it’s a BEAR; SHOOT! Archery Black Bear POV Bowhunting Video   Solvid
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it’s a BEAR; SHOOT! Archery Black Bear POV Bowhunting Video Solvid

August 18, 2019

Its a black bear. Shoot! Smoked him! 35 Yards. That’s what you wait for right? You want to hear that. You don’t want to hear it, but… Done its Over That’s two bears seen today. Oh yeah, he’s done. That ain’t a bad bear heck yeah, that’s a nice bear though! Bow Bear What do You think? That’s pretty sweet. We’ll be eating that bad boy. He did not make it far First kill with the new Bowtech Archery bow and the trocar broadheads did the trick Let’s get this black bear outta here

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  1. Sad that people get their kicks out of killing beautiful defenceless wild animals! And your earlier comment about the death moan meaning it was a good hit and meant it was a quick death is incorrect to say the least… this poor animals moans were because of its suffering as it died a painful death….
    I hope doing this pumped up your testosterone and made you feel like a real man.

  2. My son loves it!>>> Product works as advertised and conforms with school regulations/policy for scholastic archery tournaments! So wonderful that your kids has his/her own bow and not have to use the school's used/abused bows for a tournament. Can adjust to your child's strength and provide that extra kick that's custom to their use. So glad we got it! My son now has a better appreciation for the sport!

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