated a lot. She could have done much better.

  5. I first saw Jessica in the 2003 Texas chainsaw massacre. Needless to say I thought she was hot as fuck. Never actually watched an interview with her, but she seems like a very down-to-earth cool chick. Obviously talented, but doesn’t seem to Rely on her looks alone. Has the personality to boot. Cheers!

  6. LIME TOWN!!! Just finished the podcast and I thought it was real for like the first 3 episodes ?? I’m excited to see the show, she is a great actress ❤️

  7. That’s SO bad Jimmy! Who’s it by again? What’s it about again? You haven’t listened to it mate you’ve got no idea and it’s so obvious

  8. I'm curious how
    Justin&Jessica met…
    Jessica biel"all i know
    Is three lines byebyebye"
    I died….she's funny and
    So down to earth..still
    Very beautiful

  9. I refuse to believe she doesn't know a single *NSYNC song. That's not possible for someone who grew up in the 90s. Their music was EVERYWHERE! SHES MARRIED TO JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! She must be actively ignoring his music.

  10. Limetown on facebook is soo good! But Jessica could have been a fan of JT's from the Mickey Mouse Club haha he didn't ask her that..

  11. She looks so different. Maybe it’s age or motherhood, but her face has changed so much. Allegedly she tries to stay super skinny so Justin won’t leave her and I really hope that’s just a rumor. She’s a beautiful woman either way. Hopefully she’s not purposely changing herself for that reason ??

  12. She's not ugly but I don't see why she would think she can't get movie roles because of her look? Most of the biggest actresses in Hollywood are much prettier than her.

  13. Unpopular opinion but Jimmy is such a bad interviewer because it seems like he butt-kiss his guests even when he's not. It makes me uncomfortable watching him, something about his voice.

  14. I'm sorry, but I don't see what's so crazy about her? She dresses frumpy and I don't find her attractive at all. Poor Justin?

  15. Awww Jessica is so real lol. Its true not everybody knows NSYNC or liked their songs. But looking back now, there were cool and I can appreciate some of their songs now that im older.

  16. So, the rumors of Jimmy Fallon being an alcoholic are true I guess. Who acts like that at someone's wedding, especially when the groom is giving a speech.

  17. I mean I don't watch all of Henry Cavill's movies, they say he's a good actor and a good-looking guy, but he's cool, I guess.

  18. Wow, people Jessica is 37 years old. Yes. But that’s still young not very young like a teenager but young as in a mature young woman.
    She looks amazing ????????

  19. Hello world my mom past away last Thursday and I’m asking for your help please please thank you

  20. Sorry but she had an ATTITUDE back then, and her saying we were hanging out in Italy AGAIN… and claiming she doesn’t know ANY SONGS of the group the man she’s married to is ABSURD!! FAKE AF!

  21. Jessica is almost 38 years old her birthday is March 3

    JT is almost 40 years old his birthday is January 31

    They don’t age

    They have found the fountain of youth

  22. This woman is just stunning! She made 1999 to 2019 look like nothing at all! Alsoooooo can we not just talk about her, she’s relevant and i hate how it always goes back to JT! Shoutout to The Sinner let’s talk about that — she was amazzzereballs !

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