It’s Not Your Fault – Good Will Hunting (12/12) Movie CLIP (1997) HD
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It’s Not Your Fault – Good Will Hunting (12/12) Movie CLIP (1997) HD

November 17, 2019

So, eh, you know, what is it? Like, Will has an attachment disorder? Is it all that stuff? Fear of abandonment? Is that why uh… Is that why I broke up with Skylar? I didn´t know you had. Yeah. I did. You wanna talk about it? No… Hey, Will? I don´t know a lot. But you see this? All this shit. It´s not your fault. Yeah, I know that. Look at me, son. It´s not your fault. I know. It´s not your fault. I know. No, no, you don´t. It´s not your fault. I know. It´s not your fault. All right. It´s not your fault. It´s not your fault. Don´t fuck with me. It´s not your fault. Don´t fuck with me, all right? Don´t fuck with me, Sean, not you. It´s not your fault. It´s not your fault. Oh, God. Oh, God. I´m so sorry. Oh God. Fuck them, okay?

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  1. this clip always gives me chill's and a tear,he only needed a shoulder to cry on, Robin Williams also played a brilliant role (rip).

  2. I cried like a baby off this scene, Matt Damon can really man cry, he should give Brad Pitt some lessons, Brad can't cry ?

  3. okay I have never seen this movie and just balled my eyes out. what in the world is this about and why is handsome matt damon crying???

  4. can someone explain this to me? why'd sean say it so many times? And what is Will apologizing for? I'm an idiot and most stuff in movies goes way over my head

  5. As a counselor Sean should have helped Will understand the cycles of abuse so Will could better understand the behaviours of abusive people. His lack of emotional attachment isn't unnecessary as abusive people do try to manipulate the emotions of their victims. Skylar saying she is scared too is ridicoulous her fear is that of a privileged college girl and not on the same plateau as someone like Will who has endured a truly rough life. He is probably drawn to her because she doesn't have the same emotional baggage, but she probably doesn't have the life experience or sensitivity to understand Will as a human being either imo.

  6. Sometimes knowing something is not your fault may not feel like enough.  So it takes the compassion of someone else to confirm it for you.  Thank you for including this beautiful movie one your channel.  Thank you too, Robin.

  7. omg this is what makes the film for me and this is why it won the Oscar
    love Ben Affleck flares in the interview scene
    'your suspect'

  8. It's my best scene in this movie. I saw this movie 2 years ago, but I remember this scene until now. It was touching. My dream is to be a therapist, and I hope that I can treat people those who are scarred.

  9. TBH it's very obvious that they just recorded the sound of him crying and put threw it into the scene. It would've been better had it been real. It really takes me out of it.

  10. It think this scene is the second most emotional in comparison to the one with him and Skyler fighting. My favorite movie of all time though.

  11. 1: matt damon = the younger zweinstein harvey the rapistproducers of miramax ! Their are manny more younger zweinstein boys in hollywood ! It disgusting dude!

  12. This scene is so brilliant, but it's been memed to many times for me to take it seriously. There are so many movies that have been saturated by internet cynicism, it's ridiculous

  13. Peice of shit that guy…. ???? That professor compared him with ramannujan who wants to give the results of his gift to the world… And this guy is shit who showoff to let down everyone just because he read some book motherfucking shit movie

  14. Robin Williams didn't commit suicide because he gave up. He had an incurable disease that would leave him helpless, he thought he would be a burden on others that way. Years of unyielding pain … without a cure. So he killed himself.

  15. This is what I needed to watch on mothers day. For all the other unloved children. This is what we need to hear…

  16. It was Will’s fault. That’s where Sean failed him.
    Sean should have been a cokehead like Robin was.

  17. This scene is getting to me… hugging a friend tight and crying into their shoulder and apologizing.

  18. Just remember people, those who are willing to open up and fully express their pain are stronger than those who won’t

  19. Sometimes I think even god would understand what Robin went through before he took his own life and said to him it’s not your fault. Robin was a man who touched peoples hearts and lived life as a true man and wonderful actor. Even if he committed suicide it doesn’t subtract that even Robin Williams has and will always be one of the worlds greatest examples of a true human being who we loved. Here’s to you Robin I even believe even after death you are still alive in every human heart that lives you. God bless you sir.

  20. Man this was such a powerful movie, wouldn't have been possible without Matt and Robin's extreme chemistry on screen and their amazing writing

  21. but it is his fault. he is a jerk. a very intelligent jerk, but a jerk nonetheless. minnie driver was way to good for him

  22. Is it just me or does his crying look and sound like it's ADR? It's sad so I'm not tryna hate but his facial muscles don't seem to be moving at all lol

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