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  1. “Y’all think it’s boojee, I’m like it’s fine, but I’m trying to give you 1 million dollars worth of game for $9.99”

  2. This song is cool jay !??〽️??⚜️???????✈️✈️??I seen the private jets I feel sick but getting better would like to work with u and jay and Beyoncé I’m running to be president 2024 Sheena love

  3. Taking that quarter turning that to 4 more. Four more then..
    Any wheel;
    For wheel drive..
    Not Jive
    And then
    Just big four fat lairs with
    Niggas put them en'

  4. Let's convert this to
    Any one listening to drive an Ice berg
    Thru a fueling, to much fuel
    Yep! You guessed it..
    Still Yirning!

  5. They manufactured the clan so they can keep the division line up in the communities not only that it was also used for people in high ranks of society so they can participate anonymously in racially segregated affairs like using scare tactics towards the black community sort of like that movie The Village by M Night Shyamalan the higher-ups in government at the time felt like Society wasn't ready for a integrated and segregated free Society but this world is still segregated in a way because we don't have a one world government in this world with separate government's we can never truly be integrated before a One World Government Can really happen every separated government entity will have to come together under a new Banner but can we say for certain that Union will be the mark for complete peace on Earth we live in a world with opposites who will be the enemy then.

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  7. I just dont get how the Part about racism is connected to the Part about Money and investing.To me they seem very separated which would be weird as they are in one song. I also dont get wo gets critiziced by the Second Part. Kapitalism in general, people who waste their money or is Even someone critiziced? Sorry for my bad englisch but im from germany and dont speak that well

  8. Great song. Now go back to sleep sheeps and wait for the next ghetto Hokey Pokey.
    If your environment doesn't inspire you to change and to do something, and only music can??
    Smh, then whistle while doing it.

  9. I believe most if not all of you are oblivious to what's happening in society today regarding colored neighborhoods please do yourself a favor and look up the Willie lynch letter I want to educate America so help me and start by educating yourself

  10. Do you think after a black person watches this video, they feel more angry or more pleasant towards white people? I have a hunch I know. And that's why this video was made, to spark anger in people. Judging by the views and the likes, it did its job. I'm watching and the video has 66,660 comments, it will be 66,661 after I post this. I doubt it's a coincidence. Jay-Z is a servant of the devil, which is why he made this song/video. To conjure hate amongst all the people of God. Believe that.

  11. This song has a very powerful message. Thank you Jay Z.

  12. Nobody comments these are real images boys and girls. That's right back like 50 years ago these are actually images created than. This was how blacks were comically depicted. That's the real irony of this video not just what he is saying

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