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  1. "She dedicated her life to nothing, for 28 years…" haha! I believe the catfish theory. I have heard of divers finding them deep in lakes and getting the hell out of there…

  2. once you have the right humour for this, its such a great video. How unfortunate that so many people cant appreciate it. I hope VICE continues with this series

  3. This gal is a trip. I would've enjoyed this while I was much younger. Silly in so many ways. And the dark image coming out of the green at the beginning was good. ??

  4. Show's the highlands as it is these days, a bunch of scatty english people playing about and not an actual highlander in sight

  5. It's funny how the interviewer the the least cultured, least funny, least engaging, most ignorant person in this video,. It would have just been better to just have the camera set up filming the locals answering questions being asked off-screen.

  6. 12:00 look how shallow this part of the lake is. It's like 2 feet deep. You can see rocks on the bottom to the left of her.

  7. still cant believe you cant work out who the mystery man was in last one, even know you had his work email address and i was able to find him

  8. This certainly lowered the bar. From shows like Monty python and Benny hill to black adder and are you being served, British comedy has always provided a source of amusement. I actually looked forward to faulty towers and Mr. Bean. This…not so much. Better writing might be a partial answer…

  9. I don’t know if I wanna call this journalist a “bitch” or a “sarcastic comedian” ? I can’t tell if I like her or hate her !

  10. You know, I thought I'd share this story with you, the viewer.
    I used to work in an accounting department for an amazon distribution center. Not too many people there were kind, all except for the guy in the cubicle across from me. While everyone ignored me, when I'd walk in every day he would always say hello and ask me how my day was. When that stuff with bezos came out (the business between him and his wife), the whole company felt the effects of it right down to us in accounting. People were getting laid off left and right. I wasn't fortunate enough to keep my job, and neither was the nice guy who sat across from me. I guess I was pretty fortunate because I came from a better situation and had some savings left to tide me over to my next job.

    Well, a couple of months roll by and I had a new job in the same town. Since I hadn't needed to go back around there when I was unemployed I missed some of the things that changed around there. The distribution center had been shut down and who else was sitting at the condemned front doors but Mr. Friendly neighbor cubicle man. He fell on some pretty hard times and it looked like he hadn't eaten very frequently. I remembered all of the times he made working for amazon tolerable and I felt pretty sorry for him. I asked him "hey, is there any way I can help you out. Anything at all to help you?".

    He looked at me and said "I need about tree fiddy"

    Thats when I realized he was about 50 stories tall and was a green sea dwelling cryptid, that it was the goddamn lochness monster, I said "You goddamn lochness monster get out of here". I can't believe he almost got me for $3.50.

  11. I enjoy vice content a lot but I didn't know vice paid their team for recycled documentaries.. guy dedicated 28 years to selling figurines by the lake and has absolutely no solid evidence. Dead inside. I can do better hire me for the investigating hoax series.

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