Jake Mace admits Shaolin-Do Karate is his only art.
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Jake Mace admits Shaolin-Do Karate is his only art.

November 16, 2019

so here we go here’s the next part of
this post in addition after logging into YouTube well first of all I am going to
be a Grammar Nazi and pretend to not and pretend to not know what you meant
but anyways better after logging into YouTube there are a number
of videos and youtubers calling Jake a fake martial artist this is not an
appropriate thing to address on this channel, but if I answer with these
lies on my Martial Arts channel, they’ll know I am lying and point out their real issue
So instead, I am going to accuse others of being jealous instead of mentioning
the lawsuit between me and Sin Kwang The They don’t like that I teach Shaolin Do Karate
and call it REAL Gung Fu Freddie said he doesn’t like that I am white, claiming
to teach Chinese martial arts I never studied And instead of acknowledging what he meant,
I am going to attribute his racism to everyone because I’m white to be honest and I
completely disagree and I do not talk about where I learned kung foo from or
Tai Chi from because when I was in my late 20s I had kind of a break up from
my martial art instructors and the main martial art teacher, Sin Kwang The
is a fraud who sued me and now I am not allowed to claim Shaolin Do
But I can’t afford a new teacher so I kept teaching it It’s easier for me to claim to know all these styles
because my target audience doesn’t know the difference And they will believe me when I call them haters and trolls
there to travel so whenever I go to China I always pick up more martial arts
from the Chinese teachers of Chinese kung-fu and Tai Chi they learn from and
I just don’t like to talk about them because they don’t exist and two of my followers
could proove that I am a liar And, again, I was sued, so I can’t mention
Sin Kwang The, or he will sue me and there’s a lot of business personal
and moral issues that went into our our breakup of our relationship that
involved a federal lawsuit and I just don’t want to fan those flames so
because of that a lot of youtubers call me a fake martial artist, and now
listen as I destract you from that point by saying my bought likes and views matter
Please don’t look up my connection to BBTV Or my youtube stats
because that’ll proove I buy subs and views but for the most part my videos are
loved because my target market doesn’t know better I teach repackaged Shaolin Do
I do not do videos with and I do not talk about my teachers because SIn has a
legal paper preventing me from mentioning them I will never be honest so if you guys go online and
see fake mace or Jake mace the fake martial artist you know that’s that’s
fine go join the haters but listen I have a hundred million views on YouTube
for my martial art videos a hundred million views on YouTube alone I’ve got
seven hundred thousand subscribers and YouTube alone yesterday I added thirteen
hundred new subscribers in one day every day I get over a thousand new
subscribers to my martial art channel so believe me when I boast about my internet numbers
lot of the haters are going to be other martial artists who actually study
the arts I claim to teach and they are angry that I would lies
and missrepresent their art gardening community no one’s gonna fight
me because all they know how to do is go out in their garden but in the martial
arts community people would love to punch me and kick me and test my skills
and I’m going to do that I would love to test their skills but I’m too scared
and busy pan handling watching other’s videos
soI can copy it to seem like an expert never sparring doing a bunch of fight videos
learning new martial arts learning new guarding techniques learning how to
graft learning how to become a better con artist and loving my new meal ticket
Nicole that I can’t possibly have time to fight those martial artists so leave
me the hell alone you bully if you’re posting my gardening group
please don’t bring martial arts into it I don’t want them knowing how big of a con I am yikes I guess I should just stay offline
and stay in the garden and yeah that’s the only truthful thing you said in the
whole post, which was directed at me to do, but I am going to pretend you said it about yourself person for posting this in my group it
gave me the chance to address in a very orderly fashion and if anybody out there
is in my facebook group or any place where you see hate like this or trolling
like this or potentially you know “slanderous” AKA “True” stories about
this tag me and take a screenshot message it
to me so that I can deal with it remove it and get it off the Internet so I can remove the proof
And make a video lying about what happened

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  1. Here is the REAL reason why he doesn't mention his "teacher(s)" and ShaolinDO:


    He received this letter from his "master" after the lawsuit. Laura Adams was his first wife.

  2. If you have come here to say some spill about chi, no touch knockouts, or some other mystical bullshit, I would ask you to link proof that such a thing exists.
    Then tell me what chi magic has to do with Jake lying or telling the truth. A lie is a lie, no matter what cult you follow.

  3. Tth this is Chinese martial arts down to a T. No stranger to drama, but sadly very little substance. In fact the latter pretty much sums up every other Master/Grand master and Jace Mace is no different. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to train with other people and his teacher disowned him, or wanted him to be tied down commercially. Seen it many time. So called masters are very childish and green eyed, and are scared that they will come under scrutiny.

    I studied WC for over a decade both modern and traditional. I have of course learnt a lot, but I have as much learn what not do so as well as what to do. The Chinese martial community so far as you could call it that is so full of hot air.

    The best linage is no linage, the best master is no master.

    It is not as if there is a system to determine who is and who isn't a master, and Chinese martial art is one of the worst in that respect. If not the worst. Secondly all that BS about being a better person, moral character. Chinese martial master are probably the most hypocritical least moral people I know, and antithesis to Buddhist ideals.

    Sure some of the clubs are more Wushu Taolu ™ than others but lets be-honest even the Chinese government realised they needed a modern form of kick-boxing, and promote Wushified arts for an attractions..

    The reality is most people commenting are no better than Jake Mace. So yes Jace Mace should get over himself, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't either.

  4. I will gladly fight him in the gardening community. My greenhouse is way more superior to whatever drugs he's growing. Am I wrong here? I mean there is no way he is able to keep this up without being on something.

  5. Did this guy just say EATING VEGAN FOOD and MEDITATING were his excuses for not challenging other fighters?!

  6. Fake mace keep up the bullshit. Tell everyone how you defeated karate kid and the movie blood sport was based on your life. Go ahead champ let them know.

  7. Jake Mace, you obviously don't know kung fu, and yet you steal the techniques from other martial arts practitioners from various sources on the Internet and claiming them as your own and making a profit out of it? You're a fake fraud.

  8. You have 2154 views on this video. Slow down prom date, no one cares about how many views you have. They care about your shitty martial arts.

  9. Hey Brother how you doing I hope everything is going well at your dojo just keep your head up stay strong train hard

  10. For me theres one thing ; he his better then me so I respect and learn no matter where he learn his art. I his good !!! Thats it !

  11. Hey dumbass, most chinese kung fu masters don't give a fuck what your race is. I've seen a ton of masters with white, black, and Hispanic students. You just want to take away from the fact that you're a fucking fraud that doesn't know kung fu. Quite coming up with fucking excuses for why you won't fight with actual martial artists. You want to make up a whole bunch of bullshit as to why people call you fake and why you won't fight. We all know the real reason is cause you are fake and you're too afraid to fucking admit it, and you're afraid to fight real martial artists cause then people will know you're a fraud, oh wait we already do. Just quit before more people hate you… if that's possible.

  12. You know how many "white" sifus teach choy lay fut. Color means nothing if you're good enough. If you don't want to mention your instructors then you should not teach what you learned from them

  13. "They hate me because I'm white" No my dude, they hate you because you're full of shit, they hate you because you claim to know every single fucking style and steal Chinese "kung fu" and profit from it. It doesnt matter how much subs or views this guy has, its not the point. This dude is actually showing his greed, that he doesnt even see it himself how hypocritical. If you're being challenged for something, to show your true skills, you dont "put all your time" to gardening and all that shit.

  14. Guys, whether his skills are fake or not.
    The man has the right to show us his move and shares his experience.
    He's not teaching in any actual school, is he?

  15. Cause you white?
    Cause you not qualify to teach. You using Traditional Chinese Martial Art on your billboard, but teaching something else. A lot of white people are teaching as Sifu in US and Europe. So, cut the craps.???

  16. So halfway through I realized the closed captions didn't match the dialog exactly and man am I glad I noticed hahaha, immediately restarted the video and it was so much more entertaining!

  17. my problem with his easy…. watch dk yoo or other guys on his level, and after watch how jake mace moves, kicks like he got some to the ass…. compare his kicks to joe rogan even or any tkd or better kung fu guy… what he teaches can literally kill people, he has no coordination, 0 fajing 0 jin… he is athleatic and that is all… but he should not make videos abou wing chun, taichi or eagle claw at all, but specially wing chun and taichi cos he has 0 clue about energy generation… and finaly, i hate him, cos everywhere when i searched stuff he poped up, cos he wrotes to video titles like "amazing" and stuff like this… we hate you Jake, cos you make real martial artists a bad reputation

  18. This guy is such a arrogant, self righteous prick. He needs to go down. His only likes are from losers. And Freddie Lee is a fake too.

  19. I kinda feel like the Chinese know that their Arts have been spread worldwide by now. Bruce pioneered that! I doubt that they are worried about a single YouTube channel (white guy or not) out of the thousands with skilled instructors sharing videos every day on here.

  20. Yup playing victim now… and excuses for not accepting challenges from other martial artists. He's just afraid of having his true skill set exposed. Honestly, it's not like it's "mortal kombat" or something, all he has to do is have a sparring session with them. If he has time for sparring other people, he has time for sparring with his challengers.

  21. the whole they dont like me because im white and i teach kung fu is a fare poit granted he is a fake martial artist but the fact that people dont like other people because hes white and teaches kung fu is incredibly stupid and racist

  22. 1300 subscribers in one day? Is that even possible? So, he gets thousands of new subscribers everyday, estimates 20 likes out of 1 dislike ratio, and apparently that one dislike is a passionate hater lol.

  23. You are very fake because you don't want to talk about your teacher because the truth will come out…

  24. Dude. Nobody cares about what you have to say. (well gay people do) Theres nothing wrong with Mace, everyone has their secrets and some prefer keeping it to themselves. However my point is, he isn't teaching his stuff wrong and the only people trying to expose him are nosy dicks.

  25. And your scared cause you can’t do martial arts. And I’m sure they don’t care that your white. They care that your fucking up their shit. If you want to teach martial arts you should master it first and you are definitely no master. Asian martial arts part of my culture quit fucking it up.

  26. He has over 800000 mostly gullible and rookies subs.
    roughly 20000 devoted viewers
    and us here who areTrue followers of theTAO
    we are against dishonesty, and do not want to see INNOCENT being misled it is difficult to WAKE someone up , if the DREAM they are watching is so appealing. Yet I think we must ,even if it's just 1 person.
    Thank you for posting.
    I have began to do video series , titled "KUNG FU Chronicles",
    in this regard. placing more attention to actual "techniques" He (Jake) is teaching , with full breakdown/analysis and a suggestion of corrections. I will also be bring up PROOF and evidence of some lies, he has told.
    Every one is welcome stop by and tell me what you think.

  27. I like jake I think he should just tell people he does that shaolindo stuff and garden and teach all his forms and enjoy all his viewers, but I am sorry anyone that does traditional Chinese martial arts seriously can just look at his posture, and the quality of his movement and know that he has not been taught, or he does not care to learn the correct way. Good luck to jake, enjoy him, but do not consider what he does a true representation of an authentic Chinese martial tradition.

  28. I had issues with past martial art teachers due to loosing financial commitment. 1 guy got so angry he reported me to government. Lol Forget the haters. Keep cool.

  29. Fuck you you fake ass pos . stfu. I knew you were fake when i saw your video theyre all FAKE AF the proof is your own videos so stfu pray no one tests your realness on the streets ya fuckin rat

  30. I don't like the fact that you are a liar, you have NO lineage and you are indeed Fake Mace. Real Traditional
    Con Man.

  31. Jake embrace what you do man. Everyone has there own thing, the new bully mentality is just that, people use it as a stepping stone for self glorification. I notice you don't have a specific specialization that you do perhaps you pick something up. I saw another of your videos asking what style you should learn next. Well even if you learn one on your own you can't go wrong with a fuzhow form of South shaolin, they are a untapped surplus of great forms that are kinda smeared with mysterious movement because they are doing pantomime with the fighting forms. Just set a line in the sand for a new form for you all you have to do is jump over it, and YouTube a little.

  32. "If you tell a lie loud enough and long enough people will believe it."
    Adolf Hitler.
    praying mantis has a beak?
    Hung Gar's kiu sao (bridge hand)
    is called the tiger crane hand?
    are you nuts you don't know jack about martial arts, i don't like you cause you're a phony. You're being followed because some don't know any better. Peace Out

  33. Peter North Would Destroy Weak You Jake Mace! You Can Internet Access Him Jake And Envy Jealous Watch Him Peter in Action.

  34. Excuses.you mean to tell me you're that busy that you can take out 1 hour to spar to set the record straight once and for all? That's bullshit i'm sorry.

  35. You’re a joke bro. High views don’t make you a black belt. It’s easy to fool people who know nothing about martial arts especially if you’re in pretty decent shape

  36. Dude …stop bragging abkut your "views!" I "view" your shit because I find it and you hilariously FUNNY! Any legitimate martial artist can quickly and easily see that you would not last four SECONDS even against an untrained but experience Street Fighter.

    You can only fool the clueless. A lot of people watch your s*** and don't come in at all but watch it only for the raucous laughter that it inspires. You are indeed a phony, you may have had some training but you clearly have no skill and most definitely are not qualified to teach anything.

    The real test is the streets and I would bet against you even if you went up against a street fighter who was five foot two, 140 lb and actually knew how to fight even if they had absolutely no formal training whatsoever.

    I've had enough real fights to know what I'm talking about, and I definitely have had enough serious martial arts training to see very clearly that you could not find a way out of the proverbial paper bag that was wet!

  37. Jeff, why did you delete your comments? Hard to answer you when you do that. So I am going to quote your comment then answer it in a reply to keep it clean.

    *Jeff Scott said*"Ok. Im really confused. If his teachers a fake. Then why would he sue Jake? Shouldn't his teacher be the one getting sued? If Jake copy righted it. Fake or not. Ok. I get it. But all's Jake does. And he's admitted in vids if you've kept up. That he "adds movements because traditional Martial Arts is dieng out." So where is THAT mentioned in all this? You guys mock him. Ok. Cool. That's your opinion. Not saying rather he's real or not. But like I said. Why is he a bad guy. When he's said in his vids that he adds techniques. I see alot of strange twist discussing his teacher. Some defend "Sin". And some say he's a fake. Do half of you even know wtf happened?
    You guys also have to realize. That alot of times in situations like this. Hes probably not allowed to discuss this stuff. It could be a legal matter as to why he's not verbally standing up to you. Or trying to prove you right or wrong. Take the Ja Rule vs Eminem case from 2005? I believe? They hated each other. And I hate to use this example. But after Jarule got out of Prison. He was asked why he never dissed back at Eminem in a song. And he explained that it was court ordered to not do it. To avoid further violence. And in Jake's case. It very well could be. Notice he says he don't want to "draw more attention to his teachers." Wtf do you think he's REALLY saying there. Duh. Anyway. Supposidly there's some great info concerning Sin Kwan The. I plan on researching. Good luck… "

  38. @Megan Edevada Sorry, IDK why Youtube deleted your comment. I wasn't the one to delete it.

  39. I don’t agree that they are getting upset with you bc your white, look at Shane from fight tips.. he’s white and nobody talks down on him, only the real are respected

  40. Learning new martial arts???
    You dont know the old shit.
    Why do you give a fuck twohundred million subscriber fucksticks.
    Just shut the fuckup
    And go garden the vehan hotdogs you eat …..

  41. You should recognize kung fu is an ancient Chinese style of battling between tribes of China .You can say its your american style take on Kung Fu but to be traditional you would have to be Chinese and been taught by a Chinese teacher. Not all your style is authentic Kung Fu. If you watch the monks they have more grace and flexibility, not to say you don't have good form in a lot of your style. I like your Tai Chi and Gardening and Vegan videos anyways!

  42. Please just say a filipino/american take on traditional Kung Fu. But Tai chi is better to teach because its peaceful exercise. Or gardening for vegans has much more positive effects for neighbors and community's and the country on a whole .

  43. Criticizing doesn't mean hate. Number of views doesn't equal quality/authenticity. Your whiteness is not the problem. Your "school" is, and your unwillingness to see it's flaws. Exactly because of the number of people you can influence, you should be more careful and do real research about what you teach, even if it becomes uncomfortable for your ego. Being humble and ready to learn more is a quality of a real martial artist, in my opinion.

  44. What a piranha. Jake excels at one thing: following his teacher's lead trying to align himself with "the ancients," to legitimize something that's totally fake and has little to do with any traditional line of martial arts. Just read the court transcripts! He and his teacher admit to this.

    Those who are too lazy to do the math and realize that Shaolin Do is just click bait-y garbage, read this: http://bullshido.org/Sin_The#The_Lawsuit …Also, how does an embattled lawsuit with his own teacher not raise eyebrows for these people?!?!

  45. It appears there are a lot of very childish and disrespectful so called martial artist spreading hate on here to a fellow martial artist. from what i see his video's are very informative and demonstrated with good technique. Shame on you.

  46. He is a fake about the whole kung fu thing,yes. But he still a great athlete with an amazing flexibility and skill If he dropped all the bullshit and started studing legitimally or,hell,even studing alone,but seriously,he could become a great martial artist…..too bad he doesn't do that,you can see that in his qigong ba duan jin and yi jin jing videos that he has no idea what qigong is. Way too forced,way too "physical",way too tensed and no concentration whatsoever. Qigong is not calisthenics or flexibility training.

  47. nice one master mace you did what the haters asked but looking at the comments Thiers no pleasing them these people seem to have nothing better to do but obsessively stalk you all I can say to them is if you've got nothing good to say don't say anything at all

  48. Jake is not a bad martial artist if you can just say he creates his own style. Bruce Lee also creates his own styles. The more he covers up for his past fake teacher, the more trouble he will get into later. Jake might do very good now at cheating the public but watching for karmas. His past fake teacher owned the largest school. wave pool, a lot of properties and lots of money by cheating in Kentucky 40 years ago, now he is selling books and techniques still by cheating.

  49. What an unabashed and deceitful coward. Jake Mace is perhaps one of the most duplicitous and conniving so-called, "Masters," I have ever seen.

  50. 20 to 1 likes? BS!
    518 Thumbs up to 364 Thumbs down for your wing chun video. Not close to 20 to 1. And wing chun teachers are begging you to STOP making WC videos as you are really giving it a bad name.
    Your Eagle Claw is NOT EVEN CLOSE to any real kung fu. You could be a great karate teacher. You are very athletic. But you have NO KUNG FU experience . NONE. I beg you to stop teaching this stuff. You need to start over.

  51. Im sorry but your excuses for not revealing your lineage are not good enough. If you apply for a job and you tell them " oh its ok i studied at all the universities and have multiple degrees" they want to see it on paper before they give you a chance. Thats the whole point of being accredited. And regardless of circumstances any martial art practitioner that studies an authentic traditional system would be proud of the lineage he studied and would wear it like a badge of honour. The fact that you wont disclose it is shady as fuck.

    Further more… even if your forms and katas were traditionally authentic. The fact is that alot of the flashy moves you promote are purely performance art forms…like wu shu its more of a dance for health and wellbeing practice then a combat style…they are not practical combat techniques.

    The fact that your white has nothing to with it because if you were a good teacher who was honest and respected the tradition you would be respected back. They fact that you dont and arent is why being a westerner makes it even worse.

    Also what the fuck is shaolin do karate? How is that authentic? Karate do is japanese terminology and shaolin is chinese and history shows that the two were definitly not mutually friendly cultures. Having a synergy of both cultural martial may be possible in modern standards but traditionally makes no sense what so ever so is clearly shady. Some of the stuff you say when your talking about self defence on the street is just wrong…you fantasize the concept and that is dangerous for people and you should be ashamed of yourself. The cultures that cultivated these art forms and the history behind them deserves more respect and the people you are decieving and filling with false expectations deserve better too.

  52. Didn't he say multiple times that he doesn't spar ? But now he is sparring and freely admits ,but when he talked to other martial art YouTubers he only fights in life or death situations.

  53. Come on Jake being white really!! I know instructors thats been teaching over 50 years and yes they are white. Sounds like you are taking a little from Dragon the Bruce Lee Story

  54. You don't fallow nun of the original styles or kunfu forms it's origin is unique and your a scamm you don't knoe real Kung fu

  55. So you can log On to Youtube, but you can't log IN to Youtube? Not only does this guy not know anything about martial arts, he also knows nothing about information technology.

  56. I don't think it has anything to do with being white. I think it has everything to do with being a fraud. I bet these same CMA masters would say the same shit about a Chinese guy who didn't study Chinese martial arts but claimed to be a master and try to teach it. Probably

  57. Why not just specify which styles or sub styles of Kung Fu and Tai Chi that he does if he doesn't want to mention teachers?

  58. No. Im white. and dont care about how many people watch your videos, i actually hope more and more people watch your videos so more and more people know how much of a liar you are. You aren't listening and making up reasons in your head. We want you to go learn a real martial art style before you decide to instruct people. Nobody gives a fuck about your personal life and your manly looking girlfriend. You are a fraud and thats why people do not like you. Its that simple. You are mentally ill and need some major help. Extremely Narcissistic and indenial.

  59. Logging "into" or "onto" is a game of semantics. People login or log on all the time to various platforms. Silly to point that out.

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