Jeremy Corbyn deflects question on free movement after Brexit
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Jeremy Corbyn deflects question on free movement after Brexit

November 20, 2019

The conference motion, the famous
conference motion said that Labour should maintain and extend free movement rights. What does extend mean? Well, I think that the movers of the motion
had in mind the questions of family reunion of people from both the European Union
and other parts of the world as well. Will freedom of movement end
if we leave the EU? There will be a great deal. A great deal of movement? So freedom
of movement will not end? – No, you’ll have to wait until thursday.
I know you’re very impatient … – I am, I know what’s going to happen.
– but you’ll know on Thursday

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  1. Tories are the party of the rich…always have been.

    Johnson is an absolute liar…I don’t trust a word he says.

    I want real change in this country, i want a fairer economy and society….I’m voting Labour

  2. Who cares? The system is essentially a "Lobby Group Dictatorship". A top-down clean-up is required. We do NOT need Parliament. ?

  3. One thing about CORBYN he is consistent. We can be sure on the 12th of next month we STILL will be unsure what were voting for.

  4. Brit fury as Corbyn says UK to still give EU BILLIONS after Brexit 'worst of all worlds!'.
    And free movement will stay the same but with a plus to it. But he will respect and implement a new referendum WHY? he didnt the last one.

  5. John : “Jeremy , why do we always have Earl Grey , can’t we have proper tea for once ?”
    Jeremy : “ no John , you know what our founder , Karl Marx , said about tea “
    John : “ what did he say about tea , Jeremy ?”
    Jeremy : “All proper tea is theft”

  6. Corbyn vows free dental checks , Why? ,If they are poor they still cant have the work done , And if they have toothache they don't need to be told it they all ready know. Bloody ridiculous .

  7. I'm sure Jeremy would agree that Canada with so much sparsely inhabited sovereign territory would benefit even more from the recent US/Mexico/Canada Free trade agreement if it had included the right to freedom of settlement to any of those Mexican and US citizens(460million,or so) who might want to live there. After all the EU population is not much more and the land mass of Canada is about 30 times as much as the UK.

  8. we all know what the tories immigration plans are; they want to offer an amnesty to all illegal immigrants currently in the uk & also recruit hundreds of doctors & nurses from abroad, to the detriment of british workers.
    the tories aren't looking to curb immigration – why should they, when big business can employ cheap labour instead of our own people; they still want to continue to bring in fruit pickers, even though there are enough oaps, school kids & university students available at this time.

  9. Open borders will only work by ending the exploitation of the workers once and for all and by implementing foreign policy that puts democracy and human rights front and centre.

  10. He wants to wait until the Labour manifesto is officially published. What's wrong with that? If it's unpublished it's not for public consumption yet. What about all the other parties?

    Let's not wish to spoil the surprise.

  11. Karl Marx said at the Lausanne Congress 1867….. "" in order to oppose their workers, the employers either bring in workers from abroad or else transfer manufacture to countries where there is a cheap labour force. 

    It's a shame Corbyn doesn't take more notice of his Hero!

  12. He knows it'll be toxic in working Class communities.

    When Labour lose the election, it will be down to their extreme position on migration.

    An extreme free market position on migration, calling it solidarity or saying you'll regulate doesn't change that.

  13. I am strongly in favour of proactive progressive family reunification policies.

    Free tickets for all non EU migrants wanting to reunite with their families in their countries of origin, now !!!!

    ? ✈️ ??

  14. I can’t stand this bloke, the first time this party has a leader that is sooooo unelectable! And also we have to choose from him and Boris! Incredible x

  15. multiculturalism and overpopulation are the only reasons why this country is no longer a great place to live. our only chance is to leave the EU now. we will not be allowed a second chance.

  16. A true patriot of peoplekind everywhere, all around the world. Tony Blair can't hold a candle to this guy in terms of honesty, honour and straight talking. With a man like Corbyn you know where you stand, a clear policy platform to socially upbraid the nation and enact revolutionary progress, towards a global socialist utopian vision.

    Vote Corbyn/Cthulhu for the end of all things.

  17. Quote by Anthony Wedgewood Benn. "Beware of a man with simple answers to complex problems. The last one was a German with a small moustache"

  18. It has become clear that the claim that Brexit would mean taking back control of our borders and keeping out all immigrants was a deception. The Tories, Labour and Libdems have said that immigration will not be stopped after Brexit. They say that immigration is essential. So what is the point in Brexit ? We might as well say in the EU.

  19. So tell me guys what you gonna do and your families when prices goes up of living? and there will be no many vacancies? benefits

  20. PPl like Corbyn have the nerve to say we are living to long and using up the N.H.S.
    While at the same time inviting the world, to come and use the N.H.S And every other services without paying one penny in the pot.

  21. Hey everyone!!! this country is giving away FREE HEALTH CARE!!! – Wait what? health care no matter my issue i just have to go there… YEP COME ON EVERYONE FREE HEALTH CARE BRING YOUR NAN YOUR SON YOUR BROTHER!!!.. ITS OK THE MAJORITY IS COVERED BY THE WHITE MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  22. Thanks jeremy, I knew u were crazy,and anti british, but you just confirmed it, britain will never be the same if he wins, the biggest movement of people in the history of britain, do not let him to power he hates Britain,

  23. Labour's position on Brexit…… we leave but only a little bit, or put another way they will have another referendum with remain or remain as the choices. Corbyn Abbott and co, will be an absolute disaster for this country.

  24. Corbyn wants people to vote for him yet he constantly refuses to answer any questions about Brexit

    Lib Dems stance on Brexit everyone knows but Jeremy Corbyns stance?????

  25. That's not so much a deflection as "I'm not answering that till Thursday". Which is very different from the normal politician question dodging

  26. At least the LibDems are clear they will reverse BREXIT – as detestable as that is… Labour wants to be in every EU convention, treaty and agreement, but wants to tell everyone that we've left…

  27. Why don't we just get to the REAL nub of the issue. The brexiteers don't want us in the EU because they will be forced to show us how they aren't paying taxes. The very rich pay less tax than the average UK person. So comeone guys, you think it's all down to a free movement issue when what it's really all about is transparency, which the rich brexiteers don't want.

  28. Corbyn's not clever enough to deflect questions. He's a heckler, not a leader. His place is to be stood on a soap box in Hyde Park, not sat in parliament. He'd have an argument in an empty house.

  29. Corbyn has ditched everything he ever believed in. He has ditched his longstanding Euroscepticism and his determination to preserve Tony Benn’s legacy of radical English democratic ideas. He has betrayed Labour’s own 2017 manifesto, its working-class voters, and his own hero Benn, whose sceptical, democratic legacy he has now killed and buried in return for the flimsy backing of the entitled, irate metropolitan defenders of the status quo. Corbyn’s legacy will be the destruction of Benn’s legacy, and for what? For the pay-off of a few more months of power at the top of the Labour Party. He is the most unprincipled, unscrupulous, power-hungry politician in British politics right now – and that’s saying something. RIP Labour.

    Sure some immigrants work for it but the vast majority don't and only place more pressure on it. We need a immigration point system.

  31. Corbyn does not like anything being long term. That's probably why 2 of his 3 wives left him. He refuses to answer questions on religion, renationalization, free movement, Brexit and immigration. He's incapable of creating anything long term.

  32. Corbyn: I represent; the working class, the down trodden, and the everyman……(retires to his mansion, with his £4 million)

  33. He's a Russian spy and if he gets in power he'll open our borders to everyone..he wants to destroy this country from within..the powers in charge did nothing in the 80s when they knew what he was up to…in bed with terrorists still they did nothing…

  34. So, there'll be very few immigrants, but they'll be moving around a great deal! Got it!
    Jeremy Corbyn never misses an opportunity to alienate as many Remain and Leave voters as possible.

  35. Labour want to bring unskilled workers in to compete with (and ultimately take jobs from) the unskilled British workers, surely this goes against the Labour party's founding principles. They've gone from a party for the working man of this country to a party directly against the working man of this country, who the f-k does Corbyn think he is. I think the Tories could possibly win by the largest margin in history

  36. eu immigrant: What? you don't want us to come to your country in our tens of millions and take your jobs money and homes? You are xenophobic and we hate English people and want to be racist to you!
    UK person: Find another eu country to invade via fee movement and they will leave the eu too. eu immigrants will destroy the eu! Build your own country and stop stealing the benefits of others when you haven't paid!
    eu immigrant: I have been here 12 months and pay tax so I want the same rights as the people that have paid into the system for 40 years!

    UK person: No, go home!

  37. Does this man ever …. I mean ever ! answer a question? …. shall i get your coat Jeremy, because it's mighty cold out there on the political wasteland, and you're heading there pretty soon.

  38. A simple concept no rich 2nd home in Spain live in £4,000,000 homes in exclusive gated estates, kids at boarding school Remainers

    Then you have your Middle Class Remainers who couldn't afford to send their kid to Boarding School so instead PRETENDED TO GO TO CHURCH for 2 weeks to get their kid into a prestigious Religious School instead even thorough they've never attended Church in their lives

    XRail millions of pounds thrown at a London based projects HS2 if it benefits Londoners then it'll be built money no object Remainer Southerners will never understand

    If you've got nothing you've got absolutely nothing to loose

    Decades of mass under investment in North abandoned villagers abandoned towns abandoned shops outdated rail network infrastructure running PACER TRAINS 30 YEARS OLD , School's in disrepair , SCHOOL Teachers feeding kids out of their own money, mass unemployment is normal for BREXIT voters

    All these areas are labour heartlands

  39. No more EU immigrants
    20 years with the EU
    UK received
    2.000 Pedophile
    5.000 rapists
    75.000 pickpocket
    5 million convict
    2 million unemployment claimingt benefits
    1.000 terrorists

  40. Everything about Comrade Corbyn tells you he is a weak, cowardly, indecisive politician, who takes his orders from those below him. All of his political career, he as been anti European Union. You only have to go online and do a search, there is plenty of evidence that proves my point. Corbyn wouldn't have lasted 1 second in Stalin's government, he would have met the same fate as all the others. Comrade Corbyn would go after the wealthy with a relish and a vindictiveness not seen since Stalin if he wins the general election. 

    As John McDonnell said, ‘Change is coming. It’s as simple as that’. McDonnell is the one who calls all the shots, he is a true Marxist.

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  42. Labour will lose by a landslide. The December vote comes down to Brexit, Labour do not realise this. Labour have the worst possible stance on Brexit they are neither here not there. Conservatives will 100% win with labour losing votes to con and lib dems.

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