IS THIS ILLEGAL?! (Welcome to the Game)
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IS THIS ILLEGAL?! (Welcome to the Game)

November 17, 2019

step by step *jumpscare* WAUGH!!!!! *keemstar news intro* Welcome to the game! 😀 Whats that? Whe game is called welcome to the g- Welcome to the game? WELCOME TO THE GAME!!! Today we’re going to play: welcome to the game What’s dat? The game it’s called: welcome to the game? WELCOME TO THE..VIDRRRREO Today we gonna play welcome to the game It’s a game about hacking and jumpscares That’s aLL I KNOW Let’s get ROOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIII Fuck off (keem eat yo heart out) This game will play with your minds This game will fuck with ya This game don’t play by rules New game please So this game you go into the “deep web” The deep web is basically an area on the internet, only accessed through an encrypted browser Omg i can look I got a call A aaadam *adam speaking* Hey yeah so Are you sure you want to do this? The deep web is full of fucked up shi- *pewds* That’s what I was saying! *adam*There are some things you cant unsee like his DEE- Now, I don’t know anything about the deep web, of course
cause it’s illegal But I heard is filled with illegal activities Child porn *pewds reflects on his choice of words* Now it just sounds like I go there for that
great job poods (naughty boi) *adam* -you can’t access these sites on a normal browser *sherlock* -Notes is well… uh Notes! well written…
WELL written.. WHAT
OMG I CAN CLICK OUT Ooooo this is the kinda game you wanna play in VR *adam* When you explore the deep web, you’re exposed to hackers. These hackers will attempt to hack you. (no shit) *pewds* Ok so you can get DDoSed in this game *adam* I’m gonna go ahead and launch a Dos attack- OMG IM GETTING HACKED *INTENSE FUCKIN MUSIC* OH PC: HA HA HA HAAAAAAA Wut? Oh god I gotta hack Ahh You go there And you go- There we go You go down There it is! Hack blocked I’m an excellent hacker I’m an excellent hacker *sure dude* I’m a better hacker than DYLAN *adam* -there are kidnappers that will try to locate and kidnap you O.O WHAT? This is just like real life! Alright bros You ready to enter the deep web? *thats what she said* I’m a little scared Maybe the cops will see this video *Keyboard tapping furiously* Let’s see what do we got Oh shit OoooOoo the deep wiki This is real guys This is fucking real You can buy drugs Get some drug- You want some- You want some drugs? Hey man Oh fucka mucka shit OH GOD WERE GETTING HACKED WE’RE GETTING HACKED This is freaking me out oh god We’re getting DDosed Fuck (x5) Hack them back You got BLLLLOCKED Let’s get some cannabis *snorts* OH CMON MAN Oh god we’re getting- Uhh what the fuck I gotta type all this I have a swedish keyboard I don’t fucking knoww *furious typing* I’m being such a FUCK I don’t fucking kno- Look at my key- GODDAMIT It’s freaking me out Hack blocked God this is fucking weird man Herro? Is that my neighbours? Alright let’s get some cheap cigarettes *pewds no its bad for ur lungs* God fuck CAN’T DO ANYTHING THESE DAYS OK we’re in! muscleboy81 *creepy footsteps in the game* What was that? *another creepy footstep* *another one* No O.O Herro? Fuck me thats scary I’m legit freaked out man This is so fucking weird This is some illuminati sign shit isn’t it Dufuq is disss Oookay Dats an iris OOOooooooooOOOO Now that- Lemme get some Opioids Cmon Cmon man where the fuck do I get drugs I want DRUGS DAMMIT I’m a youtuber We have to get into… The ecstasy Double up SHIT All these fucking twelve-year olds tryna DDos me woah What the FUCk *reads note* What the fuck is all this? Did someone just fucking smash their head on the keyboard? Either that or they cleaned it I’m gonna have to go with option two *epic music* Oh fuck I’m getting hacked again ;-; Fucking swedish keyboard (no pewds thats my job) What the fuck was that sound? *creepy chair moving sound* WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??! Oh my god ;-; This is freaking- OOOoooooOOooooOOooOoOo (that face HAHA) *tarzan* Hey 😀 Yess I mean I need to defend myself from all the hackers I’ll buy that one And that one And that one What is this- *creepy sound* What the fuck was that?! Herro? I can’t- I can’t tell if its in the game or not Its fucking weird *poods brings sum coffee* (whos behind him??) SHIT *evil laughter* I don’t know how to make that fucking thing FUCKING SWEDISH KEYBOARD Oh fuck me it scared me Jesus Oh my god you swedish son of a bitch *evil laughter* *pewds fed up with this game’s bullshit* Man I having so much fun What a great game you suggested Boom! Y’all got fucked *creepy sounds* What the fuck was that?!1! They’re after me Oh fuck I was typiNG Okay We got a URL Let’s try- Can I open a new tab Please work What Oh we prgressed! 😀 NUDE YOUTUBERS !1!!
(that face xD) DAMMIT FUCK Alright We’re coming back Ohh- Ahh NO I SPILLED MY COFFEE ;-; EUUGHHHH Goddamit This fucking game is putting me on edge mAN Shit fucking ass All over my keyboa- All over my keyboard Y’know what it’s coffee ¯_(ツ)_/¯ *snorts coffee* whaaAAAATT *demonic whispers* What was that? *demonic whispers intensify* O my godDD Oh no nooOOOOOO Fuu- (unholy thoughts) Are you kidding mee?? *creepy footstep sound* *another creepy footstep* Who’s doing- MOM MOM go back to bedd Family drug shop 😀 *adorable laugh* Good ol’ family drug shop I would like some speed 😀 That’s how I do my videos I’ve always wanted to be kidnapped And Raped ;-; …And the thought of Kidnapping me And raping me Turns me on so much D: I plan to amputate my left arm And replace it with my dead lover’s Arm D: I have this fantasy of breaking into someone’s house And pee on all of the most valued- (pewds that’s my JOB) YEAH YOU BETTER NOT COME INTO MY HOUSE AND PEE *cleans nose* Ayyy the Butcher Step by step *jumpscare* AHH Dufuq was that? xD I play the game for over an hour And then it fucking jumpscares me outta nowhere Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks a-fucking-lot Uuhhwell That was Welcome To The Game A very interseting game Not that fun to play *winks* Hopefully the video was fun anyway (yes it was) Leave a like if you enjoyed I’m not touching this shit again See you bros tomorrow With a fresh new video And as always *kisses fist* Stay awesome bros~

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  1. Anybody know the name of the song that sounds in the background in minute 1:41? (I've searched it for a while but i never found it's name)

  2. At exactly 4:35 my phone started ringing ( watching this on my tablet) and pewds just acted like he heard my phone and said " What was that?"

  3. I am the punishment of god… If you had not committed great sins god will not have sent a punishment like me upon you. Gengis Kan

  4. At 7:27 when the jumpscare happens, the man in black actually says "Dobrei vecher" which in Russian means "Goodnight".
    Sweet attention to detail.

  5. There’s a difference between the deep web and the dark web. The deep web is just basically tons of extra web pages not normally accessible by your average internet user. The dark web is where the crazy, illegal stuff happens.

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