It’s a New Year! – AHWU for January 1st, 2018 (#402)
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It’s a New Year! – AHWU for January 1st, 2018 (#402)

August 24, 2019

Jack: This episode of AHWU is brought to you by Blue Apron. Geoff: Hi, I’m Geoff and you’re watch AHWU [Jack laughing] Jeremy: Oh no… Is the screen supposed to bend like that? From Achievement Hunter Field this is AHWU #402. Happy New Year’s everyone. For the week of January 1st 2018. We’re in a new freaking year everybody. Welcome to 2018. The year that everything changes. Or not everything could- probably will stay the same and just be- be fine. That’s okay, though How was your New Year’s? Did you have a good time? How’s your New Year’s Eve? Did you sing Ald Lang Syne? And get uh- Shoot off fireworks and stuff and go crazy. Hey, Jeremy! Jeremy: Yo!
Jack: What’s coming out this week? [Jeremy groaning] Jeremy: Let’s Play PUBG on the Xbox One Jack: Let’s play PUBG on the Xbox One Jeremy: You can see that and how good it looks Jack: It looks so good so many frames You could count them all Jeremy: Another episode of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 because we record a lot of ’em. Jack: Rainbow Six Vegas 2. We’ve also- how many PUBG’s we have in the can now? We have so many Jeremy: Uh, we have a Best of Achievement Hunter 2018. That’s coming out. Jack: Ooo, Best of Achievement Hunter 2018 What day is that coming out on? Jeremy: Thursday
Jack: Thursday
Geoff: It’s only 30 seconds long. Jeremy: Yeah, Thursday for First Members Jack: Super short. Super short Jeremy: Another Seven Days is coming out
Jack: Ooo a Seven Days Jeremy: And a Between the Games coming out. The next installment of the flinchless series It’s Flinchless Moony Doo
Jack: Ah Flinchless Moony Doo! That one was painful to say the least- say the least Jeremy: There you go. That’s what’s coming out. All right, so there you go. Bunch of good videos coming out this week Oh shit, Geoff’s moon balling Jeremy: Oh, fuck. You gotta call it before you do it! Geoff & Jack: Moon Ball! Jack: Ow, fuck! Jeremy: We good? Jack: Moon Ball! Jack: Oh!
Jeremy: Oh no! Not the Lindsay shelf Geoff: I’m really- I’m gonna get this fucker
Jack: Oh, shit! Geoff: Alright, ready? Moon Ball! Jeremy: …break the ceiling Alfredo: He’s like- I’m gonna get you camera! So Flinchless Moon Bally Doo is coming out. Jeremy: Flinchess Moony Doo
Jack: Flinchless Moony Doo- excuse me It’s New Year’s, so no games really coming out right now some PC stuff probably like- Alfredo knows that game that’s coming out this week Alfredo: Hell yeah, it’s not one game that has just another battle royale version of PUBG Jack: There you go.
Jeremy: Oh really? Alfredo: No.
[Giggles] Jack: I’m gonna get some packages. Jeremy: All right Jack’s heading to the Garbo Zone. Where’d that go? Alfredo: It went on his desk. You’re safe Jeremy: By the way, we’re not suggesting that packages are garbo. It’s just we keep them where Garbo Man lives which is known as the Garbo Zone Alfredo: Moon Ball! [Jack & Jeremy giggling] Jeremy: No, Voldemort! Jack: Oh we lost Voldemort This from Jackie Pesket Jack: Moon Ball! [Geoff yells] Jeremy: “Happy Birthday Ryan! Kind of late, I know, sorry “I’ve read this book before. It’s a bit ridiculous, but it’s one of my favorites “and it makes me tear up thinking of my dogs. Hope it’s the same for you- from Megan aka Mega.” Ryan: Oh, yeah Geoff: Is that because your dog’s dead or whatever
Ryan: I do have a dead dog. Geoff: That’s sad
Ryan: Or two… Geoff: Awwwww Michael, Lindsay, and Iris. This is beautiful. You got them in the painting. Oh, that’s that’s really good I’m gonna put it on Lindsay’s desk Jeremy: Another one? These freaking things Alfredo: “Hi, Achievement Hunter. Enjoy your gift- from David Mitchell” Geoff: Moon Ball!! Jeremy: Wow!
Alfredo: Shit Jeremy: Oh fuck! That was a lot of liquid! Oh, it’s all covered Alfredo: It’s tactical gloves
Jeremy: What was that? Jack: Was it a water bottle or something? Jeremy: Look how wet everything is!
Gus: All I heard was, “That’s a lot of liquid” Geoff: We play this game, Gus- I’ll show you how to play.
Jeremy: Oh, good game! The rules are very obscure. So what Jack just had there, it says, “Hello AH “I love the animated AAH episodes, and wanted to say-”
Jack: It’s me Popplio Jeremy: “Jeremy his- and wanna send Jeremy his pick of starter Pokemon. Merry Christmas- from John Collard” Geoff: [quickly] Moon Ball! Jeremy: So there you go Popplio! All right, I’ll put Popplio on my shelf over
Geoff: That’s a rare Gus Sorola sighting Jeremy: Oh, Alfredo! Where’s this is from?
Alfredo: We can all feel tactical. It’s fun Jeremy: From Amazon fulfillment service. Thank you Ryan: Dude, I love those guys
Jeremy: Time to- time to win PUBG. Jack? Jack: Oh you got some fingerless gloves?
Jeremy: There ya go Alfredo was like, “Dude I feel so tactical.” I open up a box of four more Alfredo: There was another box! “To all you Achievement Hunters- thank you for the great content you put out for all of us who follow “The very first show I watch it was called This is Speed Halo circa August 2nd 2011 “Knowing how much you like alcoholic beverage, I’ve enclosed a collection of handcrafted soap “made with beer or wine from the Vermont Soap Barn, East Vermont. “They’re even far as using hemp beer from Green Empire Brewing in Colchester, Vermont. “I’ve included a bar Spanish Castille suitable for babies for Michael and Lindsay’s baby iris “Thanks again. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas, Cody Lurch.” Thank You Cody We have a bunch of soap Awesome. Good time. Well. We’ll try to keep clean with it. Geoff: Oh shit. I just got better at PUBG.
Ryan: Should we go play? Geoff: I felt it happen.
Ryan: Let’s play! Geoff: Want some cotton candy? Jack: We got more packages?
Jeremy: One more This one’s from Joe Penna
Geoff: I’ll show ya this magic trick. Jeremy: All right, Joe Penna. Let’s see what we got “I’m sorry this letter isn’t from a printer, and now you have to suffer through my chicken-scratch handwriting” It’s really not that bad “First off. I want to thank you guys for all the years of laughter. “I started watching Rage Quit and haven’t looked back ever since-” A lot of people discover Achievement Hunter because of that show. “The gifts inside are for Jeremy and Gavin-” Hey, hey Ga-! “It took longer than I wanted to get these to you, but congratulations on winning the Let’s Play- what the hell? Jack: We won the Let’s Play Jeremy: Oh! Here it comes Gavin- I saw a super creeper in Sky Factory Yeah, we got some super creepers. Look it! Bleh bleh I’ll put them on our shelves Alfredo: So this one reads- “Hey guys, thought there was a distinct lack of throwing hatchets in the office so I decided to remedy that.” Oh God. “Love you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing- Holly Hutchison” Jack: Hatchet Ball!
Alfredo: Oh no! Jeremy: Oh there’s hatches? Nice- Flinchless Hatchy Doo! All right, real quick “I vaguely recall Michael sounding interested in more Swamp Thing run “That’s that’s appropriate she gets pretty damn cray. Merry Christmas- Sampson.” It’s a Alan Moore ‘Swamp Thing’. It’s actually- this is pretty cool, man Geoff: Have you ever read it, Jack? No, haven’t okay. I might borrow this and read it and bring it back. Jeremy: He was great in Injustice Geoff: Alright, Imma throw this now.
Jeremy: Yep Jack: At what!?
Jeremy: The TV Jack: You’re just throwing it at the wall- oh the TV Jeremy: Sounded good Ryan: All right. I don’t- my grip on this is not great with the tactical gloves. Jack: So that’s why I’m getting away from you Jeremy: Dude, it stuck right in the box
Jack: Right in the box
Alfredo: Yeah Jeremy: It’s in it. It just fell
Alfredo: It’s just right there Oh, shit Jeremy: Do you want to move the cooler? Ryan: No it’s doing its job
[Mysterious burp] Geoff: All right, my turn okay. Alright, we ready?
Jeremy: Yeah
Geoff: Jack? Jack: You’re standing right in front of the camera
Geoff: Should I move here. Good? Jeremy: There ya go All: Oh! Jeremy: Where is it? Oh my god! [Tongue click] Ryan: I like how when we throw a ball we yell “Moon Ball”, when we throw a hatchet we say nothing. Jeremy: Just how throwing hatchet is supposed to work ladies and gentlemen. That’s the blade Perfect And there it is. And that’s the way the news goes Jack: The cookie crumbles All right, so if you want to send anything to Achievement Hunter send it to Achievement Hunter/AHWU
1901 East 51st Street
Austin, Texas 78723 We love you Alright, that’s gonna do it for AHWU Hope you guys had a- hope your 2017 wasn’t the worst ever and hope you’re 2018 is even better Geoff: Here, put these in your mouth [Snap]
[Jack choking] Blue Apron is leading meal kit delivery service in the US and while many people know what we do many don’t know about the types of meals you eat when you cook with Blue Apron. You’re not just having burgers for dinner. You’re making short, rib burgers with a hoppy cheddar sauce on our pretzel bun Jeremy: Fucking hoppy! You’re preparing seared steaks, and thyme pan sauce with mashed potatoes Green beans and crispy shallots all in under 45 minutes without a trip to the grocery store. Blue Apron offers three different meal plans The two-person meal plan which is meals that serve two people. Choose from 8 different recipes per week with a choice receive either two or three recipes in any week So you can like pick from whatever you want A family meal plan- meals that serve four people. Choose from four new recipes for a week with the choice to receive either two, three, or four recipes in a week. And the wine plan which is six bottles of wine from renowned wine makers delivered monthly. Blue Apron is uh it’s- it’s It’s nice because it comes in a lovely box You get home, and there’s like food waiting for you on your front door How great is that and you just go in. I’ve cooked some delicious things on there. I had a steak one time That was ridiculous. It tasted very, very good. It’s- it’s not as difficult as you may think. Trust me It’s good Blue Apron is treating Achievement Hunter Weekly Update watchers with their first three meals, a $30 value with your first order if you visit Go check out this week’s menu and get $30 off with free shipping at Blue Apron- a better way to cook Hi. I’m Mark Harrison from Leicestershire in England, and I’m reporting to down a little bit of a lane and you are watching AHWU #402 [Car horn] From Atlanta, Georgia with my RT Exra Life Rooster Teeth league badges. This is AHWU. Hello. This is Anna at Garbo Used Auto Sales and Racine, Wisconsin, United States And this is AHWU

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  1. Wait so Jeremy and Gavin both saw a super creeper in skyfactory lol but didn't they say if they saw one they would stop playing minecraft?? xD

  2. 5:13 why does Geoff have to make my favorite childhood food, a dumb "trick" and I'm pretty sure everyone can do that. Thanks Geoff, you ruined my passed childhood now ;(

  3. Got me again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I said I would never watch another AHWU!

  4. Filmed the same day as one of the off-topics (the one without michael) because they wore those gloves on off-topic.

  5. 2018, the year AH dies. Gav will move on to something much bigger and more suited to his talents, Michael will get a major movie deal, Ryan is going to get a high paying tech job, and once they are all gone Geoff won't want to do it anymore and will retire. Jack will try to run the show but we all know it won't work. Good luck Jeremy, back to Boston and spinning pizzas for you bro.

  6. In Southern Ontario, it was -26 Celsius, so there wasn't a whole lot of fireworks going on. Several cities actually cancelled New Years celebrations because of the extreme cold. You know it's bad when the Canadians cancel New Years.

  7. you guys said best of AH 2018 coming out thursday. first of all you got the year wrong. second, the video that came out Thursday was for the month of december. not the whole year. SO WHERES BEST OF AH 2017?!?!?!

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